How To Make Your Digital Marketing Automation Effective

The goal of marketing automation is to help online businesses save on effort. See how to make your digital marketing automation effective.

Updated on October 17, 2023
How To Make Your Digital Marketing Automation Effective

The goal of digital marketing automation is to help online businesses save on effort. Costs and time by cutting out repetitive tasks and creating more efficient campaigns capable of generating. See here how to make your digital marketing automation effective. Nurturing more leads with personalized content. These key advantages are why many leading marketing departments select automation softwares to help with their marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll dive into how you can use digital marketing automation. Plus the right growth-hacking approach) as a key shortcut to boosting signups, engagement and sales. Read on to find out more!

When approaching marketing, growth hackers aim to cut out the grunt work to focus on innovation and time-saving. Digital marketing automation lets them do just this. When coupled with personalization, this means adding a tailored touch to custom messages seamlessly at various touchpoints. With your target communities and only personalized marketing automation can offer this kind of service. As your company grows, effective and unique marketing becomes more important. As does conserving limited human resources by automating routine tasks.

How to choose the right digital marketing automation platform 

Effective use of automation is not just about knowing its importance—it’s also about selecting the right platform for the job. You need to choose a platform that can handle all your company’s marketing automation needs. We’ve put together a digital marketing automation checklist. Below to help you get familiar with all of the main features. In addition, requirements for the automation options on the market. Here are the most common automation requirements out there:

Personalization for effective digital marketing automation

These days, personal data is king and one-size-fits-all marketing is a thing of the past. No marketing campaign can hope to succeed without a comprehensive website personalization strategy. This means maximizing your marketing impact by crafting a tailor-made journey. But, for each audience member and showing the right content to the right person at the right time. In conclusion, whatever automation tool you choose should allow you to personalize content across all channels.

Growmatik is an all-in-one marketing automation platform capable of crafting easy-to-implement customer journeys. Equipped with a totally visual interface for customizing key sales funnels. This powerful, user-friendly tool lets you use a wide range of dynamic keywords. So, generate personalized content across your website, emails and popups.


Segmentation is the practice of dividing your audience into smaller groups. So, based on personal characteristics, behavior, shopping history or other criteria such as referral sources. This is an essential step in digital marketing automation as it lets you precisely target a specific group. So, with custom marketing materials. From a growth hacking perspective, this means running micro-campaigns. In addition, different segments let you test the effectiveness of your strategy and scale it according to your findings.

Moreover, Growmatik’s contact management interface comes with a wide variety of filters. In addition to tools to build a comprehensive segmentation strategy and automate it based on your marketing goals. Learning more about e-commerce customer segments will help you seize emerging opportunities for your online store.

Integration for effective digital marketing automation

As any good automation tool should, Growmatik has integration compatibility with a number of popular plugins. Moreover, softwares, such as form builders like WP Forms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and more. Growmatik also allows integration with Visaualmodo and WP fusion, letting you take advantage of over 100 other plugins and services.

Cross-channel operation

Cross-channel marketing is one of the best ways to achieve personalization at scale. So, it helps you craft a consistent experience for your customers across multiple channels. This means accompanying your target audience at various key points throughout their customer journey. To design digital marketing automations that work across your marketing channels.

Firstly, you’ll need to track how each strategy performs on every channel and examine how they impact each other. So, as well as analyzing how each touchpoint does (or does not) constitute a logical progression. This means giving customers what they are really looking for, which is a sure way to boost your ROI. Growmatik offers the chance to synchronize custom content. Finally, your customers across the 3 key touchpoints of email, popups and webpages.

Analytics and report for effective digital marketing automation

The key to measuring the performance of your marketing automation lies in analytics. You should be able to track any digital automation you craft. Firstly, a comprehensive report compiled by your automation tool should point out any blind spots in your marketing activities. Moreover, provide opportunities for improvement. Finally, a good analytics report is essentially a roadmap to success.

