How to Speed Up Your Broadband Internet?

Everything is dependent on the internet, a small issue can disrupt our routine. Here you'll learn how to speed up your broadband internet

How to Speed Up Your Broadband Internet?

In a world where everything is dependent on the internet, a small issue can disrupt our routine. Whether you are facing slow speed or no connection at all, the miseries can add up when you have work piled up and need to deliver it before the deadline. Moreover, if you are enjoying a Netflix series on weekends and suddenly the internet stops working, you might end up banging your head against a wall. In this article, you’ll learn how to speed up your broadband internet.

The miseries of slow internet can be resolved in any case. Whether it be through contacting customer support or simply checking things on your end. Most of the ISPs offer instant support in case there is a problem at their end. But not every ISP like Cox offers support not only in English but also in Spanish. If you are a Spanish speaker, contact cox servicio al cliente en españ

ol to get support in your language. No matter, what time you face the issue, Cox is readily available 24/7 for assistance and support. 

A slow internet connection is not only dependent on your service provider. You can apply simple techniques to check internet speed and fix it if necessary. Here’s how to speed up your broadband internet without indulging in technical stuff. 

Do a Speed Test to Speed Up Your Broadband Internet

If you are not getting the desired speed required to keep you up to your online activities. The first step is to do a speed test. It can be present by connecting your computer directly to the router via an Ethernet cable. 

Most of the routers come with a free Ethernet cable out of the box. However, if not available, you can simply bring your computer close to WiFi and perform the speed test. Some of the most reliable speed test websites include and 

Advanced routers available on the market also have a built-in service to help you test the speed. it can be easily up through the router’s admin panel. Refer to the user manual if you can’t find it. 

Check Your Speed on other Device 

Internet on different devices may act differently. If you notice slower speed than usual, you need to check whether the problem is with every other device or just the device you are using. For instance, if you are using a laptop and in the middle, you face a slower speed than usual, try checking it on your smartphone. If the internet is working fine on a smartphone, there might be a few settings to change on your laptop. 

Reposition Router to Speed Up Your Broadband Internet

Repositioning your WiFi router will help solve internet speed issues. At times, you may notice that WiFi signals on your device are displaying dimmer than usual. The best way to deal with WIFi signals is to reposition your router. Don’t place it in an enclosed space, rather adjust it somewhere in the middle of the house and open space. 

Make sure that your WiFi router is away from appliances like a microwave. It could also disrupt your WiFi signals, resulting in slower speed. Moreover, if you live in a big household and repositioning your router has not done the job; you need to invest a bit more money in buying a WiFi extender. 

Disconnect Other Devices 

Almost everyone in our home is having a device. But not all the devices are present simultaneously. Most of the devices are online to the network but in an idle state. However, the background applications and updates might consume a major chunk of bandwidth. Especially if you are using smart home devices, the possibilities are greater. 

Disconnecting idle devices may increase the speed. If disconnecting other devices has not resolved the issue, you might need to contact customer support or move to the next step. 

Restart Your Router to Speed Up Your Broadband Internet

When was the last time you turned off your router? If you have not done it lately, now is the time to restart your router. After you turn off your router, wait for at least half a minute and turn it on. After all the lights go stable, check your internet speed. Sometimes this small trick can do the job without doing any other thing. 

Check Service Outage in Your Area 

At times, weather conditions may damage wires and equipment. And sometimes service providers have to do the maintenance work to upgrade and fix any issues. During that time, you might face slow internet speed. The best way to check service outages or maintenance in your area is through the service provider’s map or report. Moreover, you can also contact your service provider directly to let you know when the problem will be fixed. If possible, you can check their social media account for details about service outages or any maintenance work. 

Summing Up

When facing slow internet speed, the aforementioned tips will help you resolve the issue. If the customer support does not respond even after trying all the methods, it is probably time to change your service provider.