How to Find the Right Dropshipping Products for Your Online Store

Is the world of eCommerce calling your name lately? Today, you'll see how to find the right dropshipping products for your online store.


Is the world of eCommerce calling your name lately? Have you noticed an increase in the success rates of other startups in the last year? Well, you are certainly not alone if you want to join the dynamic world of online retailing. In this article, you’ll see how to find the right dropshipping products for your online store & how to locate the best dropshipping product niche.

COVID-19, and the various restrictions and lockdowns greatly accelerated the growth of eCommerce globally.  Digital tools and platforms have also been constantly evolving over the last few years. There have been vast amounts of developments and an increase in capabilities. Together all of this heightens the ability to scale your business much more effectively. 

One effective method that has arisen in the eCommerce space is dropshipping. Dropshipping enables online retailers to directly deliver products from the manufacturer to the customer. This means that they do not need the facilities to store it themselves, cutting out the costs of warehousing and supply chain. 

Because of the sheer potential of growth in the dropshipping realm, we thought we would take a look at how you can go about finding the right products for your store. We looked at what your considerations should be and how to create an effective model. 

Choose an In-Demand Product 

It is important to do a full market analysis and do research into the current market. If you are just starting, try and pick something that is both consumable and in high demand. Food items or groceries are always a great option as your market will constantly be in demand. 

Consider what is also trending in the consumable market. From food fads to highly sought-after luxury items, there is always a new trend that you can jump on for dropshipping products. 

Coffee, for example, is certainly a valuable investment, especially if you decide to sell it directly to the hospitality industry. You can pick your supplier, develop your unique brand and dropship coffee with your own logo to a hotel, restaurant, or coffee house. 

 With this model, you are able to target a specific outlet and create a new, unique brand that will align with theirs. By doing this, you can create a loyal, returning customer and launch a successful dropshipping business. 

Know What Your Competitors Are Doing 

While it is key to ensure that you are selling a unique, one-of-a-kind product, it is also important to know that the product in question is actually available and being sold in your region. This is why you need to know what your competitors are doing at all times. 

Now, we are not saying that you should duplicate their products. Rather, have an understanding of what they are providing so that you can make sure you don’t lose customers to them. You can also re-craft some of your strategies based on what is currently working in the market to find the right dropshipping products.

So, say, for example, you are in the organic food industry and are providing various products from the suppliers directly to the customers. You might notice that your competitors have started refocusing their marketing strategy on a new product that really seems to be taking off. You will not want to be left behind and do not want your clients to start ordering from them. This is essentially how kale, kombucha, and various plant-based alternatives have risen into popularity. One brand ventured in, and the rest followed. 

Partner With the Right Supplier to Find Dropshipping Products

Now, you know what your customers are wanting, what your competitors are offering and what is possible. Now you need to match a supplier with your offerings. Finding a supplier is a key step in your brand journey. 

You will want to make sure that the product offers a certain USP that you can advertise to your customer and that you can match with your branding. Let’s look at the pet food industry, for example. If you are choosing to dropship pet food to clients, you will want a supplier who is creating premium, scientifically-formulated pet food for you to sell. 

Not only will this form part of your USP and offerings, but it will certainly increase the longevity of your brand. With healthy, great pet food, your customer satisfaction will be increased. Your brand also will grow and you will ensure a loyal, established customer base to market to. 

Avoid mass-produced, cheap products as much as you can. This will simply be detrimental to your reputation and brand. If you can, reach out to smaller, artisanal brands who could use the extra branding and marketing for their company. 

Dropshipping Products: Last Thoughts

It is important to create a comprehensive business plan and conduct your due diligence before launching your brand. There are endless products for you to choose from, and to associate with your brand. Your success will be determined by how well you align your brand with the product.