How To Choose An SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

In this article, we will show you how to choose an optimized and SEO-friendly WordPress theme template to help you rank higher on Google

By Claudio Pires
Updated on June 6, 2023
How To Choose An SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Starting a new WordPress blog is easy, but sustaining it in a competitive web world is complex. There are so many WordPress-powered websites on the internet. How is your website or blog different? You can optimize your blog if you use the right plugins, features, and widgets. Not only plugins but your choice of theme is also important. This article will show you how to choose an optimized and SEO-friendly WordPress theme template.

Premium themes are available today that help you to optimize your pages. Driving traffic to your website is important, so choosing an SEO-friendly WordPress theme helps you to rank higher in Google.

Select An SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

It’s time to find your SEO-friendly WordPress theme. Choosing an SEO-optimized WordPress theme is an important step in optimizing your website for search engines. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an SEO-friendly WordPress theme. All these tangible factors affect your future website SEO to this or that degree.

Good-coded Themes

No search engine will applaud your website if it’s poorly coded. Trust only the reputed providers, read reviews, and, most importantly, check the theme’s code validity yourself. So, first of all, check your website in different browsers and on different screens. Testing the theme this way will reveal the major coding flaws. Is everything ok?

Responsive Design

Do you know that over 50% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices? If your site’s responsiveness is poor, Google (and other engines) will tank you on mobile SERPs. What does this mean to you? You can lose up to 50% of your site’s traffic due to lame responsiveness to your theme.

How to prevent this? Test your theme in different viewports and on different devices. To make sure that its responsiveness is invincible, use these tools: and Google Webmasters Tools.

To check the theme’s responsiveness before purchasing it, use the theme’s Live Demo. You can play around with the Live Demo of the flawlessly responsive theme.

Performance For SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

Not fast, but fast to be precise. It’s common knowledge that website speed largely determines your SEO ranking by Google. Moreover, website speed massively affects the user’s experience on your site. So, you can’t pass on this tip in choosing your website’s theme.

Loading Times

Hunt for new-gen themes with extra-light theme packages. Such themes may contain tons of files but still weigh like a feather, thanks to new-gen file structures. Edge is an excellent example of a WordPress theme that loads fast.

Development Architecture

Website architecture stands for how your site’s pages are interlinked. The main aspects of website architecture are the site’s navigation, internal links, and content. So if your theme has a strong site architecture, bots will index and crawl your pages better. And they can also see the content on your site, which gives you a nice SEO boost.

That’s not the end of the story. Sound website architecture is good for bots and real humans discovering your website’s content. Sound website structure creates an unforgettable experience for every user and ensures that more of your clients convert.

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Schema Org

Schema markup enhances your website code to make it better visible and crawlable to bots. This markup is provided by Even though this markup benefits website SEO, not all theme developers include it in their products as Visualmodo does.

SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme Conclusion

If you plan to start a WordPress website, then choose an SEO-powered theme for your site. It’ll optimize your SEO site functionality by providing features like mobile design, responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility. You can also choose a theme with user-friendly navigation, drag & drop editor, and a translation feature.

A WordPress theme with SEO power can do so much for your site. It’ll help to increase user engagement and drive traffic to your site. Premium WordPress themes offer SEO features and other cool plugins for your blog. So, we hope this article on how to choose an SEO-friendly and optimized WordPress theme template has been of help to you. Please, leave us a comment in our comment box.

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