How to Choose the Best Magento Website Developer?

In this article, we'll learn how to choose the best Magento website developer. We explain to you what criteria you should pay attention to.

How to Choose the Best Magento Website Developer

Moving on to specific recommendations — what to consider when choosing a contractor? We explain to you what criteria you should pay attention to. In this article, we’ll learn how to choose the best Magento website developer.

Choose a Responsible Person in Your Company

How to Choose the Best Magento Website Developer

If you cannot search for a developer on your own, entrust the problem to a responsible person. They should be at least indirectly related to this topic. For example, it could be an employee working in a department of:

  • public relations;
  • marketing;
  • creative ideas.

Do not entrust the task to a secretary. No, we respect the people of this profession, but the search does not lie in their competence. Advice! Another option to entrust the search for a studio is a department employee who is most interested in getting a high-quality website. Have the employee in charge select a few suitable proposals. Then, gather information about each company.

Magento Website Developer: What Are Your Goals?

It is important to understand why you need a web resource. What tasks are you going to solve with its help? To do this, you need to answer several questions as accurately as possible.

Do you already have a resource? Think about what you are not comfortable with. For example, bad Magento website support, low functionality, inconvenient structure, or admin panel. It is also necessary to figure out what tasks assigned to the resource are no longer working.

Decide the target audience of the company. It is advisable to divide it into three groups — give each group a detailed description.

What are your expectations of the site? The resource is not always developed for the sale of goods. However, you can use it to reduce the load on the call center. Alternatively, it helps in building brand awareness and a positive company image.

Finally, what exactly do you want to achieve as a result?

This answer will become a measure of success. Do you strive for an increase in the number of sales, an increase in turnover, or an increase in traffic? The measure of success should not be virtual but real, expressed in numbers.

Budget Size: Magento Website Developer

Even the developers cannot say how much it costs to make a site if there is no additional information and data. On the other hand, the customer knows exactly how much the company can allocate for development. Therefore, when communicating with managers of different agencies, ask them about an upper limit on the project’s cost. Thus, you will immediately understand which of the potential contractors to weed out.

Defining the First Applicants

Decide on several potential candidates whom you could trust to create the resource. It is better to limit the list to 5 companies. In addition to simple web searches, take advantage of industry rankings. Various services regularly compile them. 

You have probably seen resources that appealed to you more than once with their design, structure, or functionality. As a rule, you can see the developer studio’s name at the bottom of the page or even a link to it. This tip will build your list of potential agencies for your right Magento website developer.

Preliminary Meeting

Is your list ready? Study carefully what the participants in your impromptu tender are offering. When getting to know the studio through its website, consider the quality of the resource:

  • do you like it in general;
  • its structure and navigation clear;
  • the page load time with the right magento website developer;
  • is it displayed correctly in different browsers and on different devices?

The site of a potential developer is their virtual office, a tool for attracting clients

Each studio also has a portfolio. It is recommended to consider projects implemented in the last 2 years. Don’t waste your time on early projects. The industry is actively developing. New trends and tools appear. Today, sites made two or three years ago look unattractive.

All in all, it is better to cooperate with those companies that provide a full range of services — from writing a technical assignment to subsequent technical support.