There’s a simple way to add and embed Mailchimp forms in your WordPress website without plugins. In this article, we’ll share a simple guide about how to do it. So you can apply the signup MailChimp form to your WordPress blog or website to collect names. You are growing your mailing list without using a plugin.

Add Embed Mailchimp Forms in WordPress Without Plugins?

How To Add Embed Mailchimp Forms in WordPress Without Plugins

The benefits of having your form are that you can create a different Mailchimp signup form for each of your lists if you have one for a contact form, one for your landing page, or one for your newsletter. The only other way to do this is to use more than one plugin; Truly good, right?

In addition, adding a form directly to your website allows people to sign up without leaving your website, and the form can be styled to fit the styles of your website in the case that you know some CSS, for example. As a result, a good way to embed Mailchimp in WordPress

Access MailChimp Form Creator Page

  • Firstly, log in to your MailChimp dashboard on your account.
  • Secondly, in your MailChimp Dashboard on the left, choose Lists.
  • You’ll see all the lists you have in your MailChimp account. In the case that you don’t have lists yet, you will need to create one. With the ”Create List” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Hover your mouse over the down arrow on the far right of the list you want to use for the signup; choose Signup forms.
  • Finally, the next are three choices. You use the General form to choose the fields (email, first name, last name, etc.) for your form and edit all the confirmation and thank you pages. For your blog newsletter, choose the Embedded forms button.

Generate Your Form: Embed Mailchimp in WordPress

You can choose any of the three form types – Classic, Slim, Naked. You can use Classic for this tutorial; the advantage is that you get the JavaScript so that if someone gets an error while completing the form, they will still be on your website form, rather than going to the full page signup form page from the General form section.

Moreover, If you uncheck to include a title with your form, you can use the widget title to title your form. You can choose to show all fields or only the required fields. For this tutorial, I’m using a form that asks for email and first name to embed Mailchimp in WordPress.

In addition, uncheck interest group fields and required field indicators. You would only keep these if you had a form with a lot of areas. Leave the form width empty so that the form will fill the width allowed in your widget. Now select all the code from the box – Copy/paste onto your site.

Add the From On Your WordPress Website

After getting the form codes on MailChimp, you can add it to any location of your WordPress website. Firstly, you can add it as a widget. Under the WordPress Dashboard, Appearance, Widgets, you can post the codes in the ‘text or the ‘Custom HTML’ widgets.

Secondly, you can embed your MailChimp signup form in your footer, in the same way, using the widget.

Finally, you can add your email signup form in pages using the native WordPress editor elements. The Custom HTML is perfect for posting the codes in.

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