How to Create an Engaging Product Video

Check out the best practices guide with tips to create an engaging product video, a compelling way to showcase company's products & services

How to Create an Engaging Product Video

Product videos provide a visually engaging and compelling way to showcase your company’s products and services, explaining how they work and their benefits to potential customers. They not only help to increase brand awareness and credibility but also provide an effective way to communicate complex technical information in a clear and concise manner. Check out the best practices guide with tips to create an engaging product video.

According to recent statistics, videos have become crucial for digital marketing. 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. Moreover, the use of video on landing pages has been shown to increase conversion rates significantly.

Today, when video production goes hand in hand with product marketing, it is essential to create videos that help your product stand out from the competition. One effective way to achieve this is by utilizing motion graphics.

Using motion graphics to create product videos

Motion graphics are animated graphics that combine video, animation, and sound to create engaging visuals that tell a story. Motion graphics is an essential tool for visual communication with tech-savvy audiences, and they can be used in various ways, from explainer videos to product demos. 

Here are some ways motion graphics can help you create a great product video:

  • Communicating complex information. One of the main benefits of motion graphics is their ability to communicate complex information and engagingly. For example, if you’re selling a software product that has many features, it can be challenging to explain these features in a way that is easy to understand. With motion graphics, you can create an animation demonstrating how the software works, making it much easier for the audience to understand.
  • Capturing attention. Motion graphics are visually engaging and can capture the audience’s attention like static images or text cannot. This is especially important when creating product videos for tech-savvy audiences used to fast-paced, visually stimulating content.
  • Creating brand recognition. Motion graphics can create brand recognition by incorporating your brand’s colors, logo, and typography into the animation. Using consistent branding throughout your videos can help your audience recognize your brand and products more easily.
  • Enhancing storytelling. Motion graphics can enhance storytelling by adding movement and visual interest to your video. You can create a more compelling product video that resonates with your audience by combining animation, sound, and storytelling.
  • Adding a professional touch. Motion graphics can give your product videos a professional touch, making them look more polished and high-quality. So, this can help build trust with your audience and make your product appear more credible.

Product video best practices

When creating a product video with motion graphics, there are some best practices to keep in mind. Check out the best practices guide with tips to create an engaging product video.

Keep it simple: Create an engaging product video

While motion graphics can communicate complex information, it’s important to keep the animation simple and easy to follow. In addition, too much movement or information can be overwhelming and confusing for the audience.

Use consistent branding

Using consistent branding throughout your videos can help build brand recognition and credibility. So, use your brand’s colors, typography, and logo in your animations.

Use sound strategically to create an engaging product video

Sound can enhance motion graphics and storytelling, but it’s important to use it strategically. In addition, ensure the sound matches the tone of the animation and doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the visuals. So, part of the best practices guide with tips to create an engaging product video.

Make it relevant

The animation should be relevant to the product or service being sold. Moreover, make sure the animation supports the message of the video and doesn’t distract from it.

Test and optimize to create an engaging product video

Use analytics to measure views, engagement, and conversions and make necessary adjustments to help you create a product video that meets specific marketing goals. Finally, create more effective videos that engage and convert your audience.