How To Drive More Traffic To And Make More Money With Your Magento Store

The primary focuses of every eCommerce owner is bringing traffic. See how to Drive more traffic and make more money with your Magento store. 

How To Drive More Traffic To And Make More Money With Your Magento Store

One of the primary focuses of every eCommerce store owner is bringing traffic. Selling on a platform like Shopify or Magento has a lot of advantages, but you’re on your own when it comes to bringing the buyers in the “doors”. Luckily, these eCommerce platforms are set up well to handle the requirements for a solid SEO strategy for organic traffic. Taking a look at this Magento SEO guide you can see that it is equipped with a lot of SEO-friendly features. See how to Drive more traffic to and make more money with your Magento store.

How To Drive More Traffic To And Make More Money With Your Magento Store

And there are other ways of driving traffic aside from organic search traffic. In this article, we will go over the nuts and bolts of how to bring traffic to your Magento store from SEO to PPC and everything in between.

Make your site SEO friendly

There are a lot of features on Magento that will make your life easier when it comes to the backend or technical SEO. However, there are still things that you need to do to make it really work to increase traffic and money to Magento store.

For instance, the blog on your site will hopefully bring in traffic for your target keywords, but if the site is difficult to navigate then this is not going to lead to more sales. And it can end up causing problems for your SEO. the site should be easy to navigate for readers which will send trust signals to the search engines.

The more time a visitor stays on your site and navigates around, the more Google will like it and rank for your keywords. There are a lot of metrics tracked based on user behavior so make sure they can get the information they need.

Having good headers that are succinct and to the point will help people find the information they need quickly. And your URLs should be structured so that they are easy to read and consistent with the content of the post.

As far as technical aspects, site speed is essential. If a page takes too long to load, the user will bounce back to the search results and send Google a message that the speed is creating a bad user experience. This will lower you in the eyes of Google and lose your ranking.

Create authority

More than anything these days, Google is rewarding authority. They feel that a person who is an expert on a topic is going to provide the best information. How does Google know that you are an expert? By using social signals from all over the web.

To build your authority you have to make a name for yourself and your brand. The way to do this is to build out a strong social media presence and use various formats. There are three main areas to make sure that you have a strong presence within.

Social Media to increase traffic and money to Magento store

Social media is the most obvious place to make a foothold. Find where your target audience likes to hang out online and focus on those platforms. Create interesting and helpful content that people will want to follow and share.

Next up is Youtube or Tik Tok. Video is a great medium for storytelling so you can really build brand awareness through video. Again, interesting and informative content is the way to build a big following. You can send a significant amount of traffic to your store just by having a big following on Youtube which should convert well.

The third area is podcasting. This is a great place to build up authority and brand awareness at the same time. And you may find that there is very little competition. Come up with a podcast that is about the general niche that your product is in. don’t make it about your actual product.

For instance, if you produce a weed whacker then a podcast about lawn maintenance is the way to go. There is a lot of potential for content and it won’t come off as a long-form commercial for your product. Of course, you should promote your product but be helpful to your audience first.

When Google sees traffic coming in from various sources then this is a good signal that you are an authority and will give your site a lot of love.

Build an email list

People have been saying recently that email marketing is dead. There is nothing further from the truth. Email marketing is a great way to bring traffic to your store but it is even better than that.

Having a big list of people that volunteered their email is actually a valuable source of targeted traffic. These are people that love what you are doing and are more likely to convert when they hit your product page.

It may be harder to build a list now than it was ten years ago, but it just means that you have to provide something helpful to your readers and they will respond by trading their information for your help.

The key is to not be solely in your email blasts. Make sure the content is actually helpful and relevant and not just an ad for a sale or promotion of your product. Give them something they can use to make their lives easier and once in a while promote a product. During sales events like Black Friday and President’s Day to increase traffic and money to Magento store. You will end up with a lot of sales since you didn’t burn out your readers with too many promotions earlier.

Build backlinks

Another way for Google to understand that you have some authority is to have a good backlink portfolio from trustable sites. These backlinks are more like votes by other sites that Google will use to reward you with a higher ranking.

