How to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Building a digital product cast lots of challenges to owners and HR teams. Here are the tips on how to properly hire dedicated developers:

Updated on April 17, 2024
How to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Building a digital product business cast lots of challenges to business owners and their HR teams. Looking for the right candidates, selection efforts, and lack of qualified specialists are just to name a few. The good news is that a dedicated software development team model solves this issue. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: you sign up for a contract with an outsourcing provider company and employ remote team members on a per-project basis. This helps to save time, budget, and office maintenance. So how to do it right? Here are the tips on how to properly hire dedicated developers:

Gather your requirements to hire dedicated developers

Outline the desired candidate’s background, and consider the development team size and specialists. Sometimes you may need just devs, while other cases call for a fully-fledged team, including UX designers and project managers. Describe the project goals to simplify the search, e.g., develop a new grocery store’s mobile application. Also, decide on the location of the remote team. Sometimes, it may be critical to have a team working in your local time zone when it comes to stiff deadlines.

Research the market

The number of companies offering dedicated teams and individuals grows every year to be difficult to choose. Based on the requirements you’ve made in the first point, search for companies that specialize in outsourcing services for your niche. Compare several leaders on the market, and before making the final choice match them against these criteria:

  • access to the talent pool – the wider it is, the better (this info should be present on the website)
  • Nearshore/offshore orientation – if you need a specialist in a neighboring country, offshore companies maybe not a good fit, and vice versa if your main aim is to cut costs, it’s better to broaden the location perimeter and look for offshore opportunities.
  • Average hiring time
  • Positive reviews on external platforms
  • Availability of support after hiring (some companies mediate only the hiring process, while others offer support through all the contract terms)

Select the candidates to hire dedicated developers

Before the selection start, make sure to sign up an NDA with a provider. As for the sake of finding the best candidate, you may want to disclose some internal details, and it’s better to make sure they remain confidential. Then goes the recruitment.

The good thing about it is just approving the candidates. The provider company makes the background checks. Proficiency conduct test assignments, and code reviews to ensure that you choose from the best specialists. Depending on your objectives, you may overlook the process or receive the final list to discuss the project details. Have the opportunity to assess the candidates on your own to hire dedicated developers. Once the team is equipped, it’s time to sign a final contract about working terms and conditions in your company, as well as the drafted NDA with your new employees.

Onboard new staff members

Once your team is staffed, it’s time to start working. Usually, the outsourcing provider can organize introductory meetings with all the team members to get acquainted with one another, and then comes your turn. To facilitate the first working days, make sure that your new employees have access to all the operational tools. In addition, necessary documentation to learn about the established processes and workflows and start adapting to their daily routine.

Observe the performance

Usually, service vendors continue their support by conducting regular performance reviews based on your feedback. Practicing 360-degree feedback to determine the growth opportunity for the specialists they recruited for your project. It includes additional training courses and workshops, as well as mentorship and regular code improvement recommendations to hire dedicated developers.

Many of these companies also help with employee engagement and conduct remote team-building activities to improve interpersonal communication and collaboration so that it’s easier to establish effective teamwork and achieve better results.

Choosing a dedicated team or augmented staff members is a perfect solution. For small startups or companies that need temporary development help on specific projects. Because it saves recruitment and people management efforts, allowing you to focus on strategic growth.