How to Create a Podcast Cover Art?

There are fundamental recommendations for your podcast cover art. That will make your audience want to dig deeper into your audio content

How to Create a Podcast Cover Art

You should never judge a book by its cover, but we use to do it. For podcasts too. The potential audience believes the design, colors, and quality even before give it a play. So there are a few fundamental recommendations for your podcast cover art. That will make your audience want to dig deeper into your audio content.

How To Create a Good Podcast Cover Art?

How to Create a Podcast Cover Art

There is no magic formula for podcast cover art. However, if you take a scroll through the Apple Podcast’s most popular podcasts, you will see many good tips and things in common.

Here are 3 of the key Apple Podcasts dimensions to look at:

  1. iTunes Store Podcast Page on desktop displays at 220 x 220 pixels.
  2. iTunes Store New and Noteworthy Section on desktop displays at 125 x 125 pixels.
  3. Apple Podcasts on mobile displays at 55 x 55 pixels.

Be Original

Try to edit some free image that it’s probably already appearing in thousands of places. Use your imagination to create something new. Combine things up to generate your own cover. As a result, you can get a good podcast cover art.

Talk About Your Podcast Idea

Your podcast’s art is the first touchpoint your listeners will have with your podcast. That’s why it’s SO vital that you immediately communicate what your podcast’s about, the topic, theme, or ethos of your podcast. Using imagery, visuals, and colors. Your podcast artwork has to evoke the content of your podcast to your listeners visually. So, consider the answer to this question, and it might help inspire you: What is my podcast topic?

Review Your Competition

/In the case that you’re looking for inspiration and trends, you always can review what your pars and competitors are doing, so you can get some ideas.

So, if your podcast is about music, why not try selecting the Apple Podcasts category for ‘music’ see what’s already on it? So, click the ‘What’s Hot’ section for ‘music’ and think why those particular podcasts stand out from the crowd. Take a moment to review the top podcasts, look at the topics and the cover arts.

Design Tools For Podcast Cover Art Creation

If you’re quite a creative person (lucky you!) and you’re wondering how to create your cover art using a specific tool, well, we’ll show some of the best design tools available for developing your podcast album artwork. Like most of us, you somewhat lack artistic creativity. No worries, outsourcing is also a great option. Here are the best options for both categories of the person below.

Design Tools: Canva.Snappa. Stencil. Desygner