How to Balance Studies with Work & Get Everything Done

Since you’ve chosen to balance study and work life, you need to know some essential dos and don’ts to get work and studies balance right.

Updated on July 25, 2022
How to Balance Studies with Work & Get Everything Done

Working while in college is beneficial in many ways. It brings one hands-on experience, new skills, and increases income. However, trying to kill two birds with one stone, students often face time management issues and can’t handle everything at once. Since you’ve chosen to balance study and work life, you need to know some essential dos and don’ts to get it right.

How to Balance Studies with Work Get Everything Done

Time Management

The first point is the trickiest, yet it is quite feasible with the help of several tips. When it comes to managing one’s time, there are several steps you should bear in mind:

  • Make a schedule;
  • Prioritize;
  • Avoid distractions and procrastination.

Get a Planner

The first thing to do to get you started is making a schedule. Having all your tasks, assignments, and deadlines in one place will help you organize every day, never forget about upcoming exams and essential events. Depending on your preferences, you may choose a bullet journal or an app to keep all the tasks there. So, a good way to balance studies and work.

Don’t forget to include all to-dos in your schedule, including assignments, projects, exams, due dates, and work duties. It will allow you to balance daily responsibilities and not to get lost. Not only will it help to track your time, but it also will bring a sense of accomplishment. 

Prioritize & Delegate

The second aspect of proper time management is prioritizing. When your schedule is tight, it is crucial to realistically assess your abilities and not put too much on your plate. If you’re feeling worn out and some assignments’ deadlines are coming up, delegate some of the tasks. Get essay writing help on EssayHub from a professional essay helper and free some time for yourself.

The last but not the least thing on your to-do list should be getting rid of distractions and stopping to procrastinate. On the way to productivity, you need to learn to say ‘no’ to things that bring you neither benefits nor pleasure.

Put Down the Phone To Balance Studies and Work

Social media is the most significant productivity killer for students, and it steals a lot of valuable time. To resist the temptation to scroll the feed, you can download blocking apps meant to control your time spent online. Or, if you have an iPhone, you can just set time limits for apps that you tend to overuse.

While postponing essential tasks, you increase the ultimate amount of work, which leads to anxiety and stress. Cramming and doing the assignment on the last day or night negatively affects your productivity and mental health. Set yourself reminders on an app with all deadlines and plans.

Some students put off writing an essay because they lack ideas and inspiration. One way to get started is to read a blog created by writers. Draw useful advice and competent opinions from there and have your papers done in advance.

Set Your Boundaries To Balance Studies and Work

You interact with many people daily, and most of them are expecting something from you. Be it your boss, a professor, or best friend. It is important to let all these people know about your duties. This way, you will prevent future misunderstandings and arguments.

Your boss and colleagues should be aware of your upcoming exams, lectures, and class time. These issues should be noticed ahead. Don’t let your work take priority over your studies. Financial support is good, but it shouldn’t harm your academic life. As a result, a great method to balance work and studies

College staff knows that many students have part-time work. If you feel that you can’t handle studies because of it, try to seek advice from your student center and negotiate this question. You may also opt for a weekend job, which will take way less of your time.

Knowing your boundaries is crucial if you want to achieve harmony. It gets more problematic when it comes to friends as they can take it personally if you don’t spend time with them. Close people should also be aware of their duties. Otherwise, they will think that you’re neglecting them. Talk to a friend, open your schedule, and decide on the day when you can hang out.

Reward Yourself

Hard work should be rewarded, and unless you do it, nobody else will. When you set a goal, think of the treatment you will get when you finish. It may be something small, like a delicious meal, or something big like spending money on a journey, as suggested in That Epic Alper blog. Choose something that you feel like and will anticipate while working. This will increase motivation and drive you to finish the task.  

Final Thoughts To Balance Studies and Work

Gaining new skills and knowledge is outstanding, but taking care of your health is vital. The young body usually is full of energy, so that students tend to overlook their well-being. Don’t forget to eat healthy food, sleep well, and do regular physical exercises. Working while in college has never been easy, but if you follow all the tips and be determined, your life will be more pleasant and happy.