How to Get Top Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Influencer marketing is significant because of the massive impact on their audience Learn how to get top influencers to promote your brand

Updated on July 25, 2022
How to Get Top Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Influencer marketing is significant because of the massive impact of influencers on their audience Learn how to get top influencers to promote your brand. They can use a product in one of their videos and have their audience buy that product on the same day they released it. Or they can say that they don’t like a product and their followers will agree with them. They have a significant impact on their audience’s decision-making process, which is why they are so attractive to business owners.

How to Get Top Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Getting them to promote your brand is not hard. This is also very timely as many people ask the question “How do I promote my Shopify Store?” It would help if you employed some strategies designed to capture their attention. With these strategies, you can give them a reason to promote you, and they often will. Here are some strategies that you can use to convince influencers to promote your brand.

Have a Referral Program: Influencers to Promote Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to attract influencers to your page is to have a referral program. This method is useful because you are giving them a reason to promote you. The reason why it is difficult to ask an influencer to promote your business is that they are already getting lots of requests from other business owners. It would help if you stood out by giving the influencer something in return. Having a referral program can help you do this. It helps because it provides the influencer with a reward that he can use to invite his followers to visit your page.

NOTE: You can set this up easily with referral software like what was implemented by Hunting Blow Labs and Drum Set Labs.

Have Amazing Content

You can only stand out from other business owners if you have great content on your website. Great content comes with longer forms of content that contains tons of valuable information. It can be a detailed list or guide. It can also be a case study or success story. In any case, it should contain valuable information that the reader can easily use or implement. It helps to look at content with a significant number of engagements. It will help you find the types of content in your niche that get the most comments and shares. I love to use a tool called BuzzSumo for this process. With it, I can look at the posts with the most engagements in my niche and target keywords.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Influencers.

If you and an influencer share the same goal of changing your audience’s lives, you don’t need to hold yourself back when it comes to approaching them. But as with all relationships, you don’t start by asking an influencer to do something for you. Instead, you start in the same way all friendships do. You talk for the sake of getting to know each other. You can open the conversation about a positive thing that you noticed about the influencer. It may be best to comment on his content. From here, you can talk about new ideas on how you can help your audience. This strategy may not land you an instant influencer promotion. But it always feels good to be connected with someone that belongs to your industry.

Stay on the Top of your Influencer’s Mind

If you find that an influencer is not replying to your emails or private messages, you may want to employ other strategies. The best approach is to look for ways to reach out and stay in the influencer’s zone. You can do this by continuing to support the influencer in every way. You can do this by commenting on his posts, following him on social media, and engaging with his social media posts. If you do this frequently, the influencer will soon notice your effort.

Lead a Discussion About a Topic They Care About

Influencers are called as such because they are masters of impact. They know how to make people change their minds about something. Because of this, they may be highly active on social media and may always be on the lookout for content on the topics that matters to them. Now, if you will lead a discussion on one of these, you may get an influencer to reply to you.

PRO TIP: If you discuss a topic that the influencer cares about, you may want to contact the influencer. It can be as simple as ‘Hey, I am talking about X topic on Facebook. I noticed that you are passionate about this when I see your posts X and X. You may want to join the conversation on [link]. I am sure that you can give me some of your valuable insights on the topic. My followers will appreciate it if you come over. Thanks.’

Buy Their Products: Influencers to Promote Your Brand

One of the fastest ways to get yourself on an influencer’s radar is to buy their products. This strategy works because you go from a stranger to a customer. This tactic is also a great way to get access to an influencer. Usually, he will give you the details of his contact information once you become a customer. You can also ask for his assistance with his products and services. It is a great way to build a relationship with the influencer.

Create a Case Study of Their Products and Services

In addition, get noticed if you review the products and services of an influencer. You can do this by providing more than a testimonial. You can post the case study on your social media channel or blog. Once you post it, you can give the link to the influencer. From there, he can use it to promote your review to his followers. This tactic can work as an indirect promotion of your business, but it works because the influencer will be linking back to your review.

Include Them in an Influencer List

There is a reason why bloggers create a list of must-follow influencers. While it can help their readers find the best influencers in the niche, it can also help the blogger encourage influencers to link to them. This strategy works exceptionally well for micro-influencers. These people don’t have requirements when it comes to connecting. They are usually happy to return the favor as long as you link to them. Plus, it will make them feel special that you have included them in your influencer list.

