How to Optimize for SEO on Your Video Maker

When it comes to SEO through your video maker, you can be confusing, feeling unsure about what to do. See how to optimize video maker SEO

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
How to Optimize for SEO on Your Video Maker

When it comes to SEO through your video maker, you can be scratching your head, feeling unsure about what to do. Most video content creators skip this very crucial part of their video marketing strategy. If you use videos to drive traffic to your website to generate leads, increase conversion rates, and boost the bottom line, you need the right video maker for SEO. It’s the best approach you can ever use to drive organic traffic to your site. In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize for SEO on your video maker.

How to Optimize for SEO on Your Video Maker

You may freak out because the complex seems too out of this world. It sounds like a foreign concept that may be too complex to implement. But worry no more, because after reading this article, you will realize that it’s not complicated at all. Read on to arm yourself with the right video maker tools. The following guide with actionable directions can help you produce well-optimized videos in the future. Let’s dive right in.

Defining Video Maker SEO

This strategy refers to optimizing your videos so that they’ll be ranked and indexed high on the search engine results page (SERP) every time someone looks for relevant keywords for your niche. You will discover that there are various tools to make this happen. And with consistent practice, you can optimize your videos and stay in a good position on SERP. So, a great way to optimize video maker SEO.

The Relevance of Using A Video Maker for SEO

You want your videos to rank higher on SERP because it means more visibility. As a result, your clients or prospects can see your brand first, allowing you to have an edge over your competitors. In recent years, video marketing has become trendy because it is easier to produce videos with your phone camera in combination with free online video makers. Now, you no longer need a degree in film and audio-visual communication to make high-quality video content.

Since we all have a limited attention span, you will see why the videos rank as a favorite content format. Everyone just loves to consume and watch a good video. Why is that? Look at the reasons below:

  • It is easier to watch a video than read a long article.
  • You can say more in a shorter amount of time.
  • There’s also better understanding when you see accompanying clips.

Thus, with all the videos out there from different brands, you need to work hard to ensure you capture your audience’s elusive interest. Ranking high for video-related queries ensures your videos get all the attention they deserve.

Top Tips to Optimize Video Maker SEO for Search

With all the time, effort, and money you spent to produce your videos, of course, you want a lot of people to see your masterpiece. The more attention it generates, the more followers you may have. Furthermore, when you increase brand awareness, you can expect better revenues from stronger connections with your viewers. When they feel they can trust you, they are more likely to choose and stay loyal to your brand. By applying these top tips when using a video maker, you can assure that your videos will rank high on SERP.

1 Choose a Good video Hosting Platform

Choosing the right hosting platform for your videos matters. If you’re concerned about general brand awareness, YouTube and Vimeo will work well in helping everyone become more familiar with your brand. However, remember that once your video gets indexed, the traffic goes to the platform rather than your own website. As a result, your would-be site visitors can get distracted by tons of competing traffic. For example, YouTube’s suggested videos can be your competitors’ work. As a result of a great way to optimize video maker SEO.

Hence, if you want to increase traffic to your official site, you must explore alternative hosting platforms. If you want to drive leads to your primary page, you should try platforms that automatically insert SEO metadata and schema markups. In brief, it would be best to research and explore our options to find a host that will allow you to push leads towards conversion.

2 Include a Video Transcript

Video transcripts allow your work to be more accessible to a wider audience base. Firstly, it assures your videos are scrapable by search bots with the additional text. Secondly, text paired with videos means people scrolling through your Facebook feed can also read the captions. Why does this matter? Because videos have no sound on the newsfeed. Above all, transcripts act as page copy, which equates to ranking for more searches and queries.

3 Work on the Thumbnails to Optimize SEO With Video Maker

Never underestimate the power of thumbnails. Make them as engaging as possible! Your thumbnail is the only image everyone will see when the video is indexed. Hence, it plays a vital role in enticing people to click through. After all, first impressions matter, so make a good one that catches attention. Here’s what you can do:

  • Select a compelling snapshot from the video that really catches the eyes, or create one if possible.
  • Try shooting beautiful photographs that serve as the thumbnail to compel searchers to click on your video.
  • Make sure the image is relevant for the keywords being searched, so you don’t disappoint your leads.

4 Work on the Title and Description of the Video

Similar to blog posts, the title and meta description of your video plays a critical role when it comes to ranking. Thus, you need to think of a catchy title and description. It would help to do keyword research to match what your potential leads are searching for. Ensuring these elements are optimized also helps to increase visibility and click-through rates.

5 Embed The Best Video on your Page

As a general rule, Google indexes only one video per page. Moreover, most search engine crawlers also stop crawling after the first video. If you incorporate multiple videos on your page, make sure the best one stays in front. It also helps to direct users’ focus to your best-performing content. Keeping your page focus on your greatest content will maximize all the traction and attention possible.

Optimize SEO With Video Maker: Final Wrap Up

The above-mentioned tips are not the final ones, as there are so many more. However, starting with these tips on top of your mind assure you can optimize your videos effectively for SEO. Most of all, video maker tools for SEO are constantly evolving as Google and other search engines often change their algorithms. Thus, you need to adapt to new strategies to ensure viewers see your work. You can also invest in Facebook Ads, which is an affordable method to promote your videos. Other non-paid strategies such as cross-promoting with partners will also work well to your advantage. By employing these strategic tools, you can get more clicks and attention for your videos.

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