How to Improve the Conversion Rate for Your Print-On-Demand Store?

Learn how to improve & increase client conversion rate for your print-on-demand store with the best strategies and tips for more POD sales

How to Improve the Conversion Rate for Your Print-On-Demand Store

Want to improve the conversion rate of your print-on-demand business? This post will help you in the most effective and practical way to boost your sales without burdening your pocket. Learn how to improve and increase the client conversion rate for your print-on-demand store with the best strategies and tips for more POD sales.

In the US, the average e-commerce conversion rate was 2.3% in the second quarter of 2022. This indicates that less than three out of every 100 visits to an online retailer completed a transaction. 

What are Conversions?

Any user activity on your website that is beneficial in some manner can be referred to as a “conversion.” The best conversion is when someone becomes a customer and makes a purchase. 

Many conversions can lead visitors to convert into customers, and other minor types of conversions are also beneficial in the long term.

Types of Conversions in E-Commerce Businesses 

Macro and micro conversions are the two types of conversion you need to become familiar with.

Micro conversions would be any action that suggests a potential client has expressed interest in or interacted with your brand in any manner.

Macro conversions are the main goals of your website. These are the significant decisions that visitors and customers may make. 

Both micro and macro conversions are important to increase sales on your POD store. 

How to Calculate Your Conversion Rate of Print-On-Demand Store

Here is the simplest formula to calculate your conversion rate: 

Conversion Rate = Total number of conversions/ Total number of visitors on your store x 100 

What is a Print-on-Demand Store?

Let us now talk a little about print-on-demand (POD), what it is, how it works, and what its benefits are. Let’s begin!

The proprietor of an online business does not need to maintain or hold any inventory while using print-on-demand. With POD, you won’t pay for a product until an order is placed and the third-party provider prints it out. Print-on-demand services entail selling items individually with your own brand name or a unique design printed on them. 

The print-on-demand mechanism is simple to comprehend. When using this kind of fulfillment service, your shop accepts orders for particular products. Each product is custom printed, packaged, and then it enters shipment mode thanks to a third-party POD vendor. 

The Benefits of POD

POD stores have several advantages, including

  • A great passive income alternative
  • You don’t need to keep stock for printing
  • No need to own printing equipment
  • Low risk and low investment needed for this business model
  • A third party is in charge of packaging and shipment
  • Speedy product development and printing

Kids’ wear, t-shirts, custom phone cases, and hoodies are some of the cheapest print on demand products that are great when you’re just starting out. 

9 Tips on How to Improve Your POD Store Conversions

Here are some of the most successful conversion optimization tips you must add to your marketing plan.

1. Use A/B Testing to Improve Conversion Rate Print-On-Demand Store

A/B testing involves contrasting two versions of a website or its elements to see which one performs better. 

For example, putting up a product listing with an isolated product mockup with a white background versus changing it to a mockup with a model wearing the product – then comparing which version had more Print-On-Demand and increase client conversion rate (POD store sales). 

Online marketers choose to optimize their websites based on such testing results since it enables them to discover what their customers respond to best.

2. Create Different CTAs

A “Call to Action” (CTA) is a button on your website that is designed to elicit a conversion from your visitor. 

Having multiple CTAs is an effective way to get more customers on board. How can customers click on your call-to-action buttons if they can’t see them? Hence, make your CTA buttons as large and visible as feasible.

When in doubt, try the above-mentioned A/B testing method to find the best number of CTAs and their design for your store.

3. Advertise Your Products

Informing existing and future customers about your new product launches, discounts, and special deals by advertising your products can boost sales of your POD store. Additionally, it might be beneficial to build or construct a unique brand for your company.

4. Offer Free Shipping to Improve Conversion Rate Print-On-Demand Store

A free delivery may make or break an internet shopper’s decision to buy from you. Consider establishing a minimum purchasing barrier to be eligible for free shipping. 

By doing this, you can ensure that your profit margin on purchases will be stable. In certain cases, this can even tempt customers to raise the price of their order in order to qualify for free delivery.

Another tried and tested method is simply adding the shipping costs to the retail price and letting buyer psychology do its thing. 

5. Use Competitive Pricing Strategies

Be smart about the pricing of your products and research your competitors’ prices beforehand. Depending on your product, you can choose to 

  • price above your competitors (if you believe you offer higher quality products), 
  • price on the same level (if you have some other added value that would make customers choose your product specifically), or 
  • price below your competitors (if your product is somehow limited in quality, or if you just want to grab the customer’s attention). 

6. Create Discount Codes to Improve Conversion Rate Print-On-Demand Store

Businesses can encourage customers to try new services or products by offering discount coupons. By encouraging customers to use their discount code at checkout, one can also save money on advertising. Promo coupons offer an inducement that customers find difficult to refuse. As a result, a good method to increase client Print-On-Demand (POD store) conversion rate.

7. Use Retargeting and Cart Abandonment Emails

The goal of retargeting and cart abandonment emails is to re-engage customers who either clicked on a product and then didn’t take any action or who abandoned their carts before checking out.

A reminder about these unfinished actions can be just the right push the customer needs to complete a conversion. However, take care not to come across as too spammy. 

8. Create Attractive Listings

Images are crucial for increasing sales since they reassure clients about the caliber of the goods they are purchasing. 

Providing various product views and additional alternate photos increases sales. You must demonstrate in detail the products you have available to online customers, as they cannot touch or physically view the items they are purchasing from your website.

9. Allow Product Reviews to Improve Conversion Rate Print-On-Demand Store

Customers believe that reviews are crucial in the decision-making process. Online reviews are trusted by the majority of consumers as much as personal word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Therefore, make sure to encourage your customers to give reviews so that future customers would trust your products even more. 


These were some of the most prominent highlights of conversion optimization for your POD business. Try incorporating these tips in your marketing strategy to get more traffic and leads. 

Also, if you are interested in trying these tips out with print-on-demand, check out Etsy print on demand business model to learn more about this approach to e-commerce. Moreover, starting a print-on-demand store is an incredible alternative to passive income. Must give it a try!