How To Create On-Demand Images & Pictures in WordPress Using AI For Free?

Using AI tools to generate images. In this guide, see how to create AI images and pictures on-demand in WordPress

How To Create On-Demand Images & Pictures in WordPress Using AI For Free?

AI-generated images can be a great alternative to generate images for your WordPress blog posts. Do you want to use artificial intelligence tools to generate images in WordPress? See this guide on how to create images and pictures on-demand in WordPress using AI for free.

Create AI WordPress images for your WordPress site

A ton of paid stock image sites offer images to use on your WordPress site for a small fee. However, spending on these images is an additional expense. Most bloggers and small businesses need more money to do this.

Certainly, many sites offer royalty-free images, such as Unsplash or ShutterStock’s limited free library. But these images are overused and often highly repeated.

Now the best way to create images for your website is to create your images or use your photographs. But only some are professional photographers or digital artists.

Why use AI tools?

Faced with choosing an image for your site, you can choose from royalty-free sites such as Freepik, Unsplash, and ShutterStock, or you can opt for paid image bank sites.

But there are disadvantages to these options. By choosing the free images, you agree to have a very generic image on your site that is used repeatedly by hundreds of users. The choice of the paid site is also not possible for users with a low budget.

You can also take pictures yourself, but this is not a good choice because you may need to be more professional in photography, or it may be impossible for other reasons. We will show you this guide with two methods to create images and pictures on-demand in WordPress using AI for free, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

Using AI-generated images in WordPress

Create images by AI in WordPress with DALL.E 2
Create images by AI in WordPress with DALL.E 2

DALL.E 2– This is an Artificial Intelligence tool made by Open AI. It is quite popular for its artistic rendering, surrealism, creativity, and versatility.

No plugins are available to integrate DALL.E 2 directly into your WordPress site. However, you can create images on the DALL.E 2 site and download them to your computer. After that, you can upload these artificial intelligence images to your WordPress site.

First, you must visit the DALL.E 2 site and sign up for a free account that offers 50 credits for the first month. When you sign up, you will see the DALL.E dashboard with a request field and some recent artwork generated by DALL.E.

Create Images by AI in WordPress with DALL.E 2

Enter a text description of the picture you want to generate in the request field. You can be as descriptive and creative as you like. Click the Surprise button to see some examples of prompts you can generate.

After you click the Generate button, the AI will generate images based on the prompt you provided and show you four results. You can download all of them to your computer if you want. You can also click on any of the generated images to edit them.

The image editor in DALL.E allows you to expand the frame or pan. You can also erase or retouch an area of the image. Click the Generate button again to have the AI regenerate the image based on your changes.

After downloading the images to your computer, you can return to the administration area of your WordPress site. You can now upload the image to your WordPress media library by visiting the Media page “Add new.”

You can also add images directly to your WordPress posts and pages. Edit the put-up or web page wherein you need the photograph to appear. Then, in the post-editing screen, add the image block and upload the image from your computer.

You retain copyright to the images generated by the prompt you provide to DALL.E 2. You can use the images wherever you like, including your WordPress site, YouTube videos, eBooks, magazines, and more.

Use Imajinn to generate AI images

Create Images by AI in WordPress with Imajinn
Create Images by AI in WordPress with Imajinn

Imajinn– AI is similar to tools like DALL.E 2. It generates images using artificial intelligence based on the prompt you provide.

You need to install and activate the Imajinn plugin. Note: The basic plugin is free and offers 10 credits. After that, you can buy more credits on the plugin’s website.

After activation, you must visit the “Imajinn AI media to configure the plugin settings and generate images. Then you must register by providing an email address and password to create your account.

After that, you can start generating images using Imajinn AI. Just provide a detailed prompt describing the image you want to generate.

Create Images by AI in WordPress with Imajinn

Based on the description of the prompt you have provided, the tool will suggest other prompt ideas to generate the best possible image. You can click the generate button to use a suggested prompt or continue writing your prompt by copying ideas from the suggestions. When you are ready, click the Generate button to continue.

The plugin will now begin generating images using the AI tool running in the cloud. Once complete, it will display four variations of images for you to choose from.

Below each image, you will find options to share the image, repair faces (AI is not good at generating human faces), or retouch the image. You can also click the Save button to store an image in your WordPress media library.

To use the image in your WordPress posts or pages, edit the post or page where you want to add the image. Then, in the post-edit screen, add the image block where you want to display the image and click Media Library.

Next, you need to select the image you previously saved in your Media Library and provide an Alt text for the image. After that, go ahead and click the Select button to insert the image.

The plugin also comes with an Imajinn block that you can add to your post or pages and generate an image within the block editor.

All images generated by Imajinn AI are provided under the free domain or CC0 license. Therefore, you can use them on your website as you see fit.


We hope this guide has helped you learn how to use artificial intelligence to create AI images and pictures on-demand for your WordPress site. Tell us about your direct experience with tools like DALL.E and Imajinn, and share your thoughts with us on this topic.