How to Get More Traffic and Views to your WordPress Blog

It takes time and effort to develop a functional WP site. In this post, we'll learn how to get more traffic and views to your WordPress blog.

How to Get More Traffic and Views to your WordPress Blog

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop an aesthetical and functional WordPress site. Finally getting eyeballs from the world is itself rewarding. High inbound traffic rates can also become a means to various other objectives. In this article, we’ll learn how to get more traffic and views to your WordPress blog.

How to Get More Traffic and Views to your WordPress Blog

Astonishingly, around 252,000 websites are created every day and many more get offline. However, not every website becomes successful. There are many great bloggers but if you look at their analytics, there is very little traffic and almost no engagement.

A lot of bloggers are not interested in promoting their blogs. Good content is very crucial for a blog to run but marketing and promoting it is equally important for your blog to reach millions of people. In this guide, we will look at a few simple yet powerful tips that can boost traffic.

Benefits of high inbound traffic

Getting high inbound traffic means that a lot of people are seeing you around the world. But why is it important to get high traffic and views? The obvious answer is that if no one reads what you write, why do you write at all. However, it is not that simple. This traffic can be translated into many things depending on what you want to achieve.

If you only want to roll out quality content that helps people in a particular niche, that’s good enough. This traffic can also be translated by redirecting a portion of it to buy your product or services. If you receive ample traffic, you can also monetize your blog for ads and other affiliations. The Blog Starter has a good guide on monetizing your blog, you must check it out.

1. Let the search engines find you!

First things first, you need to let the search engines find your blog and index it’s content. To do this, simply go to your Privacy Settings and set it to the public so that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can crawl your site.

If your blog has a niche, then you can also allow Google Search Console to position your site for better results in search ranking.

2. Upload quality content consistently to get more traffic and views to your WordPress blog

One of the best ways of making sure that you are seen on the internet is to upload quality content consistently. People underestimate the importance of timely and periodically uploaded content. Couple your content with well-thought tags and it enhances your reach organically.

It is seen that blogs with frequent posts as per a schedule gain an audience more rapidly than blogs with an arbitrary schedule. Blogging regularly naturally enhances your SEO.

3. Use appropriate keywords

One way of making sure that your website is properly indexed by search engines is by using well-thought keywords across your site. It is important that while planning your blogging site, you identify what keywords you want your site to rank for. This helps you put those keywords on your site’s tagline, tags, page titles, footer, etc.

However, make sure that you use keywords within a certain limit. If you use your keywords excessively, then the search engine can consider it as ‘Keyword Stuffing’.

Why we are stressing so much on search engines is because 51% of web traffic comes from organic search results. Thus, ranking your site on search engines is the most important way of getting good traffic.

4. Use social to your advantage to get more traffic and views to your WordPress blog

Studies suggest that traffic arriving from social media is minuscule of your overall traffic. Still, it can make a world of difference. Facebook is one platform that sends more traffic than all other social media combined.

Even if you get a small percentage of traffic from social media, it is still important to build a community on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This community allows your site link to be circulated and amplified through various other channels like SMS, emails, groups, etc. This amplification does not reflect direct traffic sourced from social media.

Also, it allows you to connect with your target audience beyond your blog. This improves engagement rates and facilitates a loyal following.

Using hyperlinks is an important way of gaining more views and redirecting visitors to various aspects of your website. Put links to other aspects of your website in your content and pages. This helps visitors to navigate across your site through these internal links. This has a two-fold benefit. First, it reduces your bounce rate, and second, visitors spend more time on your website.

By employing a strong internal link strategy, you can boost engagement rates significantly.

It is equally important to add external links to relevant resources and sources. This allows other bloggers to see that you linked their site. They can either visit your blog and leave a comment or even add your link to their blogs. External linking or backlinking strategy can also include a partnership with other bloggers to redirect each other’s traffic.

6. Use email marketing to your benefit

What you can do with email marketing is limitless. This is perhaps the oldest digital marketing strategy but it still works wonders. There is so much you can do that it needs a separate dedicated writeup.

However, the first thing you need to begin is to create your own mailing list. A simple way is to ask people for their email addresses by putting up a form on your blog site. You can club it with a freebie, a downloadable, or some kind of lead magnet that incentivizes them to share their email address.

Send welcome mails if anyone subscribes to your blog, send regular newsletters, downloadable content, your own blog updates, and much more to keep your mailing list engaged. All these tasks can also be auto by using various plugins.

Some web hosting providers also offer email marketing tools that can benefit you to execute your strategy.

Wrapping up to get more traffic!

Many good bloggers who really know their niche are often not good marketers. They avoid promoting their blog altogether. Their sites see bare minimum traffic which they don’t deserve. This myth needs to debunk that you need to have a strong marketing game to get decent traffic to your blogs.

Simple things can impact your inbound traffic significantly. You must have an idea of how you want to translate this traffic and for what objective. This will motivate you to promote your blog during the initial phases.