How To Improve Collaboration In Your Hybrid Marketing Team

Check how to improve and optimize collaboration in your hybrid marketing team of both in-house employees and contractors to get results

By Claudio Pires
Updated on May 25, 2023
<strong>How To Improve Collaboration In Your Hybrid Marketing Team</strong>

A hybrid marketing team is made up of both in-house employees and contractors. This type of team can be found in companies with a limited budget or those in the early stages of growth, but it can also benefit other businesses. Check how to improve and optimize collaboration in your hybrid marketing team.

The goal of a hybrid marketing team is to reduce the cost of hiring full-time employees while maintaining a full in-house marketing team. Contractors are brought on to help with specific tasks, such as social media, graphic design, or copywriting, and are released when the job is completed.

Benefits Of Having A Hybrid Marketing Team

You may wonder what benefits you can expect from a hybrid marketing team. There are many, but here are a few key ones. 

  • A hybrid team gives you access to the best of both worlds. By combining the skills and talents of multiple team members and using the best tools for communication and collaboration, you’re able to produce innovative and creative work that wouldn’t be possible if you worked with only full-time employees. You can also tap into different sources of knowledge, which can help you better understand your customers and target market. 
  • A hybrid team is more agile and responsive than traditional teams. They can quickly adapt to market changes and produce content that resonates with your audience. And since they’re working part-time, they can spend more time on each project and give it their undivided attention. 

A hybrid marketing team may be your solution if you’re looking for a more effective workflow and saving money.

The Best Practices For Successful Collaboration

There are a few essential best practices that you can implement to help improve collaboration in your hybrid marketing team

First, make sure that everyone is on the same page. It means sharing the same vision and understanding of the goals and objectives of the team. Meet regularly to discuss progress and update one another on what everyone is working on. 

Second, promote teamwork and cooperation. Encourage your team members to help and support one another. When everyone works together as a team, achieving success is much easier. 

And finally, create an open and welcoming environment for new ideas. Encourage team members to share their thoughts and suggestions, even if they’re not 100% sure they will work. The more input you get, the better you can assess the feasibility and come up with the best possible solutions.

1. Choose The Right Tools For Your Hybrid Team

When choosing the right tools for your hybrid team, it’s necessary to consider the types of tasks the team will be doing. Different tools can be up for various purposes, and some might not be suitable for remote or hybrid teams. 

For instance, project management tools are great for keeping everyone in the loop and tracking task progress. Consider looking at creative collaboration platforms if your team cooperates on creative projects. 

SharePoint, for instance, offers a robust platform for collaboration, and leveraging its capabilities can greatly enhance teamwork and productivity. For hybrid teams working on SharePoint, it’s important to consider the specific needs of creating a dashboard in SharePoint and customization options. Exploring functions such as how to create a dashboard in SharePoint, can help your team easily integrate the tool into your work routine and unlock its full potential for successful collaboration.

Video conferencing tools are also essential for virtual meetings and an invaluable tool when it comes to bridging physical distances. You can choose a video conferencing tool that is easy to use and allows you to share screens and documents with team members in real-time. 

Good communication is vital to collaboration, so ensure your team has the right software and technology that helps maintain connection no matter where people are based.

2. Build An Effective Communication Blueprint

Create an effective communication blueprint. Getting your hybrid marketing team on the same page starts with setting expectations for how you will communicate. Your communication blueprint should include clear objectives, roles and responsibilities, a meeting agenda structure, and guidelines for communication etiquette. Here are some tips to help you: 

  • Ensure all channels are well-synced and up-to-date to keep the team under updates with the latest organizational changes or initiatives. 
  • Designate a team member responsible for following up on action items discussed during meetings. 
  • Establish dedicated video conference times and define when each meeting is held (i.e., weekly or monthly). 
  • Have team members add ‘collaborative notes’ during meetings to ensure everyone present is on the same page throughout the discussion. 
  • Establish regular check-ins to track progress and ensure each group member feels heard. 

Doing so lowers the risk of miscommunication, and everyone gets an equal opportunity to be heard. Great collaboration should start with effective communication.

3. Evaluate Collaboration Systems And Optimizing Workflow: Improve Hybrid Marketing Team

Once you’ve established the fundamentals of a collaboration system, it’s essential to evaluate how it’s working. Gather feedback from your team members and identify areas for improvement.

Various tools can help make collaboration more efficient, such as task management software and communication platforms. Utilizing these tools can help your team keep track of their tasks and communicate in real-time. Additionally, optimizing workflow by delegating tasks to the right people and setting realistic timelines will keep everyone organized and productive. 

Remember to review any protocols or procedures and ensure they are still relevant, up-to-date, and optimized for collaborative success. Finally, hold regular meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s a key step for maintaining an effective collaboration system in your hybrid marketing team.

Improve Hybrid Marketing Team Conclusion

So, do you want to improve collaboration in your hybrid marketing team? The best way to achieve great results is to use the best collaboration tools available and optimize your workflow to ensure everyone is on the same page. As the team leader, you can encourage team members to share their ideas and feedback. 

Be patient and understanding, as every team is different, and remember to celebrate successes together!

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