In today’s WordPress plugin tutorial, we’ll learn how to publish Smart Slider 3 plugin content into your WordPress pages or posts easily. Using any page builder you like, in a simple, fast, and free method using the plugin shortcodes.

Publish Your Smart Slider 3 Plugin Content In WordPress

How To Publish Your Smart Slider 3 Plugin Content In WordPress

Suppose you go to the WordPress dashboard on the Smart slider Section and hover your mouse of the plugin slider content you want to display on some of your WordPress pages or posts. So, check the ‘Publish’ section of the editor ad get the shortcode to publish smart slider content on your page.

The most popular publishing methods to publish smart slider content on your page. Such as the Shortcode, PHP code, and Gutenberg block, are available for you to publish your slider on your WordPress site. You can use Smart Slider 3 with other page builders. Probably you’ll need to use a shortcode/text module, where you can place the slider’s shortcode. There are some page builders where it has their own widget/module, like Divi or Elementor.

Using the Elementor WordPress Plugin

Firstly, locate Smart Slider 3’s widget at the Elementor widget list. Secondly, drag it to the position where you want to have your slider. Click on the Select Slider button to choose your slider or enter the slider ID—the selected slider loads in the editor. You can’t edit the slider using the page builder. However, you can see how it will look like to publish smart slider content on your page.

Some hosts have a common issue with their servers that the given memory_limit value isn’t in use. Your website stops around 100M memory limitation. They weren’t able to identify our customers’ real cause, but upgrading the PHP versions from 5.x to 7.x fix the problem to publish the smart slider.

Using WPBakery Plugin

To be able to Publish Smart Slider 3 correctly, go to the post or page where you would like to use the slider, and add a new Text block: After you opened this text block, you can either add the slider using the Smart Slider icon or you can just paste the shortcode from out backend.

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