How To Maximize Your Social Media Reach

Social media has become recognized as an important marketing outreach platform. Learn how to maximize your social media reach.

How To Maximize Your Social Media Reach

Social media has become recognized as an important marketing outreach platform.  Hence, it’s more important than ever to learn how to maximize your social media reach. There are two outreach methods that can be employed on social media, namely organic and inorganic. Inorganic reach requires a payment that pushes your content automatically to whatever extent your budget covers, while organic reach is the most effective but requires hard work.

According to Pivotal Agency, every business needs social media for an increased reach. This need has been greatly emphasized by the COVID-19 crisis, a situation that’s likely to make several rival businesses focus on their social media marketing. This article discusses the ways by which you can maximize your social media reach:

How To Maximize Your Social Media Reach

  1. Choose Your Preferred Platforms

There are multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, in the social media space. To maximize your reach, you need to decide which platforms are best for your business. This should depend on the content type, target audience, and your personal preferences. Here are various social media platforms and what works best on them:

  • Facebook: It’s reported that Facebook users’ demographic are inclined towards the older generation than the younger ones. Hence, businesses interested in getting the young generation’s attention shouldn’t invest heavily in Facebook marketing. The content types applicable to Facebook are a mix of texts, images, and videos.
  • Instagram: The Instagram population is rising exponentially and consists of a vibrant young generation. The content-type suitable for Instagram is primarily short videos and images. Businesses and individuals targeting a young population should invest in Instagram marketing.
  • LinkedIn: This is an ever-relevant platform for professionals of all ages. It’s the social media platform for structured content with ingenious thinking. The content types suitable for the platform include images, videos, or visualized audio content. This is a space for informative articles and more.
  1. Understand Platform-Specific Algorithms

Each social media platform features its unique algorithms for content prioritization. This algorithm determines what your followers are seeing, and an understanding of how it works will help you harness the algorithm to your benefit. The following are overviews of different platform algorithms:

  • Facebook: The Facebook user experience is heavily on its algorithm, which takes factors such as social interactions, engagement, popularity, media content, and ranking signals into consideration. Ranking signals are of utmost importance in the algorithm as it ranks posts based on user behavior and other factors.
  • Twitter: Twitter post engagements are less algorithmic; they’re rather focused on getting real-time engagement. The algorithmic sections include top tweets, and “In case you missed it” sections.
  • Instagram: Instagram’s algorithm is heavily focused on engagement. The more popular posts come up on the explore section, receiving more interactions in the process. Engagement metrics considered include likes, comments, and views.
  1. Display The Human Side

Social media users are primarily using these platforms for wider human interaction. Hence, if an increase in social media reach is your primary focus, you should connect with users on a human level. Even the biggest corporations’ accounts are controlled by humans, hence more human interactions will ensure better results. Here are some tips to take note of to add humanity to your social media accounts:

  • Ensure quick response times.
  • Add pronouns to posts such as ‘we.’
  • Show your business teams in your office space, seminars, and excursions.
  • Finally, display corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.
  1. Optimize Your Pages To Maximize Social Media Reach

Your profiles and pages can increase engagement and, consequently, your reach. Basic personal and business items, including website links, profile images, banners, and bio descriptions are great for optimizing your social media profiles.

Frequent updates of your social media profile are also a means of getting more people to engage with your pages. Use your branding elements to commemorate notable days among your different groups of followers, such as the International Day of the Girl Child or the Emancipation Proclamation Day.

  1. Focus On Content Quality, Not Quantity

A common misconception in the social media world is to frequently post content regardless of quality. According to Facebook, the average user is with about 1,500 posts daily. This makes it important to distinguish your content from the myriad of posts and make it top-quality, original, and brand-related.

Producing high-quality content will take more time and reduce the number of posts. But it pays in the long term. In addition, use custom and popular hashtags to draw attention to your posts when they’re in the feed. Time your posts to ensure they’re at peak engagement times on each of your platforms.

Maximize Social Media Reach Conclusion

Social media use is to keep rising with the outbreak of the global pandemic. Finally, businesses and individuals not taking advantage of the opportunities it presents will simply be depriving themselves of huge opportunities.

In conclusion, it’s important to choose a select few to focus on out of the many options available. Understand their algorithm and make sure to bring out your human side along with your social media usage. Optimize your pages and prioritize quality over quantity.