How To Know Which Shopify Theme A Website Is Using

You may come across a store with good design. In this article, you'll learn how to know which Shopify theme a website is using.

How To Know Which Shopify Theme A Website Is Using

A Shopify theme is a ready-to-use template that can determine how an online store looks and feels. Different themes have different layouts, which can offer a unique experience for visitors. A theme won’t only make a store look beautiful, but also convey a persuasive message for prospective customers to buy. In this article, you’ll learn how to know which Shopify theme a website is using.

Even if you are just starting the journey or already an eCommerce veteran, it is good to learn how other stores use themes to represent themselves and earn more customers. But, with more than 100 themes available (and that is just on the Shopify Theme Store), you may come across a store with good design but can’t know how to pick out the exact one on the store for your business.

How To Know Which Shopify Theme A Website Is Using

Luckily, there are some easy ways for you to know which Shopify theme a website is using, which I will show you in this article. Knowing what themes are being used on any site you find will give you a huge advantage in exploring the visual theme for your own store and learning from successful competitors. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Benefits of knowing competitors’ Shopify theme

Shopify is a top eCommerce platform because anyone can start selling online easily by making their own online stores in an easy-to-use dashboard, even if it is just a one-man team. In fact, it is so popular (with over one million merchants) partly because one person can build a beautiful website without hiring a designer. This is where the ready-to-use themes really stand out, and you logically want to know which Shopify theme a site is using, because you can learn so easily from knowing that.

Here are the best benefits of identifying competitors’ Shopify theme

Know the theme for your website

It is easy for a starter to get lost in the jungle of themes on the Shopify Theme Store and more on other theme sites. You don’t know what to pick, simply because you are not a website designer and can’t know what a good theme for your business looks like. By looking at sites from successful competitors in the same industry, you can know what they’ve done right. It is an amazing source of information and inspiration, so you can design your site in a suitable way.

For example: If you are selling the latest high tech products, you would want your store to look modern and energetic. When you look at other Shopify tech stores, you can know which layouts, colors, and styles to pursue, which will be essential for your brand.

Adjust the theme budget

If you know the theme competitors are using, you can know the price too. Since a theme is often selected at the beginning phase of a business, it is an important part of your starting budget. Through seeing the performance competitors’ stores get with their themes’ cost, you can spend your money wisely by decreasing or increasing your initial budget. Having a theme also saves your hours of website development, often requiring a developer and a designer for a good result.

Spy on other industry players to know which Shopify theme a website is using

As mentioned, your industry’s successful competitors can be a really good inspiration to build your own store. But, you can also learn from the bad ones and avoid what they went wrong with using Shopify themes. Most of all, you can see the opportunity to get a standard look, or, even better, a standout look that differentiates you from the rest. When you notice a new trend in your industry website design, you can adjust more quickly too.

Also, while you are spying on other stores’ themes, you can learn some lessons from what products and services they have, how they price, and which apps they use to take care of the customers.

Tools to detect any website’s Shopify theme

Themes mainly build Shopify stores because they give the necessary structure to the sites. But it can be quite a hard task to detect what theme a Shopify store is using. With the following methods, you can know which theme is being used. You can get results on:

  • If the site is using Shopify or not
  • The theme’s name
  • Theme price
  • Theme’s screenshot
  • Plugin or app list
  • Scanned store’s screenshot

Shopify Theme Detector by Avada

The most forward and easy tool that you can use to identify a site’s Shopify theme is a Shopify Theme Detector. There are some available tools on the market, most of them are free, but I would like to show you our newly developed tool. With Avada’s Shopify Theme Detector, you simply just need to type in an URL of a website, and you will get information about what theme that store is using.

As in the above example, I tried entering the URL of Ugmonk. Immediately received the name of their store’s theme. There is also a link to the theme that I can click on. In this case, Ugmonk developed its own theme, so there is no link available, but if a Shopify store uses an available theme from the Shopify theme store, our tool can take you to the theme’s purchase page.

Like now, when I typed in the URL of Mad Aunty. The tool immediately shows that the store is using the Debut theme from the Shopify Theme Store. When I click into the blue link, it will take me to the search results page. With the free Debut theme that the store used. It is quite a good theme for starters, by the way.

Find out by checking the page source to know which Shopify theme a website is using

There is another way that you can check a store’s Shopify theme. But it is a bit hard. But you won’t need to install any theme, which is by checking the page source.

In the Chrome browser, click the right mouse and select view page source, or press Ctrl+u. Then, in the tab where codes appear, you can press Ctrl+F to open a search box. Type in Shopify.theme to find the code that reviews that name of the store’s theme. As in the picture above, you can notice the store that I’m researching is using the theme Empire.

Sometimes, a store develops its own theme and not using a standard theme from the Shopify Theme Store. In this situation, you can see a result like Production | TryNow Deployment, which can’t be found in the store. So, you can’t download this, but you will know if companies in your industry often use custom themes or not.

Another way to check the Shopify store’s theme is through the ID in the page source. So, a theme is generated by Shopify, you will see the number like theme_store_id:838. If it shows null instead of the number, then the theme is not from Shopify. As a result, you know the number, you can use Google to find the theme. See if it is available on the theme store.

If you are using other browsers, the same steps if you find the keys combination to access the page source. But, of course, an app is much quicker and easier to use.

Final words to know which Shopify theme a website is using

There you go, the easy guide on how to know which Shopify theme a website is using. If you are starting a new eCommerce business. It is important to take time browning other stores and find the themes that suit your brand best. With the right theme, your website can look fantastic, attract more visitors, and earn more profit.

If you have any questions about the tool or steps, let me know in the comment section! Thanks for reading!

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