Growmatik’s custom analytics page provides key data about everything from site and email engagement to sales and customers. So, all organized in east-to-read illustrated charts. You can further customize these reports to fit your marketing goals with over 15 unique comparative metrics. In addition, the option to select a specific time frame. The provided automation reports will also help you test the success of each of your automation rules. So, which means wasting fewer resources on preventable marketing mishaps. Growmatik’s reports support the following metrics:

Site EngagementSessionsUsersPage Views
Bounce Rate
Conversion Rate
Average order value
Order Frequency
Repeated Customer Purchases
CustomersNew Leads
Returning Leads
New Customers
Returning Customers
Email EngagementFirstly, Click Rate
Secondly, Open Rate
Bounce Rate
Unsubscribe Rate
Finally, Total Sends
AutomationFirstly, People
Secondly, Revenue generated
Sign up
Total Email Sent
Email Click Rate
Finally, email Open Rate

Table 1


How much you will end up spending on a marketing automation tool. Because can vary depending upon the number of subscribers or contacts, plus whether you opt to unlock certain software features. Small businesses, especially those following the growth hacking model. So, can’t afford to spend a lot of money on marketing automation software. The best solution for such companies should provide all features with a decent pricing structure. If you’re looking to handle up to 2,000 contacts, 10,000 unique visits and 15,000 email sends. Finally, Growmatik will give you all of its features for free.

Essential marketing automation recipes 

Time is money for a growth hacker. To save you time for what’s really important. So, figuring out how to meet your customers’ needs. Moreover, we’ve put together a list of some key automation recipes designed with the growth hacking approach in mind. A digital marketing automation platform like Growmatik will give you the power to define. Set and schedule as many automation rules as you want. Let’s dive in: 

1. Use UTM to personalize your landing page

Looking to improve the relevancy of your landing pages? Add dynamic keywords. So, based on UTM parameters to your landing pages to better target your guest audience. 

For example, adding “UTM Source” to your pastry ad can show different cookies. In conclusion, guests on their preferences and have them hungering for more.  

2. Personalization based on user region for effective digital marketing automation

Adding a region-specific personalization to your home page is a great way to appreciate your local audience. Firstly, Offer local giveaways or area-based services to make them feel special. Moreover, such as providing free local shipping to first time customers.  

3. Offer exclusive discounts via popups

The right exit-intent popup. Moreover, an exclusive discount coupon could be just the thing you need to encourage first-time guests. Finally, make their first purchase. 

4. Holiday-specific popups

Take advantage of holidays like Thanksgiving to run promotions to drive sales. So, Announce these promotions via popup, making sure to include a period of time as a condition for showing the discount. 

5. Upsell & Cross-sell emails

Immediately after a user has made a purchase, send an email suggesting related products to help cultivate customer loyalty. In collaboration with upsell and cross-sell methods. You’ll be surprised how effective this strategy is in increasing both ROI and customer lifetime value. 

6. Custom emails for cart abandoners

Don’t miss out on a potential sale! Target cart abandoners with well-timed reminder emails. To ensure this strategy is effective, test the copy. Moreover, offers and design of your emails to get the biggest boost to your cart recovery rate.

7. Exclusive emails to reward loyal customers

Thank your customers with personalized emails to users who spend the most, or the most often. This will help you build a personal relationship with your customers, which translates directly into a higher retention rate. If you’re looking to encourage further purchases. Include an exclusive discount coupon and a personalized product suggestion list in the thank you email. 

Bonus points

Though we’ve covered a number of recipes. So, there’s a lot left to learn on the subject of testing the performance of your automation rules. Growmatik will provide various metrics to help you do just that, as you can see from Table 1. Edit your automation rules via the Growmatik Automation page. Secondly, set the time frame to get detailed information for each rule. 

Parting words

Marketing from a growth hacking approach means crafting an automation strategy. So, lets you test and measure the effectiveness of each of your marketing ideas. Digital marketing automation is the key to developing a workflow where revenue is maximized and time is saved. This means that you can spend more time and money on practices that will surely boost your ROI over time. Armed with a tool like Growmatik, it’s easy as pie to implement ready-made automation recipes. Finally, see how they can help your business grow!