How To Design A High-Converting Landing Page

Website owners strive to have a lead converted into a customer to stay competitive. Check out how to design a high-converting landing page

Updated on September 15, 2022
How To Design A High-Converting Landing Page

Are you looking into generating big bucks for your website? Every marketer and website owner must strive to have a high-converting landing page to stay competitive. Check out how to design a high-converting landing page.

In movies, superheroes from intergalactic space land on Earth and attract millions of people, who become avid fans. The same concept applies to your website’s landing page.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page where visitors land after clicking a link from search engine results in pages (SERP), social media, or other websites.

To increase your website visitors and potential customers, you must design and build a high-converting landing page from the beginning.

Otherwise, your marketing efforts won’t pay off and provide you with the conversion and sales you expect.

But it’s not enough to add text, graphics, multimedia, and call-to-action buttons, making a landing page profit-generating. So, how should you design a high-converting landing page?

This article guide answers this common web design question.

1 – Create A Great First Impression

When tourists land in a new place for the first time, the initial thing they notice is how beautiful the scenery is. They want to get a sense of the place before speaking with the locals, trying authentic dishes, or doing the activities on their itinerary.

The same concept applies when first-time visitors see your landing page. Moreover, every second they’re on your landing page counts. And also, it’s crucial to create a great first impression by designing a stunning landing page to convert visitors into customers.

Here’s how you can create a great first impression to attain a high-converting landing page:

  • Make the text easy to read, catchy, direct, and concise.
  • Include a simple contact or subscription form.
  • Don’t be overly advertorial by avoiding ad popups.

2 – Make Every Advertising Opportunity Count

The ads serve as a website’s instant moneymaking engine. So, you have to make every ad opportunity count. Aside from website ads, social media ads also play a crucial role in making high-converting landing pages.

Webmasters can add the pixel or JavaScript code to their websites to track their social media ad campaigns. Web admins gain valuable insights when people click on an ad or take action. Moreover, these insights help them understand how social media users interact with their ads.

Here’s how to install or add a social media pixel to make every advertising opportunity count and create a high-converting landing page:

  • Choose an integration partner that the social media platform recommends.
  • Follow the prompts on how to automatically or manually install the code.
  • Select the pixel option you prefer.
  • Add a code snippet to your website as instructed and verify if it’s working.

3 – Add A Video Landing Page

How do you boost your web pages’ elevator pitch? By increasing your landing page’s chance of converting with a video.

Videos have become in-demand content over the past few years. And also, according to a trusted source, the online video platform market size will be US$915 million by 2025. And live video streaming promises profitable market growth.

So, why are video landing pages popular? Short videos help your web visitors easily grasp what your website is all about. When you get visitors to watch your video, they stay longer on your website. This increases your chance of converting more visitors to paying customers. However, adding a video landing page doesn’t mean you’ll instantly gain high traffic and conversion rate. The video’s quality and message say a lot.

So, how should you create a high-converting video landing page? Here’s how:

  • Set a goal and create informative and inspiring video content around it.
  • Position the video above the fold (visible web page area without scrolling) and highlight it.
  • Display your video in a lightbox, enlarging upon click and dimming the background.
  • Add a catchy and powerful call-to-action (CTA) as part of the video.
  • Keep your video landing page short and helpful.
  • Include a strong thumbnail with short text and an appropriate emotion-triggering image.
  • Hire an expert videographer in your area to shoot and edit your landing page videos.

4 – Write An Effective Landing Page Headline

Newspaper headlines can be controversial, provoking people’s curiosity and emotions. When it comes to the most compelling landing page headlines, the winners are those that talk more about the customer or the target audience.

People go online to search for information that will benefit them. They care less about your brand’s achievements unless they’re on the verge of final decision-making. So, your headline must highlight the benefits visitors can get from your page.

But how can you curate a compelling landing page headline? Here are some tips:

  • Create a landing page headline that helps answer queries or resolve the target audience’s challenges.
  • Create a clear, empathetic, and brand-relevant headline.
  • Add a value proposition to your headline by adding statistics to visualize your product or service accurately.
  • Create an actionable headline that tells visitors what to do through a call-to-action button.
  • Split or A/B test your landing page headlines to determine what drives the most response.

5 – Include Social Proof

People love real talk. So, don’t underestimate the high conversion power of social proof. Remember, substantial evidence gains a higher trust rating and wins for your website and business.

Testimonials or customer reviews and ratings serve as social proof. Most of these quotes or statements come from verified customers. They can help boost conversion and sales.

So, bear in mind that the most captivating social proof resonates with the website’s target audience. They can make web visitors perform a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, asking for a demo, or purchasing products.

Aside from written testimonials, you can include a video testimonial to show genuineness and create a big impact. Moreover, here’s how you can make written and video testimonials convert your landing page visitors:

  • Include the customer’s profile photo or headshot for written testimonials.
  • Use a video testimonial platform to create branded testimonial videos fast and easily.
  • Edit several customer testimonials in a single video for your landing page using a video testimonial’s platform reel feature.
  • Include visually appealing thumbnails and easy-to-read subtitles for video testimonials.
  • Translate testimonials stated in a foreign language to English subtitles to show your brand’s reach and diversity.

6 – Design A User-Friendly Landing Page

A person with gorgeous looks but unfriendly doesn’t have as many friends as someone who is oozing with friendliness. This also applies to landing pages.

After considering all the text and visual elements of a high-converting landing page, the next thing you must ensure is its user-friendliness.

A user-friendly landing page has a clear user interface. It promotes a positive user experience and brand journey. But how can you achieve these goals? Here’s how:

  • Use an effective, legible font such as Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, and Geneva.
  • Have a clean design that looks professional with an easy navigation interface.
  • Mobile-optimize your landing pages to ensure they look good and are user-friendly across different mobile devices.

7 – Empower Your Call-to-Action Strategy

When a movie director says ‘action,’ the actors perform what they were instructed to portray. That’s how a call-to-action works.

As already mentioned, call-to-action buttons direct online visitors to perform specific actions. And also, website owners and marketers primarily want online visitors to click the ‘buy it now button.

Check out the following tips to empower your CTA strategy:

  • Generate interest by keeping the element of surprise in your CTA.
  • Tie up a benefit to your CTA.
  • Give a deadline to create scarcity.
  • Offer a free trial CTA to entice visitors to subscribe.
  • Gamify your CTA to reward visitors and increase conversion and sales.

8 – Don’t Forget SEO

You probably heard about search engine optimization or SEO a thousand times. Making your website SEO-friendly isn’t an option.

SEO is a marketing tactic directly related to content curation and structuring. It’s a lifetime website element with many related metrics, including conversion rate.

So, never neglect SEO if you want your landing pages to drive your sales. Just imagine all the bells and whistles on your landing page but unseen on the search engine. It’s as good as not having any website at all.

Make your website SEO-friendly to boost your conversion rate with the following tips:

  • Research and include keywords specific to your business niche or offerings using a keyword finder tool.
  • Attract search engine bots by including keywords on your title tags.
  • Elevate your meta descriptions or sample texts on your web page by including the main keyword to SEO-optimize them.
  • Include keywords on your landing page’s URL naturally.
  • Parse the alt attribute to image HTML tags for search spiders to scan images for ranking purposes.
  • Make your landing page speedy and user-friendly because the user experience is important for an SEO boost.


You must design a high-converting landing page if your visitors want to stay and engage with your brand. But there’s no shortcut to attaining this goal. It takes hard work, patience, and a keen eye for web design technical details to succeed. And also, consult with the right people, use the right tools, set the right goals, excellently execute, and continuously monitor your landing page’s progress for long-term business benefits.