How to Make a Channel Trailer: Tips for YouTubers to Attract Subs

In this article, you’ll find out what is a YouTube trailer and learn how to make a channel trailer with tips for YouTubers to attract subs

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
How to Make a Channel Trailer: Tips for YouTubers to Attract Subs

In this article, you’ll find out what is a YouTube trailer, why you and your channel need it, and what it should be like. Tips on how to make a channel trailer for YouTube are also included. we’ll learn how to make a channel trailer and see tips for YouTubers to attract subscribers.

How to Make a Channel Trailer for YouTube?

YouTube is ranked second on the TOP-list of the most visited websites with more than 1.9 billion users, and over 24 million people are YouTube subscribers. Such a vast audience is a dream of any YouTuber. Yet to catch all these people into the nets of your charisma, personality, and enthusiasm is not that easy. The most challenging thing to do is to let them know that your channel exists and persuade them that it is not like hundreds of others broadcasting for the same target audience.

How to Make a Channel Trailer Tips for YouTubers to Attract Subs

The thing that can do all that and make your videos view count rise to the sky is your YouTube channel trailer. This article is a kind of manual (but much more live and impressive) on making your teaser hit the goal.

How to Make a YouTube Trailer That Will Turn Viewers to Subs?

The first impression is the thing that matters much when you present your product (in this case, YouTube channel) to the people who know nothing neither about you nor about the content you produce. Your trailer should be the essence of everything you do on the channel. It should reflect your personality, show who you are and what your message is. It should inspire the viewers and stimulate them to hit the subscribe button.

YouTube is a social media where vloggers tie their viewers emotionally. This is why it is so essential to present yourself to your potential subscribers. It’s like you get acquainted with each person following your channel, becoming closer to them. Emotional connections play a huge role, especially when it comes to advertising some products on your channel. People are more likely to purchase if the blogger they follow says they need it.

Do you think creating a trailer costs a fortune? You are mistaken. A YouTube channel trailer is easy to make using Fastreel by Movavi. This online tool for video creation and editing is available both in free and paid versions. You don’t have any ideas on how it should look like, do you?

So, don’t worry! Thirty-five different templates are at your service. Choose the one matching your channel theme best and get down to creating a great trailer. All sorts of special effects and tools for video editing will help you make your video look stunning.

How to Make a Trailer? A Step-by-Step Instruction

Making a trailer for a YouTube channel is relatively easy for people engaged in creating video content. Here is a step-by-step instruction on what you are supposed to do:

  1. Firstly, sign in to your account on YouTube and go to your channel page.
  2. Secondly, use a Customize Channel button to move on to the page where you can upload your video.
  3. Fill out the video description. Using the preferred SEO tags will increase your video conversion and make it visible to more people.
  4. Finally, go to the ‘For new visitors’ tab and set this video for your channel trailer. That’s it!

Tips For Making a YouTube Trailer Work

A quality trailer’s production demands some knowledge about the content you are to put into your video channel-presentation. The time it should last and other things that might increase your subscribers’ count also matter. We hope these tips will be useful to you.

Show – Don’t Talk

Remember that YouTube is a social media providing video content. People that hang out there percept the information visually. 59% of people prefer watching a video to reading a text, let alone listening to long speeches. Video is also a preferred way of getting information about a product or service for 72% of customers. When working on your channel trailer, keep that in mind.
Don’t only talk about what your channel can offer – show it to the viewers. You can add shots from the already existing videos uploaded to your channel. The highlights are a great way to show all the topics you cover and give a viewer a better understanding of what to expect and what to be excited about.

Present Yourself For YouTubers Make Channel Trailer

Even you have thousands of subscribers on YouTube. You need to present who you are to those who see you and your videos for the first time. Address your target audience; tell who you are and what goals you set for your channel. You have to be engaging. Moreover, have to energize your public. You have to be understandable and close; you have to be the person they’d like to meet in real life.

Make Sure Your Video Is Short

A channel trailer is a video that has to hold the attention of viewers. The scientists say videos under two minutes long are most engaging. Yet your goal is to impress a person with the thing he/she sees on the screen and make him/her make a fast decision – hit the subscribe button. So, the most effective duration of a trailer ranges from 30 seconds to one minute.
Being limited with such narrow frames, you have to use this time maximum effectively. Write a script or at least outline the main points you’ll speak about in the trailer. This will save the precious seconds you have to use wisely. The amount of information you have to give in this short video can be huge, and it’s quite a challenging task to turn it into a brief text.

Branding Matters For YouTubers Make Channel Trailer

The style of each YouTube channel is unique, and, sometimes, scrolling down the feed page in search of an exciting video, the eyes of the people catch the colors. So, the fonts, and the logos they have already seen. If the videos on your channel have some peculiar symbols or design, use it in your channel trailer as well.

Catch Your Viewers

Engaging new people into what is going on in your trailer in the very first seconds are crucial. In the intro, you have to find their sensitive place, aim at it, catch the viewers on your hook and keep them watching this video until the very last second. Usually, addressing directly to the target audience is the thing that does it. But you also need to sound engaging, promising, and look juicy for the visual and the audio receptors could work in synergy and help you change your audience’s attitude from indifferent to positive.

Don’t Forget About a Call to Action.

When creating your channel trailer, don’t forget about its final goal – subscription. Telling about your product is good, but you have to stimulate the viewer to turn into a subscriber. A call to action is a crucial part of the trailer. The words you can choose may be different, but they shouldn’t sound like a request. They should make a person believe that he/she has a choice. The phrases you can use may look like:

  1. Firstly, If you want to see more cool videos, subscribe!
  2. Secondly, press the subscribe button and to get more exciting videos on your feed!
  3. This is still not everything I can show you. Subscribe to get more!
  4. Finally, don’t miss the next video, subscribe, and come back again!

Final Thoughts For YouTubers Make Channel Trailer

The success of your YouTube Channel is the success of your strategy. Use the possibility to create a trailer wisely and make it look perfect. It’s also crucial to customize your channel, turning it into your personality reflection (you can look up some tips for it here). Make the most of your opportunities, and the results won’t make you wait. I wish you millions of subscribers! Good luck!

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