By allowing employees to work from somewhere other than the office or the conventional workplace, or by creating a company without an official headquarters and whose employees all work in isolated spots, fear and distrust grow, so that they do not do their job as it should be, absent themselves from their responsibilities, to not produce as they should. so, it comes to the question, how to monitor work at a distance?

Monitor Employees Work

How To Monitor Work At A Distance?

For this, guidelines can be established that the person in charge of the company or employees should control. We give you the guidelines to control the work at a distance.

  • Set schedules – If they do not have a fixed schedule and they are allowed to work based on their own criteria, it is easier for them to become distracted and not comply with their work obligations. For this, they can be controlled so that everyone meets a previously established schedule.
  • Provide employees with all the necessary infrastructure to carry out their work (high-speed Internet, laptop, Smartphone)
  • Establish a system of time measurement to observe that they do not perform their work quickly and badly to finish as soon as possible and be able to dedicate themselves to other things, but they remain working the time they should be.
  • Every day, report to the manager the work that has been done during the working day (from where you have worked, the results you have obtained, the progress made)
  • Monitoring with the rest of the workers, the routes they have taken, the time they have been connected to certain applications.

Responsibilities and Productivity

In general, all this can serve so that they do not absent themselves from their work responsibilities, that they perform more in their work, and that they reach the goals set every day or every so often. It serves for better decision making.

But what if, despite all of this, you are still not satisfied with the effects of your employees, or you simply do not have confidence in them, and you want to increase productivity. Then the solution lies in the Employee Monitoring Software. This solution is based on the cloud with remote access through an Internet account. Real-time remote monitoring of all types of employee activity: current applications, web browsing, Internet searches, social networks, chats, emails, instant messaging, printers, USB-drives. A dedicated server is not required.

Software To Monitor The Work

Why is Employee Monitoring Software, such as Monitask, useful? To investigate employees against illegal actions, prevent information leaks, to increase productivity and detect errors of your employee. So now you can see if your employees are really working or they spend time on the most popular social network in the world Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’re as excited as we are—not only will a good employee monitoring system save you an incredible amount of money in regained productivity, but it’ll also dramatically improve your team’s work dynamic, show you who deserves a raise or promotion, and free up the time you normally spend on administrative tasks for more move-the-needle projects.

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