At some point, while using WordPress, you’ll probably encounter a situation in which you need to duplicate or clone a WordPress site. See how to do it. You might need a safe environment to test new features in, or perhaps you’re planning to move your website to a new host. The question then becomes…how do you make sure the cloning process goes off without a hitch?

How To Duplicate a WordPress Website Easily

Why Duplicate a WordPress Website?

When you need a staging website. Testing major updates live is a risky business. Besides, having a clone of your site enables you to ensure any changes run smoothly. Before updating your live site. For migration purposes. If you’re looking to change web hosts, you can take your WordPress site and set it up exactly as it was before on a new server. Changing your domain name: Changing your domain name involves, partially, “cloning” your site to a new location on your server

Best Plugins to Cline WordPress Website

Cloning a WordPress website involves not only backing it up but also restoring it at the new location and proper duplicate your WordPress.

Duplicator Clone WordPress Plugin

Duplicator is a popular WordPress plugin that helps you to move and clone WordPress websites. Within the plugin, backups are referred to as packages, and, when you’re creating a new package, you can choose to exclude files and database tables from being backed up. There’s also an option for you to pre-fill the destination MySQL server information into the backup file. Duplicator completes a scan of your website to make sure everything is okay, which also highlights large files that can be excluded from the backup.

This may be necessary when using the free version, as it only supports backups up to 500MB in size. Additionally, it only allows you to back up files to your website server, so you’ll need to upgrade to Duplicator Pro if you want to back up using FTP, or to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Amazon S3.

If you want to restore or duplicate the WordPress website, you need to download the archive backup file. The corresponding installer.php file, and upload them to the new location. WordPress doesn’t need to be installed at the new location. The installer handles this, but you will need to create the database if you haven’t already done so. Duplicator’s free version is a good solution for those who have a small website under 500MB in size, but established websites should upgrade.

All-in-One WP Migration To Duplicate and Clone WordPress

All-in-One WP Migration is a user-friendly duplicate and clone WordPress plugin that bypasses the maximum file upload restrictions many website hosting companies enforce. It does this by uploading in chunks.

When you’re creating a backup of your website to copy over to another location, you can find and replace text. This is useful for changing the website URLs in the backup file to the new location. You can also exclude things such as spam comments, media files and post revisions from the backup. There isn’t, however, any way to exclude specific database tables or files.

To restore a website, you simply need to activate All-in-One WP Migration on the other WordPress website. Select to import the backup file from the method you chose to back up. In conclusion, you have your WordPress website duplicate and clone tool.

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