How to Solve Key SEO Problems with Updated SE Ranking SEO Software

In this article, you'll learn how to solve key SEO problems and improve site rank with the new version of the SE ranking SEO software.

How to Solve Key SEO Problems with Updated SE Ranking SEO Software

The winning formula for effective website promotion depends on the type of the site, the level of competition in the niche, available resources, and the time you have. An optimizer needs to prioritize tasks and create a marketing strategy in accordance with the objectives, whether it is getting to the top of Google’s search results, driving traffic to the site, increasing the conversion rate, or all at once. Considering this, the key stages of SEO remain the same. Semantics is a foundation of on-site and off-site optimization, i.e. creating high-quality content, fixing technical SEO issues, and working with internal & external links. In this article, you’ll learn how to solve key SEO problems with the new version of the SE ranking SEO software.

How to Solve Key SEO Problems with Updated SE Ranking SEO Software

Usually, it is very time-consuming to achieve these goals. But there is a better solution — all those routine processes can be optimized.

How to Solve Key SEO Problems with Updated SE Ranking SEO Software

In this article, we will show how one can automate SEO work processes with special tools without compromising quality. SE Ranking has all the tools — online platforms for SEO specialists and marketers. With these tools, you can:

  • Find target keywords, cluster them, optimize web pages for them, and track your website’s ranking for your target keywords.
  • Perform a semantic analysis, research your competitors, their keywords, and backlink profiles, track their rankings for target keywords in Google’s top 100.
  • Find all your backlinks and monitor them.
  • Scan your website, find all technical errors and receive recommendations on error recovery, and also monitor any changes on the website to stay informed.
  • Gather the analytical data into one interface.
  • Generate informative reports and manage different access levels for colleagues and clients.

SE Ranking has recently been updated, and now it is even better due to the great adaptive design, extended set of features, and super fast website load.

Informative charts allow seeing all the most important data and taking strategic decisions much faster on every stage of website optimization.

Let us take a closer look at the essential components of any SEO strategy and at the way SE Ranking tools help meet major challenges at different project stages.

Choose The Right Keywords

Choosing the keywords is the first step in creating any marketing plan — first of all, you need to figure out what keywords and phrases people are supposed to use to find your website via search engines.

There are a lot of ways to find keywords. You can use search engine suggestions or find similar queries at the bottom of the results page. You can also look through specific forums and groups on social networks to better understand the needs of the target audience.

Webmaster Tools Solve Key SEO Problems

Still, the easiest way to search for keywords is to use specific tools. Google and Bing have them. Although Bing’s tool is not as advanced compared to Google keyword planner, the functionality is still kept up to standard. To access Bing Keyword Research, simply sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools and get keyword suggestions for new content ideas.

You can also fulfill this task using the Keyword Rank Tracking on the SE Ranking platform. This tool allows selecting the right keywords for any region from Australia to Japan and seeing the dynamics of specific search results during the year.

Webmaster Tools Solve Key SEO Problems - How to Solve Key SEO Problems with Updated SE Ranking SEO Software

All the keywords from the inner database of the tool query from Yandex Wordstat and search engine suggestions are gathered into one interface. New databases are added regularly, and the existing ones are expanding. A few days ago, databases of the UK and the US became a few times larger — databases for competitor analysis expanded to 80 and 200 million queries, and databases for keyword research expanded to 420 and 520 billion keywords, respectively.

Consider the main metric queries to choose the best keywords between hundreds of options — they are always in plain sight.

After you choose a key on the list, you see the word frequency dynamics, keyword difficulty, level of competition in paid search results, as well as the list of main competitors in organic search. With one click, you can visit a competitor’s page that is ranking for this keyword and see if you can create better content.

Choose The Right Keywords

Try to find high-frequency queries with a low keyword difficulty level — using such keywords will allow you to get on the first Google page.

Take A Lesson From Your Competitors

Check how it is going with your competitors’ sites when building a semantic core. It is easy to miss the non-obvious queries when working with hundreds of keywords found in your niche, and there is no guarantee that your competitors have missed them too. Maybe, these non-obvious keywords already get traffic to your competitors. Moreover, easily find such keywords using the SEO/PPC Competitor Research tool — here, you will see a lot of charts that demonstrate how well the site works in organic and paid search.

Take A Lesson From Your Competitors

You can find out where users who visit the site live, i.e., from which countries, what keywords the site already ranks for and how much traffic they give to you. You can also see what the rank of your site and your competitors’ websites in an overall ranking is.

To find the keywords used by the main competitors that you missed, enter your domain and click on the “Organic competitor semantics comparison” chart to see the details. In the “Missing” tab, you will see the queries used by your competitors, but not used on your site. On the dropdown list, you can choose one of the competitors and see the keywords only this domain is ranking for.

