How to Improve Wonderlic Test Score?

Are you worried about how Wonderlic test will go? In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to improve Wonderlic test score & best tips

By Claudio Pires
Updated on June 25, 2024
How to Improve Wonderlic Test Score?

Worried about how your Wonderlic test will go? No matter if you’re an incoming freshman that yearns to get into their college of choice or an aspiring professional that’s striving to land a job position that suddenly opened up, knows that you are not alone in feeling this way. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to improve the Wonderlic test score & best tips.

In fact, preparing for the Wonderlic test and feeling nervous about it is almost a universal experience even for those who have already taken it before or many times before.

Improve the Wonderlic Test Score

The main reason? Most question banks are regularly updated and improved on, meaning that it is very likely that the questions you encountered on it last year will not appear on the test that you are about to take this year.

After all, the Wonderlic assessments’ main purpose is to measure a person’s cognitive skills, not their memorization skills.

However, finding the test difficult or failing it several times now doesn’t mean that you have low cognitive skills. In reality, it is highly probable that you don’t know the right approach to tackle the test, the subjects, and the question formats themselves.

That’s right, by knowing how to tackle the Wonderlic exam effectively, you can get a high score or improve your score drastically compared to just winging it and trying to answer everything conventionally.

1 For newcomers, read up on these four main subjects: Wonderlic test score tips & guide

One of the main reasons why people fail the Wonderlic test is because they underestimate the subject matter contained within it, thinking that it’s just a run-of-the-mill exam that you can take in your free time with easy questions and only lazy test-takers fail it.

Alternatively, people tend to overshoot their review materials by picking up hyper-specific topics that do not appear in the actual exam.

The Wonderlic is a reliable psychometric test because it measures your cognitive abilities as a whole, meaning it doesn’t require you to remember that one specific subject or topic you had in the second month of school.

Instead, you only need to focus on:

Verbal Reasoning – where your grasp of the English language is measured. Here, you can expect questions to revolve around reading comprehension, grammar, antonyms/synonyms, and analogies.

Numerical Reasoning – where your ability to perform simple to complex calculations is measured. Expect questions on the four basic operations, ratio, table, percentages, some algebraic expressions/missing numbers, and word problems. Keep reading the Wonderlic test score top tips & guide.

Logical Reasoning – where your ability to come to a logical conclusion, as well as your problem-solving skills, are measured. There are two main question types that you can encounter: one relating to formal logic and deductive reasoning, and the other revolving around spatial reasoning questions.

Graphical Data – where your ability to draw and interpret information from graphs and statistical materials is measured.

From a professional standpoint, these subjects are perfect as they can prove that the applicant has the necessary skills to succeed in their role like making sure that they can follow instructions/read through contracts well; make the correct calculations in terms of pricing/estimation; solve problems where the solution is not immediately apparent, and understand business reports.

2 Focus on subjects that you are most familiar with first

When you take Wonderlic, you will have to go through 50 questions of varying difficulty divided into the four main subjects mentioned above within 12 minutes. Continue reading the the Wonderlic test score top tips & guide.

Although you must answer everything, test-takers typically get more points by answering questions or subjects that they are more familiar with.

Are you a math whiz? Then perhaps focusing on the numerical reasoning subjects would be best. Do you have an excellent grasp of the English language and how it works? Then it’s probably better if you finish the verbal reasoning section before anything else!

This goes the same for the last two subjects if your spatial reasoning skills and data interpretation skills are your forte.

3 Stuck on a particular question? Either skip or guess!

What makes the Wonderlic exam different from other exams is that it also measures the test-taker’s decision-making and critical-thinking skills following te top tips guide to improve Wonderlic test score.

How does it do this? It’s because it contains questions whose only purpose is to try and waste your time to prevent you from answering everything else in the exam. It will be your job to decide if it’s worth it to try and answer them or skip them over.

These questions are known as time traps. They are absurdly hard or have so many questions and choices that it takes a lot of time to read through. As a result, there’s too much information to process.

To put this into perspective, if you invested a minute just for a chance to get this one question right. You could have used that minute to answer five or six ‘easier’ questions. Considering that there will be more than one-time traps. You will likely miss out on a lot of points if you accidentally get yourself in them.

From here, you have two choices

  1. Skip the question to answer the other questions where you are more likely to secure points.
  2. Make an educated guess and hope that your choice is correct.

According to many test professionals, you will lose nothing from ‘guessing’ in Wonderlic, especially if it involves a question or subject that you know is difficult for you. One that will take more than ten seconds to answer.

Doing so will give you a chance to land a point, even the time trap questions. All the while getting more time to answer the other questions. Thus potentially improving your score compared to just leaving it blank.

This act of compromise is vital to tackling the Wonderlic assessments effectively. As being able to get a high score despite the presence of highly difficult questions. Time traps prove that the test-taker has good decision-making and critical thinking skills.

4 Practice! Practice! Practice To Improve Wonderlic Test Score

Following the tips mentioned above, the next thing to do to improve your Wonderlic score is to get as much practice as possible. You can either take an online Wonderlic practice test or use printed materials.

Doing so will allow you to familiarize yourself with the exam’s timed environment. So, know the tell-tale signs if a question is a time trap.

Lastly, such practice tests will have question banks designed to mimic the actual questions. So, the contents of Wonderlic. By utilizing them, you can greatly enhance your exam experience and improve your score tremendously, so that you can stand out from the rest of the applicants or test-takers.

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