These days a website is the face of businesses targeting the contemporary market.  Storefronts are disappearing, signage is becoming more low key than ‘ooh’ impactful and business presence in mainstream media like newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV is so old hat. And in this article, we’ll explore the best way to make your business website super-engaging.

Whether you’re a Vegas casino, a local motor repairs center or a health and wellness platform selling beauty products and services online, your website is B-I-G in every sense of the word.  The problem is there are so many websites in cyberspace, it’s hard to differentiate your window to the world from the rest of the multi-million-strong herd.

Ideally, you want to grab the viewers’ attention, shake them out of complacency and force them – in the nicest possible way – to buy this, do that or call for a quote NOW.

Create a Super-Engaging Website

How to Make Your Business Website Super-Engaging

The Value of a Slick and Professional UX

You also want folk to enjoy a slick, functional and seamless user experience that speaks to the capabilities of your entire business.  In other words, your website should be presented as a microcosm of your larger operations.

In that sense, a creatively designed website that loads quickly is easy to navigate and functions like a well-oiled machine are indicative of a business entity that delivers exactly what it claims to deliver when it claims to deliver it! Kapiche?

Now that we’ve determined how important a business website is to the bottom line, let’s focus on a few ways to ramp up the UX.  When all is said and done, your aim should be to generate more traffic and turn fleeting visits into ‘stay awhile’ business conversions where cash is king!

Make your Home Page Functionally Fabulous

In the world of web-based marketing, you literally have 90 seconds in which to make an impression.  That means your home page must impart the crux of your business quickly and efficiently.

With only one or two glances, potential customers must be able to ascertain the nature of your business and how they can tap into your products or services via the site.

Your first step is to create a catchy name, tagline, and logo that convey exactly what your business does. Central to the entire page should be a call to action that’s big, bold and in your face.  Terms like Buy Now, Get an Online Quote, Call Us for a Free Sample or Register an Online Account is typical CTA’s that naturally pique the interest of viewers.

Supplement your CTA with a few lines of well-written content that’s easy to read and display your contact details. In a large font at the top right and base of the home page and you’re well on your way to the big time!

Having said that, a creative and aesthetically stunning home page is great but if it doesn’t function as it should, you’re doomed.  Imagery and quality content may be important but unless you’ve got the basics right. Like ensuring the live links take viewers to where they should and potential customers can easily find the products they want. As a result, your business is destined to fail.

Responsive: A Must-Have Element for the Digitalised World

Along with a fab home page filled with high-end content and a compelling CTA. Your business website needs to be ready for use on all digital devices.

In the land of professional web design and development, this cross-channel optimization is better known as responsive website design. In other words, users enjoy the same captivating experience on their smartphone or tablet. As they would on a desktop or laptop.

Without a responsive design that automatically adapts to a particular screen size, menus and navigation bars wouldn’t work properly. Pages wouldn’t load and the overall experience would be shabby rather than chic!

If you’re intent on impressing millennials and a few tech-smart old fogeys too. So, we strongly recommend you get your business website revving for iOS. Android and Windows devices – it’s the future of marketing for sure!

Capitalize on a Killer of a Content Management System

What gives your website the engaging exposure it deserves? SEO of course and by that, we mean Site Engine Optimisation.  Without an excellent content management system that automatically updates keyword-driven content. Interacts with customers and links to social media sites, your website will forever fly under the radar.

A good CMS is the backbone of any website. It organically drives traffic to the site via Google search. Constantly interacts with customers through email or SMS marketing, newsletters, blogs, and reviews.

SEO and CMS are the keys to the engine room and without their dual-purpose synergy, you’ll have a fabulously functional website floating around in cyberspace that nobody visits or even know to exist.

What Your Website Needs: A Quick Recap

To recap, a great and engaging business website is more about functionality and the overall user experience than anything else.  If you can come up with unique and visually exciting imagery, a catchy call to action and compelling content… that’s great too.

At the end of the day. A website that works optimally on any device is easy to navigate and loads faster than you can say. ‘Buy That’ is the ticket when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.

If you want to turn your window to the world into a WOW experience. That everyone talks about. choose functionality over flamboyance and you’re good to go!

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