Invite Them to an Interview: Influencers to Promote Your Brand

If you want to get to know an influencer, you will have to invite them to an interview. This method will help you not only talk to an influencer face-to-face but also help you create a lasting relationship with the influencer. The tricky part is getting the influencer to say ‘Yes.’ You’ll have to build your audience and have a proven track record of other influencers working with you. You may also want to try micro-influencers before you go for the big shots. This way, you can build your interview records before you talk to more prominent names.

Invite Them to a Live Video

If it is impossible to invite an influencer to a face-to-face interview, you can always host a live interview on social media. This strategy may be more effective if you already have an existing audience in a Facebook group or page. A live video has the same feeling like an interview. You also get to talk to an influencer and get to know him on a different level. It is an excellent way to get some insights as well as establish your expertise. More than focusing on the influencer’s mere association, you should focus more on starting and building a relationship with him or her. Be sure that your topic is highly relevant to your target market’s needs, and they will be able to get useful insights from you.

Host a Contest or Giveaway with Them

Influencers love contests. It is an excellent way for them to encourage their followers to engage with their brand while also giving away something valuable in return. The reason why influencers don’t do it often is they usually don’t have a prize. If you offer to provide the award and host the contest, influencers will be more than happy to host a game for you. Once you have built a relationship with them, introduce the idea of a contest or giveaway. Ask them if this is something that they can provide as long as you sponsor the prize. If they are looking for more engagements, they will usually be happy to do this for you.

PRO TIP: You can make it easy for an influencer to promote your event if you have everything ready. Create mechanics. Add a step where the contestants have to follow your page and the influencer’s page. Then, ask the influencer to post it. It’s that simple.

Create an Exclusive Discount Code: Influencers Promote

Another way to attract influencers to promote your business is to create an exclusive discount code. You may have seen these in influencer pages. They usually promote a brand with a code that has their name on it. So, works because it shows the influencer’s followers that you and the influencer have a working relationship. It also attracts other brands to use the influencer for promotions. Because it is a confirmation that the influencer is famous, and he gets businesses to create discount codes in his name. It can act as social proof for his future promotions. You can also use abandoned cart software to find the people to focus on to give out these exclusive codes.

Collaborate on Content

Most influencers will call themselves ‘content creators.’ They focus more on providing a consistent stream of content than on influencing other people’s decisions. Because of this, they need a constant stream of content in their channels. You can help them by creating content for them. You can offer to collaborate on a piece of content and have them post it on their site. This content doesn’t have to be an article. It can also include videos and other forms of content. It is essential to think outside of the box. Search for ways to impact your audience’s lives and create content for that purpose.

Influencers Promote: Collaborate on Podcasts

A refreshing way to collaborate on content is to collaborate on podcasts. It is not as complicated as hosting a live interview. You only need some recording equipment and a nice quiet place, and that’s it. You can then share your ideas with the influencer on a specific topic. I love podcasts because it is an excellent way to get to know an influencer and get inside his mind about what he thinks about particular issues.

Influencers to Promote Your Brand: Collaborate on Products

Similarly, you can also collaborate on products. You can use this method by creating a unique product named after your target influencer. You can ask the influencer for some input on the product design or create a design inspired by your target influencer.

This strategy works because it is unique. Influencers always have business owners approaching them to promote their brands. But it is not the same if you come them to ask them for their input on a product that you plan to name after them. It has a more significant impact, and it will encourage them to promote your exclusive product to their followers.

Create Content For Them

As I have mentioned earlier in this article, influencers thrive on content. It is what they feed their audience to earn their trust and loyalty. They are always in need of new content. So if you can help them do this, they will thank you.

You can help them by refurbishing their content. This process entails taking some of an influencer’s old content and making it better. The influencer will usually appreciate your efforts and may even promote you to other people.

Many influencers these days teach online ecommerce classes which bring a large level engagement with their audience.

Host an Influencer Meetup

A face-to-face conversation beats any email any day. Instead of approaching influencers via email, invite them to a meetup instead. This strategy is a great way to meet several influencers at the same time. And since you are meeting face-to-face, the commitment to the project is often higher as well.

Hosting a meetup is easy. You don’t have to go out of your way to create an event. You can invite some influencers to dinner. That’s it. You can arrange a program where you talk about topics that they care about, and this will encourage them to attend.

Remember, influencers are people just like you. You need to create a relationship with them first. It would help if you got to know them and appreciate what they do. Don’t just look for a quick advertisement. Look for a partner who can promote your brand for life.