How To Pick A Poker Coach: The Main Tips For Casino Online Members

Know how to pick a poker coach, the main tips for casino online members; Poker is gaining popularity among gamblers. That's why more

Updated on January 25, 2024
How To Pick A Poker Coach: The Main Tips For Casino Online Members

Knowing how to pick a poker coach is the main tips for casino online members; Poker is gaining popularity among gamblers. That’s why more players start enlisting the help of coaches to improve their results at a reliable casino online, like The trend isn’t surprising. Even Daniel Negreanu, Douglas Polk, and Phil Ivey aren’t neglecting to coach. The key challenge is choosing an excellent coach. There are 4 basic criteria to follow to do so.

How To Pick A Poker Coach: The Main Tips For Casino Online Members

Know The Main Tips For Casino Online Members

Coach Performance

There is no point in choosing a theorist as your mentor. Poker at a casino online is learned only in practice. Therefore, the coach himself should be an active player. Don’t take lessons from non-practicing poker players, even if they showed positive results several years ago. At that time, playing in the black on charts and with basic strategies was possible. Nowadays, this approach will not yield a profit, even if one takes part in micro-limit hands.

and should reflect the results of the future mentor in the numbers and clear statistics. Therefore, it will be necessary to request charts on game sessions for at least the last year, and better for several years.

Playing In Tough Fields

The place where a potential mentor shows results also matters. If they are fish tables, it’s difficult to assess the level of training. A strong game indicates participation in deals and tournaments in complex fields. For example, many opponents still have a high skill level in the PokerStars Room. Only well-prepared opponents with unique working methods, schemes, and tactics can resist them.

Discipline And Game Limit

Many casino online professionals are successful in Hold’em and Omaha but perform poorly in Stud, Razz, and mixed poker. Each discipline is different, requiring an individual choice of charts, strategies, and techniques. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a mentor considering the kind of poker played by him.

The limit is essential. Some people think the more expensive tables and tournaments a trainer chooses for sessions, the better. In reality, a high roller casino online player isn’t suitable as a teacher for everyone.

Classes with him won’t bring the expected results when you only need to learn the card game’s basics or raise your level at medium limits. Schemes, strategies, and ranges for expensive cash and tournaments have several weighty differences. They won’t give good profits on medium and even less so on low stakes and micro-limits.

The knowledge gained will be relevant and easy to apply. At a distance, you will get the result you want.

Coaching Skill

Not every experienced poker player is an excellent teacher. Some players find it difficult to convey and explain the information they need. The problem may be due to poor diction or an inability to speak in plain language about complex tactics, strategies, and faces. As a result, learning something useful and necessary or increasing the win rate in online casinos is impossible.

That’s why it’s necessary to talk for at least 15-20 minutes with a potential trainer beforehand. It’s necessary to ask questions to analyze a complex term or a technique. This will help to understand to what extent his way of speaking suits the student.

An alternative option is to watch videos of the mentor. Everyone who does poker tutoring has such materials. The videos are freely available on YouTube or social media.

Additionally, learn about the training format. Most teach online. But there are still representatives of the “old school” who work with students only offline. In the latter case, specify the city of residence, place, and time of classes.