Try to avoid using spammy backlink sellers that are using a PBN to provide the backlink. Google knows a PBN when it is being used and you may actually get penalized for it. There are many backlink service providers that use manual outreach to legitimate websites that will help you rank and bring in lots of traffic.

You can go the old-fashioned route and reach out manually to other authority sites that are in the same general niche without being in direct competition. They may ask you to pay to provide a guest post, but these links can be quite valuable so worth the money. The downside is that it takes time to reach out and then create the guest post contingent. This is a good time to outsource and hire a person that does the outreach for you.

Team up with influencers

You can kill a few birds with one stone when you reach out to an influencer to promote your product. When you are trying to create brand recognition, then using the influencer for their following will go a long way towards getting people familiar with your product and branding.

In terms of traffic, you have an immediate payoff and one that helps in the long run when you are able to tap into the following that an influencer has. It will help to increase traffic and money to Magento store as well.

The niche you choose

No matter what niche your product is in, you will find somebody that has a large following on social media or Youtube. If you already have a Youtube channel then you could try to arrange a collaboration video which shouldn’t cost you much money. In this case, you do a video together so you are able to promote your product.

Even if you don’t already have a channel to do a collaboration, you can get a quick influx of traffic when you ask an influencer to do something like an unboxing video of your product or to simply use it in one of their videos. In any of these scenarios, you will see people coming to your site directly from the social media or Youtube video of the influencer.

If you can capture that new traffic by getting new sign-ups on your email mist then this is traffic that keeps on giving long after the initial hit of new traffic at the time of the post.

Even the recognition of your product is valuable for traffic later. As there is a level of trust that comes from being promoted by somebody’s favorite Youtuber or Instagrammer. They may see your product somewhere else at a later date and recognize it which could lead to them coming to your product listing to learn more. This is good targeted traffic when you find the right influencer.

Improve your CTR

Are your posts on the first page of the SERPs. But you aren’t seeing any upward movement into the top five results? The problem may be your CTR or Click Through Rate. When your titles don’t inspire a click then you aren’t giving Google any metrics. So, to increase traffic and money to Magento store. That they feel deserves any upward movement for your post.

This is a key metric as it can be a big boost when you get right. When Google sees your post at position 8 but you are getting more clicks than some of the results above yours. Then you will be rewarded with a better position. After all, Google wants the results to be what searchers are actually looking for.

The way to attract more clicks to your existing post is to use some powerful words in your title. There are certain words that trigger an emotional response. Words like Simple, Hack, Easy, and Increase all evoke a response that will result in more clicks.

The key is to have the content match the title. People have to get what they expect from the title when they land on the page. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of people bouncing back to the SERPs. This is a distrust signal to Google and could result in losing your position instead of gaining.

Run a giveaway to increase traffic and money to Magento store

Take advantage of your social media platforms and followers by running a viral giveaway. You’ll get a good boost in traffic as people always love a freebie. All they need to do is to share your social media post that details the giveaway. Then be entered into a raffle.

This will expand your following and also bring in lots of traffic for people to participate. Now, truth be told, it isn’t always the best traffic to have. The best traffic for target people who are looking to spend money.

However, some people may come back later to buy if they miss out on the reward. So, if they like what your product is all about. They may be motivated to buy one anyway if they didn’t win. Or could enter their email to then come back to your landing page later on as they get targeted emails. These are good people to have on your list for things like Black Friday sales or other promotions later on. They’ve already shown themselves predisposed to looking for dales so they should respond to sales.

Run PPC ads to increase traffic and money to Magento store

The most effective option is unfortunately the most expensive. E-commerce store owners that enjoy the most success are the ones that have their PPC campaigns dialed in.

It can cost a lot of money when you don’t have your ads on point. So make sure that you have a budget that you can burn through while you get things ready. It helps to do some A/B testing so you can see which ads are getting the best results.

You’re looking for a good click-through rate that also converts. When you have that combination then these ads will more than pay for themselves. In fact, it is very rare to find a successful e-commerce store that doesn’t run a PPC campaign. For traffic and sales.

There are a few different types of Google ads from Google Shopping Ads to the old tried and true Adwords. Both require you to understand the best keywords. To use for your product but the way the ads work is different.

To make sure you have the right one, it pays to work with both types. In the beginning, see which ones resonate best with your audience.