How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Brewery

A website is an important tool for all businesses. Learn the best tips and strategies to create and design the perfect brewery website

By Claudio Pires
Updated on December 6, 2022
How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Brewery

A website is an important tool for all businesses. It underlines their online presence and acts as the source of information when potential and existing customers want to learn more about the business’s products and services. Learn the best tips to create and design the perfect brewery website.

However, creating a website is not easy for most business owners. While some of them get everything right, others find it difficult to create a website that meets both their requirements and those of their customers.

A brewery website is vital in shaping the idea the public has about your brewery business, the meals you have, your beers, and many more. But how do you create the perfect website for your brewery? 

Here are a few things to do when creating a brewery website;

Build From Scratch or Use a Template

There are thousands of website templates available on the internet today. These templates are designed to address the requirements of different business models. However, you need to be careful when choosing a template for your brewery website.

The most important thing is to look at different templates before choosing the one to use. You should look at the features that each of the templates has and choose one that has all the features you need. Always make sure that you have tested the templates.

If you do not want to build a website from a template, you can build one from scratch. However, this is not easy. You need to ensure that you have a competent web developer to handle all your requirements. This might also cost you a lot of money.

Keep Layout and Navigation Simple to Create the Best Brewery Website

The perfect website for your brewery should have a simple layout and navigation. Your website visitors should find it easy to access and navigate through the website. In addition, you need to ensure that your website is clean.

A clean website should not be congested with information. Instead, it should have only the essential information. You should make sure that you have shared digestible content instead of confusing your website visitors with too much content.

In addition, create a sitemap for all your website pages. This is essential in ensuring that your website visitors get the information you want them to get on your website. Test the most likely paths your website visitors are going to follow on your website and make sure that it feels natural.

Add an Online Store and Integrate it With Your Inventory System

Online shopping has been growing in the last couple of years. You, therefore, do not need to restrict your customers to have to walk into your brewery whenever they want to enjoy your beers. What about customers who want to enjoy them from home?

Should they have to visit your brewery for takeaways? What if they do not want to leave their homes? Instead, you can add an online store when creating your website. This allows your customers to make orders and have them delivered wherever they are.

In addition, ensure that your online store is integrated with your inventory system. You can use Ollie, one of the best brewery ops software that allows you to manage different operations of your brewery from a single platform. Integrating your inventory system with your online store is important in keeping your stock updated. As a result, part of the tips to design a brewery website design.

Keep Content Fresh to Create the Best Brewery Website

Content is one of the most important things when creating the perfect website for your brewery. You, therefore, need to create a website with fresh content. The content should show all the happenings, events, beers, and everything else around your brewery.

It is important to note that content is not constant. You should not create content when building your brewery website and stop at that. Instead, content should be updated frequently. For instance, tell your audience about your beers and events coming up in your brewery.

In addition, your website visitors need to understand what they should expect when they visit your brewery. Content is king, so make sure that your website content is interactive.

Keep Your Brand in Mind

When creating a website for your brewery, you need to ensure that your brand stands out. You should create a website that communicates the brand of your business from the first to the last page.

The website colors, images, font, and aesthetics will play a vital role in convincing potential customers to visit your brewery. They will also help to convince them to buy from you. If you are not sure about this, you can seek advice from an expert using the tips to design a brewery website.

Creating the perfect website for your brewery is important when it comes to the success of the brewery. You can follow the guidelines discussed in this article to ensure that your website stands out.

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