How To Create A Great Blog Tagline

In this post, I will present you with some tips to create a great blog tagline, along with some great examples of taglines from blogs all over the web

How To Create A Great Blog Tagline

Catchy blog taglines are so-called because they have the true potential to drive visitors to your blog. It also reflects your personality and goals. In this post, I will present you with some tips for setting and create a great tagline, along with some great examples of taglines from blogs all over the web. Let’s get started. Blog name matters. But not that much. All the so-called popular domains are already taken. So now, content and tagline are the kings. Tagline acts as a substitute for the blog title when blog name is less generic and irrelevant to your niche.

What Is a Tagline?

How To Create A Great Blog Tagline

A tagline is a catchy short sentence or phrase that should be memorable so that it sticks in people’s minds to help them remember the brand. Something like MacDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” or Nike’s “Just Do It.” People sometimes mistake the tagline for the logo. The logo is just the graphic representation of the brand, something like the golden fries for MacDonalds. For blogs, usually, it’s something that describes the blog and gives a good sense of the content to be delivered.

Let’s tackle some examples. This is the tagline of the blog that you are reading right now. When reading this tagline, you know this blog is for bloggers. Are you smart? Want personal development tips? If yes, then once you land on Steve’s site you’ll know that you’re in the right place and you won’t click the back button. Or what about Pinch of Yum? Their tagline is “A food blog with simple and tasty recipes.” Or ShoutMeLoud’s “Become Your Own Boss” I’m talking about one of the most popular blogs on the planet here.

Tagline Usage

As I said, a tagline is a short phrase or sentence that should be memorable and help people understand what your blog is about and to assure people that they’ve landed on the right blog. Most domain names don’t usually show what the blog is about, especially if it’s your personal name.

Taglines like Steve Pavlina’s personal blog, “Personal Development for Smart People” will let you know right away that you landed on the right blog if you’re looking for personal development. That’s the main reason why you need a tagline for your blog. It could help you increase the time spent on your blog and decrease the bounce rate, thus meaning you have a good user experience, alerting Google to rank you higher.

Headline & Blog Tagline Creation

Now that you know what a tagline is and why you need it for your blog, let’s talk about what you need to consider when creating your tagline to make it better and serve its purpose to the fullest.

Think About Mission and Purpose

Make sure that your tagline resonates with your mission and the mission of your blog. Let it reflect your purpose so that you attract the people who this purpose resonates with. And most importantly make sure it aligns with your audience, maybe describe them in your tagline, just the way Steve did with his blog.

Do Not Complicate

This rule is very important. People always tend to over-complicate things. They try to get super creative when creating their taglines which usually makes them choose a tagline that is not as good as a simpler alternative. Forget that and remember this rule: Keep It, Super Simple. Whenever you start to complicate it, think about how you can make it simpler and you’re good to go. Remember the Pinch of Yum blog’s tagline? “A food blog with simple and tasty recipes.” Just like that, easy and breezy.

Easy and Memorable

Trying to be a little creative to make it memorable isn’t a bad idea. You can make your tagline more memorable by applying the first rule, resonating with your audience and your mission and purpose. But make sure you don’t forget rule #2, Keep It Super Simple, or you will lose the benefit of your tagline.

Voice Active

Active voice is the voice where you do the action. Passive voice is the voice where the action is on you. Simple as that. Trying to make your tagline written in an active voice is better than writing it in the passive voice. So Nike’s tagline is written in an active voice, “Just Do It.” In the passive voice, it would be something like “Just Make it be Done by You.” See how awkward and ineffective the passive voice is?

Verbs Usage

A good way to create a powerful tagline is to use a verb in it. Demonstrate the result you want your audience to achieve from reading your blog. For example, GrowMap’s tagline “Map Your Path To Grow Your Business” starts with a verb and shows you how you can grow your business by mapping your path and helping you do so.

If you have a fitness blog, you could say something like “Lose 20 Pounds & Look Leaner,” and people who want to lose some fat will certainly give your blog a look and consider following it if you have good content.

Strong Words

In any language, there are words that just describe the meaning of the word, and there are words that attract your attention and make you continue reading; these are powerful words. Not every word in a given language that shares the same meaning is equally powerful. Some make you understand what it means and move on, and some grab your attention.

Power words help you connect more with your readers and show that you understand them, and stop them in their tracks, making them want to give you more attention. But what are the power words that you can add to your blog? Jon Morrow has created an amazing list of 595 power words that you can use in your writing to make it more powerful.

The 60 Characters Rule

When people search for your blog, they see the title of your blog “your title tag” and your tagline beside it, unless you decide you don’t want to show it. Google limits the number of characters to show to 60 characters, so that’s why you need to decrease the characters to show your title tag and tagline in full so people understand what your blog is about.

Online Blog Tagline Creators

Now that you know the things you need to keep in mind when creating your tagline, here are a few tools to help kick your creativity into overdrive and spark an idea or two that could help you create your tagline, instead of starting from scratch with a blank piece of paper in front of you. Just so you know, most of the time auto-generated taglines are not good. Just use it for inspiration and mix and match multiple results to find the perfect one for your blog.

My Dukaan

Dukaan Slogan Maker is a free and easy-to-use online tool to create punchy slogans and taglines for your business. We create hundreds of taglines based on keywords that you put. This tool will come in handy for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re an entrepreneur, early-stage startups, or an established organization.

Zyro Slogan Generator

Zyro is a website builder platform that helps everyone around the world to unlock the power of the internet for free. In addition to providing hosting and means to create a website, they have developed several free online tools to help businesses.

Enter your ideas and the AI-powered slogan generator will pump-out an endless stream of slogans for you and your business.

Oberlo Slogan To Create Blog Tagline

Oberlo is another tool that helps with your dropshipping business. They’ve created multiple free tools to help your business. Their tool works the same as Shopify’s. Just enter a word and they will show you different slogan ideas.

Shopify Slogan Maker To Create A Great Blog Tagline

Shopify is known for helping you create your own online store and process payments. They also create free tools to help you get started and get ready to publish your store. So, one of these tools is the Shopify Slogan Maker, which helps you create a slogan.

All you need to do is enter a word you want to be included in your slogan. You could use a word that describes your topic, or a word that describes one of your beliefs about that topic. So you can write a word about your topic like “fitness,” “blogging,” and so on, or you could write any of your beliefs, like “simplicity.” The program will generate 1k+ slogans. By no means will they be perfect, but it’s better than starting from nothing. All you need to do to get started is enter a word. Then you can edit and refine one or more of your favorite results until you come up with something that works.

Designhill To Create Blog Tagline

Finally, Designhill is a company that helps you get your design idea done. It’s a marketplace of designers to help you design your logo or your website. Their tool is also similar to Shopify’s and Oberlo’s tools. Try it if you need a few more ideas.

Create and Add WordPress Blog Tagline

Now that you’re done creating your tagline, the next step is to add it to your blog to appear in search engine results. At the tab where your website is opened. You don’t want it to be just on the logo. With WordPress it’s easy. You can directly add the title and tagline and in seconds it will appear once you load your website. Just go to Settings > General from the wp-admin dashboard. You will find the site title and tagline once you open the page. Add yours and you’re good to go.

You could also create it by customizing the theme itself. Just go to Appearance > Customize. Most of the themes will let you customize your title and taglines. Which will appears once you land on the page.