Take A Lesson From Competitor

If you’re also interested in paid promotion, you can use the tool to see the keys your competitors use for advertising and even see the copies of their advertisement texts.

With a recent update of SE Ranking, its clients can use the SEO/PPC Competitor Research tool as part of the White Label along with other tools. White Label functions allow using the SE Ranking platform with your domain name and your own brand — this makes it possible for the agencies to show the results of their work in their brand interface to their clients.

Monitor Backlinks Solve Key SEO Problems

You can use not only some of your competitors’ keywords but also the platforms to cooperate with. In addition, can do it by analyzing competitors’ backlink profiles. You also need to analyze backlinks to see how many platforms link to your competitors and what is the quality of these platforms.

The Backlink Monitoring Tool offered by SE Ranking will help you objectively evaluate a backlink profile of any website. Due to lots of informative charts, you will understand how good a competitor’s profile is and how fast it earns backlinks within a few seconds.

Monitor Backlinks

Many metrics are clickable. For example, on the main chart, you see that 11,7k anchor text backlinks are used. If you click on a figure, you will be redirected to the necessary section of the tool. This will allow you to understand what are the most frequently used anchors and see the complete list of domains and backlinks with certain anchor text.

Here are other key parameters you can analyze:

  • Particular backlinks of the site
  • Linking domains
  • The ratio of follow/no-follow links
  • Competitors’ pages with the largest number of backlinks
  • GEO of IP-addresses of websites that link to a site

Of course, you need to analyze not only competitors but also your own website. All important backlinks should on the tool to monitor them. The tool will notify you if a backlink is deleted or if the page that links to your site is not indexed.

Create Top-quality Content And Check The Webpage Ranking

If you already have a well-structured semantic core, you can move on to creating top-quality content. It is really important to figure out what exactly users need and offer a solution to their problem. After you publish your content, add a relevant keyword or keywords into the Keyword Rank Tracker tool.

SE Ranking was initially a rank tracking tool. Much has changed since then — SE Ranking turned into a full-fledged platform for marketers and SEO specialists. In particular, the Keyword Rank Tracker also got some new functions. But one thing remains the same: users who choose it get 100% accurate data on the website’s rank. On Yandex, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even on YouTube. So, it a good idea to solve key SEO problems.

Create Top-quality Content And Check The Webpage Ranking

You can track ranks for any location. Within the zip code of a particular city in a mobile or desktop search. If you want to know how your website is ranking on Google, you can monitor SERP features (rankings, quick links, sets of pictures, videos, etc.) That is how you can understand how many elements are in your query search results. If your site is on the list.

Website Ranking Overall

The overall picture of the website’s ranking can appear on charts in the section. In the new version of SE Ranking, charts have a preview. So, now you can see all the key data at the same time.

Website Ranking Overall

You can even minimize charts — this will allow you to see a preview. As well as the table showing the details on the site’s ranking. As a result, a good method to solve key SEO problems.

And you can add comments right on the charts when you are doing something really important for page optimization. As an example, get a backlink from a reputable website. Later, a comment will help you figure out how the actions you took influenced the ranking.

SEO Audit, Analytics, And Dozens Of Other Tools

Of course, search optimization does not stop after you create a webpage. You also need to pay attention to technical aspects. If your website has poor load speeds if it is not mobile-ready. If there are tons of 404 pages. It will be much harder to climb to the top of Google search results. Despite the top-quality content and great backlinks. That’s why it is so important to audit the site regularly. SE Ranking has the tool you need to complete this task.

If you want not only to be on top of Google search results. But also to get conversions from the traffic. You will not achieve success without great analytics tools. SE Ranking provides an opportunity to connect GA, GSC, Yandex Webmaster, and Yandex. Metrica to your account to see the overall picture of the website analytics in one interface. Just like other tools, Analytics creates a lot of charts that make the analysis much simpler.

In total, SE Ranking offers more than 30 tools to automate SEO and solve various marketing tasks.

Big Plans For The Future Solve Key SEO Problems

The team of SE Ranking continues working hard and updating the platform. The work on increasing opportunities for the technical audit in action. A tool will screen the site for more than 100 errors and offer the solutions. Short-term plans also include creating the module for promotion in local results.

SE Ranking is advancing towards the goal of making SEO tools really convenient. Moreover, easy-to-use with the help of advanced technologies. Even now, the platform has everything one may need to build an effective marketing strategy. Each update adds new functions and improves the interface. That’s why more than 400,000 users worldwide choose SE Ranking today.