How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using A Sidebar

Having the sidebar makes your blog look more detailed and professional the first glance. See how to increase affiliate sales using a sidebar

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on August 10, 2022
How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using A Sidebar

How to increase affiliate sales using a sidebar? During the process of blogging, almost every blogger wonders what to add to his sidebar if he considers adding one, and sidebars can become really powerful tools for getting more affiliate sales.

What Is A Sidebar?

How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using A Sidebar (1)

Before wondering how you can benefit from a sidebar, let’s think for a moment about what a sidebar is. A sidebar is an extra space that your website has on the side of your page. You can display anything that you want in there. It’s your space and, of course, your choice.

You have the option of having a sidebar or not. But you will be surprised by the efficiency of using sidebars, especially when promoting affiliate programs.

Why You Should Use a Sidebar To Increase Affiliate Sales

Using a sidebar has many advantages. Besides being an amazing way to highlight affiliate products, it can be useful in other ways, such as navigation. In addition, having the sidebar gives a little more “meat” to your website and makes it look more detailed and professional a first glance.

Besides, you’d notice that the sidebar can also give your visitors more stay-time on your site, which will increase your SEO rankings.

What Can You Display On Your Sidebar To Increase Affiliate Sales?

As mentioned before, the options are near-infinite when it comes to ways to benefit from using a sidebar but let’s check several examples of what you could display on your sidebar for an example:

  • Promoting your posts (top/recent/trending posts)
  • Advertise your service
  • Selling that space for promoters
  • Placing a banner from one or more of the affiliate programs you signed from

These are only a few options out of so many, but let us face the facts, website traffic volume is the number of people who found what you see in the sidebar, and the earning possibilities through your sidebar are increasing with your website growth.

Now that we know what a sidebar is and what its capabilities are. It is time to mention how you can use your sidebar to maximize affiliate earning.

Ways To Increase Affiliate Sales Using A Sidebar.

One way that most people do with their sidebar is placing a banner of a product on your niche that the majority of people who encounter it will at the very least gain some interest in, for example:

  • A fitness website with a “losing fat course” banner
  • A clothes/shoes blog and displaying a banner with a popular shoe/shirt for discount
  • A pet blog with a banner of “healthy food for dogs/cats.”
  • An electric products blog with a banner of “X% off Airpods.”
  • Baby care blog with a banner of “toys for 1-year-olds.”

Of course, you can do that with every niche and profit greatly. You just need to think of the most common thing that people around your niche are looking for and use it to your advantage.

If you’re reading to this point and thought that we covered your maximum earnings by using a sidebar, don’t worry, we’re not done yet. Another upgraded way to earn more from affiliate sales is using a sidebar.

Use A Different Sidebar For Different Categories Of Posts

In case you’re looking at the screen with confusion, wondering about how it will help you earn more from your affiliate sales. Let’s take an example by thinking about it from a fitness blog point of view:

  • People who enter a “losing fat” blog post would be more interested to see losing fat products on your sidebar.
  • People looking to get bigger mass wouldn’t be interested in buying fat-losing products and would be more interested in “WHEY powder for mass gain” on the website’s sidebar.
  • People who are looking for working out from home tips have a banner for “best fitness home workout set.”

This list is almost neverending since there are so many types of fitness product categories to the point where you can get any person who just thinks about that niche of fitness to want something. Because if they went to your site wondering about a specific thing from a fitness blog. They might as well be interested in a product from that specific topic.

How Do You Use A Different Sidebar For Different Categories?

The easiest way is to use a WordPress plugin.

One best part about this plugin is that the process takes a minute. And also you could add a different sidebar for each affiliate product category you promote.

To make everything clear about downloading and using this plugin, we’ll go through it step by step.

Step 1

Easy Custom Sidebars

Go to your WordPress menu and go to Plugins >> add new.

Step 2

How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using A Sidebar

Type on the search bar “easy custom sidebars” and download the plugin. (For example, we are going to use the plugin by “Titanium Themes” (or get the plugin here) since it’s super easy to use.

Step 3

After downloading the plugin, activate it, and you will see this page.

Firstly create a new sidebar (top right), and then you’ll have the option to add any type of post to the specific category you wanna have the custom sidebar. You can also decide the properties of the new sidebar.

Step 4

After creating the sidebar, you also have the option to add blocks to the edit of the sidebar in case you are intending to add more than one affiliate banner and be completely in control with full freedom on what you want to display on your posts.

Note that every blogging/website platform has a different way of using different sidebars on different pages. So it is best for you to check out any forum related to your platform or contact the platform themselves if they have support.


In conclusion, sidebars are truly a powerful tool to use in order to gain more from affiliate programs. Especially when using a different one for each product post/page, and never forget. The more value you bring to a visitor, the more likely they will come back. And not only for checking out content but also bring you more affiliate sales.

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