How To Become Unity Developer?

Game development is a popular field. People who are eyeing game development find it interesting. Learn how to become a Unity developer.


Game development is a popular field. People who are eyeing game development find it interesting and exciting. I will not dissuade them. But often, those guys and girls who love to play and dream of their own project find that making games is not as interesting as playing them. In this article, you’ll learn how to become a Unity developer.


As beginners guide to unity shows, most people come to the sphere for a dream or an idea – out of ten people, only two or three go for a profession, work. The rest are for hobbies. Often a dream is abandoned when it is understood that it costs a lot of work.

What are game developers

Let’s immediately figure out who is, in principle, a game developer (we are talking about programmers). This is the person who writes the game code. Nowadays, excellent free game engines have gained high popularity: Unreal, Unity and others. You can also write your own engine, there are plenty of tools for this.

You can work in a large company on a large project, have your own direction, which you go deeper into and which you develop. Or go to a small indie studio. In the hope of getting an interesting project with complete creative freedom. If you want – become a freelancer and work from the island of Bali. Here everyone chooses an option for themselves.

Large project. In this case, more stability, better salary, social benefits, most likely a really cool team and well-established work processes. But you will not always work on what is really interesting to you.

An indie developer is when your eyes are burning and you make a dream project come true with Unity developer. And, most likely, you don’t have a lot of money.

Freelancing – money is usually okay here. Only time is sometimes simply sorely lacking. 

Why Choose Unity

The two main shareware popular engines in the gaming industry are Unreal and Unity game development services by Whimsy. How many copies were broken by their supporters in their time in endless holy wars to find out which engine is better.

Unity is more commonly used in mobile development. It supports many platforms, has a large community, and uses the simpler and more accessible C # language. Unreal is probably more budget AAA games, built-in free visual scripting, cool tools, but less friendly C ++ language.

I like both engines. I settled on Unity developer because of the greater potential in finding a job and opportunities for freelancing.

Unity is becoming even more used primarily due to the huge popularity of mobile games. You’ve heard of many of them: 

  • Pokemon GO; 
  • HearthStone; 
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes; 
  • Albion Online.

I think this is a great time to become a Unity game developer as the industry is booming. Many companies that have not been involved in games before are beginning to develop their own game projects. Hence the increased interest in developers. Speaking specifically about Unity, it seems to me that right now, beginners in this field have an excellent opportunity to get their first job faster thanks to  unity beginners guide.

Start in gamedev to become Unity developer

When people talk about a low threshold for entering game development, this is largely a marketing ploy. Yes, you can quickly learn how to do visual scripting in Unreal, simple things in Unity, but as soon as you need to go beyond the knee-length crafts, the real work begins.

The best way to get started on your Unity game development journey is to learn C #. In addition, you need to be sure that you have a technical mindset. There was an experience when I taught an athlete-cyclist, but the man had a character and he forced himself to learn. Unfortunately, this is rather an isolated example, a survivor’s mistake.

I recommend at the start to watch any video tutorials on the topic, try to delve into the process, write code for many hours – check if you like spending so much time studying the details of the implementation of game mechanics. And whether it works. If the answer is yes, then go to gamedev.

Salaries and career to become Unity developer

About the salary. Gamedev sags a little compared to other areas. But it seems to me that this is well grow by the interest in the work. June starts at about $ 500. They, as a rule, are on the team. To help or they pull the hyper-casual. The salary fork of the senior is conventionally 3-5 thousand dollars.