How To Add Live Chat Feature on WordPress?

Add a live chat plugin to your WordPress website can become the main leverage in fighting for the position on the market. See how to do it

How To Add Live Chat Feature on WordPress

Having the WordPress chat plugin present on your website can become the main leverage in fighting for the position on the market. When a customer feels that something may be wrong. They can easily use the chat plugin WordPress supports and send the message to the agents for a consultation. As an example, in case of experiencing a failure with processing the order. It is easy to trigger the WordPress live chat plugin created by txt. me and call for the chat agent to describe the problem.

How To Add Live Chat Feature on WordPress

How to connect plugin to the website

Actually, the process of adding the WordPress live chat plugin free of charge is quite easy. So, does not require any effort. Just follow these simple steps:

1.      Open your dashboard on WordPress and click on the appeared menu on the section of “Plugins”.

2.      There you can see the “Add new” button, where you should click in order to redirect to the necessary menu.

3.      Type in the search box the name of the live chat you plan to connect. So, in case you see the logo you need, click on the “Install Now” button.

4.      After the installation process, the information inside the box will change. Showing the activation feature which you may use right then or in the section of installed plugins.

5.      From that moment you will be able to see the menu of the service responsible for introducing the chat feature. Regulate its work on the bottom of the “Dashboard” list.

6.      In order to connect the account. You can either open the new browser tab or click on the link in the menu. Then there will be the simple procedure of logging in. So, register on the platform beforehand.

7.      As soon as authorization is ready. There is an option for choosing the widget that will later be and the button of saving the choice. So, it should always be out for confirming the choice.

Star working to add live chat in WordPress

With the help of these steps. The live chat WordPress plugin free will start working and serving the customers in the moment of need. There will be an ability to customize its appearance. Proper chat triggers create teams for dealing with different sets of issues, and many more. Even an option of modifying offered live chat canned responses examples. Which reduces the amount of time for reaction. While still carrying the image of proactive chat that cares about its clients.

How to gather different channels of chatting in one system

The option of connecting various social networks within one live chat service. It will vaguely reduce the spent efforts for switching between tabs. Or apps and minimize the required time for response to a client. Such features are important both to communicate with common customers and B2B models of service.

Usually, the live chat offers integrations with such social networks as WhatsApp. Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Telegram, and many more – the list depends on the region and most popular apps within it. Some services can be also integrates as plugins that cooperate well with general sales tools such as Woocommerce. In order to join the app you feel interested in, just open your live chat account and choose the corresponding option.

How the converse can be increased from obtaining live chat feature

If you make the first step in making automatic greetings to the chat that pop up after a certain time or action. The client will willingly cooperate with the customer service software team in case of an emergency. Moreover, increase the percentage of issues resolving together with the numbers of successful orders and services requests.

Even seeing the chat widget icon can make a positive impression. Be a sign of the responsiveness of the website owners and their company. Statistics mostly show that exactly the platforms owning the features of live reactive chat that are always ready to communicate with its clients receive later the most satisfying statistics and mainly positive reviews concerning their performance.

Sure thing, it is impossible to keep the pace of communication with different chats at once. So for that reason, there should be ready such features as omnichannel communication, a system of at least basic canned responses where more cases are into account.

The better and easy navigation through different chat windows should preferably be grouped. By sources of incoming requests and remain the information from previous conversations in case there were some. Only then the proactive communication will become fruitful enough, bringing benefits to the owners.

How can the live chat feature benefit the business?

The holistic customer experience platform will always remain at the top of popularity. Among people that used its services and recommendations for visiting them again. When clients feel that they can always rely on help if something goes wrong. If they do not understand some point, it leaves a strong positive impression and helps to not lose the audience in case of unexpected problems.

Moreover, live chats are considered to be the most preferable and convenient among online means of communication. So even the most reserve people can be comfortable contacting the customer service if there are any questions concerning any matter within the platform.

So, whether you have any doubts about integrating the live chat feature or not. It never hurts to try – especially when some services or plugins offer it absolutely for free. From the analytics data, you will be able to see how beneficial it may be for developing or solidifying the reputation of your business.