How to Increase Email Open Rates

The market of email users worldwide makes up about 4 billion people. You will find pro tips on how to increase email open rates here

By Claudio Pires
Updated on April 4, 2023
How to Increase Email Open Rates

Today email marketing is more alive than ever and offers unprecedented opportunities well employed by small and large businesses. The market of email users worldwide makes up about 4.25 billion people, and it is steadily expanding. This is why keeping your email open rates in check and high is important. Especially if you are running a business of your own. You will find a bunch of pro tips on how to increase email open rates in this article.

How to Increase Email Open Rates

What is Email Open Rate?

At the basic level, email open rates make up the crucial metric. That marketers track right after making a newsletter and launching it across the email list. In a common understanding, this metric indicates the success of your email newsletter campaign. So, on the number of opened emails. 

However, technically, it goes deeper than that. Considering the fact that a person may as well nonchalantly click on your email. Close it right away, open rates for email newsletters are counted based on additional criteria, including:

Either of these actions defines an email as a properly opened one. Now the main question stands “how do I find out my email open rates and track them?”. Thankfully, there are all the opportunities available for this. 

How to Find Out Your Email Newsletter Open Rate?

In order to track and measure your email newsletter open rates. You need a proper tool or several tools integrated with the mailing system you use. Whether you use a full-on CRM system for your marketing needs or a regular email service like Gmail. There is a range of proper tools to help you specify your average email open rate. Here are some well-tried and tested extensions you can integrate.


You can get this tracker absolutely free of charge and conveniently use it for tracking email opens in Gmail. This is a very simple tool with a well-visualized dashboard and perfect Gmail compatibility. And if you get a prepaid version, you can also set up real-time tracking with pop-up notifications upon email opens. Reports, tracking by clicks on links or images, CRM integration, and more.


Mixmax is another email opens tracking application. It can help you segment your tracking results by content that recipients pay the most attention to. And the great thing about it is its integration opportunities you can integrate the app with various services to get a cool all-in-one solution, including  Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, Copper, DocuSign, and others. 


It’s an email tracking software for Gmail. You can know if your email got read, define which of your letters have got the most clicks. So, keep your recipients with an opt-out option. Boomerang shows all details of each email you tracked. How many times and how long users have opened it, which links they have clicked, and much more. 

4 Tips to Increase Email Newsletter Open Rates

The following tips can help you improve email open rates. By working through the contents of your newsletter and approach to distributing it among recipients.

It’s all in the first impression: Increase email ppen rates

The first impression of an email newsletter is made with the subject line. Which should be engaging enough to hook recipients and motivate them to open an email right away. So, this is where it is best to try and wear your recipients’ shoes think about how many emails you get in your inbox and what types of subject lines seem to be most attractive.

Your email marketing open rates should be positively affected by a subject line that:

  • Firstly, eflects your brand’s personality and attributes with strong, emotional words;
  • Secondly, takes 1-2 seconds to read through;
  • Finally, includes an intriguing statement.

It is also a great practice to ask a relevant question in the subject line which should motivate a recipient to get the answer inside the email.

Focus on personalization: Increase email ppen rates

Personalization is among the primary tactics used to improve email open rates. It may come in many forms. For example, use a person’s name when greeting (only if they provided it themselves), analyze their area of professional operations or lifestyle through social media. This way, you can make your email more valuable individually. This goes for subject lines as well people are more prone to click on an email when they see their name in the subject.

Remember about design

Marketers state that email design helps them improve their email engagement. So the design should always accommodate the email’s purpose and primary audience. It is worth mentioning that people like emails with images, videos, and useful links.

Use testing tools: Increase email ppen rates

A/B testing of every email can help you get a good boost to your average email open rate in the long run. Test any potential decision to make it more practical. So, usually, elements that get the most testing are subject lines, design, call-to-action, content, and target audience.


Now you know how to increase email open rates. In a nutshell. In conclusion, all you need to do is approach your newsletter campaign thoroughly and use available tools. If you are looking for a fast and ultimately efficient way to increase email open rates, though, you can also turn to profiled specialists. 

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