How to Add Preloader in WordPress

Learn in this guide how to add a preloader to WordPress for free, steps to add the load animation to a website to keep readers from leaving

Updated on July 14, 2023
How to Add Preloader in WordPress

Do you want to know how to keep readers from leaving while your page is loading? Use a WordPress Preloader. In this article, we are going to explain how to install it on WordPress so you can deliver the best website experience for your users! Learn in this guide how to add a preloader to your WordPress for free, and steps to add the load animation to a website.

What is a WordPress Preloader?

Site speed is one of the deciding factors in earning more traffic and conversions. If your website is fast, visitors are more likely to stay. But if it takes longer to load, they can exit your page in a split second. According to research done by Google, 53% of mobile users will leave the page if it doesn’t load in three seconds.

That being said, you don’t always have control over how your page performs. You may have made a lot of optimizations to make it faster but in the end, there are cases that are out of your hands. Still, you need to find a way to provide a better experience even when your site is having speed issues.

A great solution is a preloader – an image or animation that will engage your readers while the page is loading.

This lets them know that it’s not down, and visitors aren’t just waiting for a 404 error page. It can help make their waiting seem shorter and less boring too. What’s great, is that this tool will be useful for your website under any condition, when slowed down, or fast.

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Preloader in WordPress

For some sites – like static HTML ones – installing a preloader requires coding knowledge. However, WordPress users can go around this issue by using plugins like Preloader, Ultimate WordPress Preloader, PageLoader, LoftLoader, and so on.

There are both free and premium options available. Either way, they eliminate the hassle of having to code in the preloader yourself. WordPress offers a lot more than just a user-friendly environment. We suggest reading Hostinger’s post to get to know the platform better.

How to Add a Preloader in WordPress?

In this tutorial, we will be using Preloader – a free WordPress plugin, that you can use to create a unique animation that users will see while your site loads.

1 – First, you need to enter your WordPress Dashboard. Under the Plugins menu, select Add New. Then, find the Preloader plugin and install it.

Installing Preloader Plugin
Installing Preloader Plugin

2 – Once it is installed and activated, go to Preloader’s settings. The interface is very simple, you only have to choose the image the preloader will use, a background color, and set the pages on which the preloader will be displayed.

Preloader Settings Panel load animation WordPress website
Preloader Settings Panel

3 – After you’re finished, click Save Changes. This is how it looks like:

How to Add Preloader in WordPress load animation website
Preloader Page Example

Not difficult at all, isn’t it? With a few clicks, you now have your own preloader animation.

Video Tutorial

Steps To Follow: Add Load Animation WordPress in Website

Step 1: Choose the Right Plugin

There are numerous plugins available that can help you add a preloader animation to your WordPress site. Some popular options include “LoftLoader,” “PageLoader,” and “Preloader Plus.” Choose a plugin that suits your needs and is compatible with your WordPress version.

Step 2: Install and Activate the Plugin

Once you’ve chosen a plugin, navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Click on ‘Plugins’ > ‘Add New.’ Search for your chosen plugin, install it, and then activate it.

Step 3: Customize Your Preloader Animation to Add Load Animation WordPress in Website

After activating the plugin, go to its settings. Here, you can customize your preloader animation. You can choose the type of animation, its color, and even its speed. Make sure the animation aligns with your brand identity for a consistent user experience.

Step 4: Test Your Preloader Animation

After setting up your preloader animation, it’s crucial to test it. Visit your website from different devices and browsers to ensure the animation works correctly and enhances the user experience.


Adds a WordPress preloader is an effective way to make your website engaging right from the start. In addition, it makes sure that your site visitors will have the best experience. Instead of showing a blank page when your site is loading, you can captivate readers with animation to keep their attention.

To add a preloader to your WordPress site, you can use a free plugin like Preloader. You just need to install it, configure how the preloader should look, and that’s it. Now, let’s grab the plugin and start improving your site!