How to Keep In Touch with The Rest of the World While Traveling Abroad

In this article, we will show tips for you who want to be traveling abroad the country on how to keep in touch & communicate using technology

By Claudio Pires
Updated on May 6, 2023
How to Keep In Touch with The Rest of the World While Traveling Abroad

Most people take vacations to escape their lives for a little while and go someplace relaxing and traveling. The problem is that while you can leave your responsibilities behind at home, those responsibilities never go away. In this article, we will show tips for you who want to be traveling abroad the country on how to keep in touch and communicate using technology.

There is always a need to stay in touch with the office, family, and anyone else who might need to hear from you. Thanks to new technology, you can use many communication options to keep in touch with the essential people in your life without interrupting your vacation.

Take Care of Responsibilities Traveling Abroad Keep in Touch

Most people are connected to their banks, credit cards, and other important vendors through the Internet. As the Internet is present worldwide, taking care of responsibilities at home while on vacation is easy. You can use a laptop or smartphone.

VPN Traveling

When you travel abroad, it is hard to tell how secure your Internet connection will be. You can pay your bills while on vacation, stay in touch, and even access your work computers from the cloud. However, you will need a VPN connection to ensure everything is secure. A VPN connection hides your point of origin and makes it impossible for hackers to steal your information.

Anytime Mailbox

If you got important mail over the holidays, you didn’t get a chance to read or respond to it until you returned home. With a digital service like Mailbox, you can view your standard mail through an internet browser.

A service such as Mailbox receives your physical mail, scans it, and sends it to you in a digital file through your email. This convenient service lets you stay in touch while on vacation in ways you never could.

Plan Ahead & Schedule

Technology not only allows you to stay in touch through email, the Internet, and standard mail, but it also allows you to schedule important meetings and events even when you are on vacation. If you cannot avoid a business meeting while on vacation, you can use various Internet services to plan and schedule your non-vacation events.

On the other hand, you might be a digital nomad who makes a living by traveling and communicating online. The same services that would help a business person on vacation would benefit a digital nomad.

Google Calendar While Traveling

Google Calendar is one of the most popular scheduling programs in the world. You can schedule any meeting or event, give yourself a reminder alarm when the event is closer, and keep all associated notes regarding the event in your Google Drive folders. Once a digital nomad or business professional on vacation uses Google Calendar, they will wonder how they lived without it.

Use Technology to Keep In Touch While Traveling Abroad

Plenty of programs allow you to use the Internet to stay in touch with friends and family and have a convenient business meeting no matter where you are. Some of those programs include:

  • Skype – A program that combines video and audio conferencing with document collaboration.
  • Facetime – A smartphone app that lets you have a quick video conference with anyone worldwide.
  • WhatsApp – A secure communications app that digital nomads can use to find work and work with clients no matter where they are.
  • Google Hangouts – A group chat app that can help nomads to find new opportunities throughout the globe.
  • iMessage – The iPhone messaging app with various convenient communication features.
  • Facebook Messenger – Billions of people all over the world use Facebook, and Messenger can be a convenient way to contact new people anywhere in the world.

Some people like sharing their travel experiences with friends and family worldwide. Digital nomads generally maintain a large database of email addresses that they stay in touch with using a monthly newsletter that tells of the nomad’s recent adventures. With today’s technology, you can quickly compose a travel newsletter and reach a large audience.


Mailchimp is a mass email service provider that allows you to access your database through your smartphone and send out mass email updates whenever you want. This is an excellent way to stay in touch with every important person on your list and update them on what you are up to.


Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform. So, that makes it easy for anyone to create a video blog. Or use photos as blog content, mainly while traveling, to communicate with someone abroad. There is much content sharing on Instagram, which means your vacation. Or digital nomad blog has a good chance of being noticed by people with similar interests.

WordPress While Traveling Abroad

WordPress is one of the largest blog platforms in the world and can help you to create a blog. That will get attention. There are thousands of add-in apps. So, you can use WordPress, making it easy to start and maintain any blog.

Communicate While Out Abroad Starting a Blog

Some digital nomads have blogs they use to not only share their experiences but also to generate revenue. Using a blog is so easy that anyone can create a comprehensive vacation memory. That they can look back on whenever they want. The best part about starting a blog is that it is free, and you can find blog posts. With plenty of templates, you can use.

Final Words Being Traveling & Keep Touch With Abroad

When you travel on vacation or as part of your lifestyle, you have plenty of communication options to help you stay in touch. Take care of important issues as they arise with the rest of the world. Therefore, we hope that this article with tips for you who want to be traveling abroad on how to keep in touch and communicate with the use of technology has helped you!

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