How to Easily Set Up a VDR: A Beginner’s Guide

In the constantly evolving world, there are more and more pieces of technology. So, learn from a beginners guide how to easily set up a VDR

How to Easily Set Up a VDR: A Beginner’s Guide

In the constantly evolving world, there are more and more pieces of technology. That help us maintain and organize the reality around us. To get an edge over the competition, and increase the safety of your documentation. It is important to invest in tools that will help in both of those cases.  In this article, you’ll learn from a beginners guide how to easily set up a VDR

How to Easily Set Up a VDR: A Beginner’s Guide

Data room services might be just the solution that you are looking for to set up a VDR guide. As it increases the speed with which deals are made, while simultaneously improving the security of the sensitive data. But after getting a virtual data room for your company’s needs, you might have difficulties with setting it up. Even the best virtual data room providers might have trouble with guiding their clients. This is why we came up with this quick guide on setting virtual data rooms up!

1. Find the files you need to order 

Find out what kinds of files you are dealing with. Some of them might still be in a paper form factor, while others might already be in digital. So, ready to be uploaded to the online space. It is also important to take into account that some of the necessary files might be out in the deep. In different company departments. Assessing all of the documents needed for a due diligence process. Or just for the sake of file governance, is the first step you need to take while preparing to use data room software.

2. Decide on the file structure: Set up VDR guide

After taking all of the documents into one space. It is important to decide on a structure that will enable those files to be categorized and sorted in an easy-to-access way. Deciding on a structure based on the needs of your company might be a troublesome and time-consuming task. But it will pay off in the long run. It will come especially handy when someone will want to access the file on the spot. So, thanks to the clear labeling of the files and intuitive naming of the folders, they will quickly find what they need on your VDR set up guide. 

3. Check for tutorials on your virtual data room

Checking if the provider you have chosen has a training program dedicated to setting up a VDR is another step you should take on your journey to make the virtual data room setup as simple as possible. The best data room providers ensure this level of support. There might also be videos on YouTube that will help with your organizational needs. In addition, will lead you through the whole process. Scour forums for additional information to make the process even easier. Even looking at tutorials for similar solutions might give you good pointers to follow! 

4. Set up VDR guide: Find out what VDR features are the most important

Virtual data rooms tend to have an array of tools that can help with the organizational process of your files in it. Going through the whole interface, learning what each tool does, and then beta testing them with single files should give you enough information about how the whole system works. There might be templates available to you, tags inside of the virtual space, or even elaborate AI suggestions in the online data room software at your disposal. Knowing what your software is capable of will speed up your organizational process using your VDR set up guide. 

5. Fit everything inside the structure you came up with

After you have followed all of the abovementioned steps, you are ready to put your plan into motion. Take all of your files, apply the structural blueprint you came up with, and by following online tutorials, and using all the capabilities of your virtual data room solution, fit it all into the electronic data room space. Following our advice step by step, we are sure that you are going to manage to set up your virtual data room in an efficient way!


Virtual data rooms are already a huge part of the business industry, and the solution is still being developed, as AI technology and even more, secure protocols are being introduced every other day. If you are still deciding on a virtual data room solution for your business, check out to see the best data rooms available on the market, and later use our guide to set it up!