How to Increase Customer Loyalty Instantly: 8 Effective Techniques

If you wish to increase customer loyalty and convert them into regular visitors to your brand or business you'll find the top strategies

How to Increase Customer Loyalty Instantly 8 Effective Techniques

So your marketing strategy was pretty effective – you’ve got buyers! A new problem is that they are one-time buyers, and you wish to increase customer loyalty and convert them into regular visitors. This is the right question – commitment is the key to your brand success.

Unfortunately, there is no ultimate recipe to boost customer loyalty. Promotions and sales are not very efficient here, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything at all. You already have customers’ attention, and that looks promising. Now, you should stick to a couple of tested practices, and they will help you build stronger relationships with your clients. We are going to discuss some customer retention techniques below, so stay tuned.

Reward Customers’ Activity

Everyone likes gifts and rewards, especially your customers. According to Adobe research, 10% of buyers spend three times more cash on a purchase when sellers reward them. This strategy increases traffic, sales, and income.

The most common and efficient methods to boost customer activity and loyalty are:

  • Bonus points

To improve customer retention and motivate them to come back, you may provide them with bonus points. Let them convert points into cash and buy more from you.

  • VIP membership

Your top customers should have privileges. Offer exclusive and limited goods for their loyalty. Arrange a special subscription for them, and don’t forget to use email testing tools to analyze efficiency.

Add Social Proof to Increase Customer Loyalty

One of the best ways to increase customer loyalty is to reinforce your brand’s credibility by using social proof.

  • Publish statistics that reveal customers’ satisfaction rate
  • Encourage buyers to write comments and reviews
  • Establish social media presence and evoke conversations with your visitors online

Each technique will reassure potential customers that you can be trusted and make your credibility much higher.

Meet and Exceed Expectations

To gain customer loyalty, you must keep your promises and give even more when possible. For example, you may state that the order will be delivered without delays. Providing it even earlier means exceeding customers’ expectations. Think about that!

Have a Great Site to Increase Customer Loyalty

Your website must be appealing, as well as smooth and convenient. And, of course, a mobile version of your platform is a must in 2020! If you don’t have one, then you should build it. If you are not sure that your current website is user-friendly enough, collect customers’ feedback. Remember that nice visuals make your resource look more reliable and memorable. Still, you should also mind users’ comfort. They won’t come back to your site if the navigation is not clear enough.

Ensure Great Customer Service

Excellent support is one of the most effective customer retention techniques. Analyze your service from the standpoint of your clients: are you sure that finding your contact information and reaching you is easy? Can you react immediately in case of an emergency? Display the communication channels accurately and make sure that people can contact you whenever they have questions and concerns.

  • Live chat

Chat on the website will help you provide fast responses. And this is the expectation of every customer in need of your assistance. Chatbots are used by modern businesses widely, and they automatize the process partly. Non-standard questions should be answered by real people, while bots quickly solve the most popular ones (like those about a delivery, discounts, or your address). Remember that instant responses increase brand loyalty, so consider adding the live chat by HelpCrunch to your site.

  • More communication channels

In addition to an online chat, consider providing more channels that might seem convenient to your visitors: email, phone number, Skype, and social media.

Keep in Touch With Your Customer to Increase Loyalty

If you want to increase customer loyalty, keep an eye on your existing admirers. Most website owners are possessed by the idea to gain new buyers, that is why they easily overlook those that are hooked already. This is a mistake. Try offering the following features:

  • Freebies

Provide your clients with free stuff: gift cards and goods.

  • Promotions

Inform them about the upcoming products and provide membership access to limited offers.

  • Coupons

Send birthday greetings and personalized holiday discounts.

Special attention to your existing clients will help you earn respect, trust, and therefore – improved customer retention.

Improve your Services Considering Customers’ Suggestions

Attention and great communication skills are everything. Customers’ feedback is a perfect source of analysis and improvement, so you cannot neglect it. So, gather their impressions and think: how can they help you improve your business? Keep on improving customer loyalty considering their ideas and thoughts.

  • Offer surveys

Just don’t make your questionnaires too long – people will abandon those that have more than five lines.

  • Support and marketing

Continue improving your customer service and personalizing marketing methods.

  • Analyze negative feedback

Are there any troubles your customers encounter? Moreover, you should improve packing, delivery service, or website usability? Read their comments carefully and see what you can do to solve the issues quickly.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, and you are not an exclusion. People will share their impressions about your company, and sometimes they will criticize you. Whenever you fail to provide the highest level of customer service or miss something important – be wise and admit that. In some cases, buyers’ criticism will be exaggerated or even unfair. However, you should never allow yourself to get defensive or sensitive, even if you believe that the claims are not relevant. So, keep calm, take responsibility, and solve the issues.

Increase Customer LoyaltyConclusion

To evoke customer loyalty, you should understand them, know what they say, and consider their desires. Make sure to analyze their feedback and resolve the issues they encounter. Provide them with rewards, special offers, exclusive goods, and other juicy stuff – this will ensure that your dearest visitors won’t buy from your competitors. Value each of them and make sure to offer fantastic customer service. So, if you don’t have an online chat yet, make sure to get one. If the choice of communication channels is not wide enough. Finally, take care of that. Show your clients that you value and appreciate their loyalty.