How to Promote Your Blog?

See various techniques that can make your blog reach a bigger audience. So, we are going to take a look at how you can promote your blog.


When it comes to writing for a blog, you know that there are many aspects one needs to consider. One of them is promoting the blog simply for the reason that the content should be seen by as many people as possible if you wish to be successful. A good example of a quality product is the Visuialmodo blog. There we can see various techniques that can make your blog reach a bigger audience. So, we are going to take a look at how you can strive to promote your blog.

Make the Blog Searchable

Yes, creating high-quality interesting content is vital for the blog. But readers should be able not only to read helpful content but also find it in the first place. So, you have to do some SEO work, both off-page, and on-page.

When you are doing SEO, you have to first go through some keyword research. When you find which keywords are high-ranking, try to implement them naturally in the content. Also, linking relevant internal and external pages helps you with the optimization.

How to Promote Your Blog – Link Building

When you are considering how to promote your blog, try building links. That is, once again, search engine optimization. It allows you to rank high on Google. Link building is a long-term strategy from every SEO textbook. This can be done both internally, by linking different articles in your blog, and externally, by posting in other blogs and putting links to yours.

Social Media Sharing

Sure, you probably already know about social media promotion and sharing on networks. This is a major way to promote your blog. Yes, you are going to need some time to reach a bigger presence on social media. Don’t post links to your blog daily. Rather, have diversity in your posts, share other valuable materials, publications, and posts.

Yes, sometimes the particular post won’t be exactly for your content. Still, posting regularly and building social media presence is important, nonetheless. Because that way you are going to get more followers and they are eventually going to want to check out what you’ve written.

How to Promote Your Blog – Guest Posting

A popular marketing technique that’s survived the test of time is guest posting. You have to reach out to blogs that are similar to yours. Pitch them some ideas for blog publications. By doing so, you are helping both yourself and the owner of the other blog. For you are providing them with unique content and you are putting backlinks to your website.

Of course, this takes some work. You have to reach out to other bloggers and craft high-quality blog posts for them. For a larger scale guest posting you can hire freelancers who will be responsible for writing the blog posts. During this time, you can do the communication process with the bloggers.

Reach Out to Influencers

A novel method of marketing is the usage of content promotion by different influencers in your niche. Still, remember that you may need to go through a lot of rejections. Before you ask for that favor, build a relationship with the particular person. To do so, you may try building links to the influencers’ blogs and social media accounts.


When you use Reddit, there are various subreddits to pick from. There you can share what you know with an audience that is already searching for that information. In those topics, you can add various data to the conversation. There you can share your posts. Just remember that to be successful with that method, you need to provide valuable and informative answers to the questions.

How to Promote Your Blog – Quora

Quora is a major platform where people are discussing various topics. There you can promote your blog, as well. Create an account and answer questions that have something to do with your niche. But don’t just put your blog’s link into the answers you give. Rather, provide useful answers. Keep your blog’s URL is in your profile. When you gain some audience on Quora, they are going to be interested in you and are look at your profile. There they are going to see the URL to your blog and, if you’ve provided valuable information, they are likely to check it out.

Email Marketing

Yes, there are plenty of fads out there when it comes to marketing. Still, email campaigns remain as powerful and cost-effective as ever. This is a highly popular method of communication and if someone is on the web, they most certainly have an email account. So, a good way to promote your blog.

To start driving traffic you can begin with emailing your subscribers. You can encourage them to engage with the content, for example, by sharing it. Put an email signature, as well. Once in a while ask your email contacts to share your blog posts so that the content can reach more people. Don’t overdo that but it’s a method that can prove to be useful from time to time.


One of the major aspects of owning a blog is what do you write in it. But that is not that important if there is no one to read the content. Thus, you have to dive right into SEO and marketing to drive traffic. In this article, we tried to show you some of the best techniques to do so. Pick as many as you feel are going to be of use, just have a general direction and knowledge about what do you want to achieve and how. Having a direction makes the journey easier.