How to Plan a Proper Board Meeting

A company’s board is its decision-making power and their meetings are important. Today, we'll learn how to plan a proper board meeting.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
How to Plan a Proper Board Meeting

A company’s board is its decision-making power. Each new addition, transaction, or even alteration of already set into motion plans need to be approved by the board members. As they are steering the company into a future where it is both profitable and innovative, they sometimes need some help surrounding those meetings. In this article, we’ll learn how to plan a proper board meeting.

How to Plan a Proper Board Meeting

The board members can gather at a certain point in time, but they require an organizational force that keeps tabs on everything else. This is why secretaries and other company crucial employees have to pitch in to organize such meetings. There are a couple of tips that will make the planning process much easier.

1. Picking a timeslot to Plan a Proper Board Meeting

Usually, board members are from different departments in a company, and their timelines might not be overlapping with other members of the board. 

Deciding on a date, and finding a timeslot for all of the representatives in the calendar might be almost impossible to do, but with the help of new tools like virtual board software, they can all just find a timeslot, and book their favorite time for a meeting. 

This way, the workers won’t have to go from department to department asking for a timeslot for an important online board meeting. They will have more time to go over the past meeting minutes.

2. Checking previous agreements

While the date is set in the calendar, the secretaries can start looking through past agendas and meeting minutes. Comparing the events that occurred in the past, keeping in touch with the important decisions that have been made, and what kind of steps have been taken to assure a change.

While using a board portal, this all can be done in a much more optimized way than just going through paper documentation. Putting all the files in a digital safe space that will not only improve their safety but also allow for an improved workflow is an investment in the future of the company. And there are still more files to prepare before a meeting takes place.  

3. Preparing new documentation to Plan a Proper Board Meeting

If the board portal software was in the past instances of board meetings. Preparing the current documentation before the next meeting is present should be a lot easier. 

Pulling files from all the different places, gathering feedback on the planned tasks. So, seeing if the decisions during past meetings had an actual effect on the company can all be from within a virtual boardroom. Organizing current data is almost as important as the organization of future data. 

4. Wrapping up decisions

The last point on the agenda should be deciding on what the future of the company will look like. Picking all of the data points necessary about the state of things is important for the board. To understand their standing at the moment, but real change comes from the decisions that they will need to undertake.

Through a synthesis of the past and present documents, a board portal can help in suggesting the tasks. That will need to fulfill in the near future. With a tool like that, making sure that the future of the company is in good hands is a lot easier.

5. Sending out the agenda to every board member

If the documents are all assembled, put together into one overbearing document. So, can be out to the board members, there is no easier way than using a paperless meeting solution. 

This way, not only will your company minimize its carbon footprint. But they won’t have to store the sensitive information on paper. They won’t be out of location, and by using a board portal solution. You are also aware of who has seen the document, and who still has to open the agenda and look through it.

After all of those steps are ready, and the invites to the calendar. You can expect that the meeting is thoroughly out, and is ready for the board members to show up.


A virtual boardroom makes board meetings easier to plan out. With all of the necessary documents already in the space, the secretaries. Company workers have more time to look through the previous agendas. Ready tasks, and decisions that can be up for the future of the company. 

After summarizing what is ready and what still has work to do. Secretaries can give a heads up to the board members and send them out the well-needed board meeting agenda

This shows just how convenient the use of board portals is. To see that for yourself, look at what kinds of board management software is available on the market. Finally, pick a solution that fits all of your needs.

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