How To Start With Lead Generation With No Experience (2021)

Lead generation is a tailor-made career for 2021. In this article, you'll learn how to start with the lead generation with no experience.

Updated on July 25, 2022
How To Start With Lead Generation With No Experience (2021)

Lead generation is a tailor-made career for 2021. In this article, you’ll learn how to start with the lead generation with no experience.

  • Businesses are looking for leads like crazy.
  • People generating leads for them work remotely.
  • You can easily earn six figures (and more).
  • You don’t need formal training or education.

How To Start With Lead Generation With No Experience (2021)

In this guide, we’re going to teach you, step-by-step, how to start with lead generation from scratch.

What Is Lead Generation?

Actually, this is simple: if the goal is to get customers through digital marketing, then you need leads (a.k.a: potential customers).

And you need a lot.

Through lead generation processes -via email marketing, web positioning or Internet advertising-, the idea is to get people interested in your business to convert and nurture them until they become customers.

It’s a way to get potential customers excited about a business and guide them down the road to finally buying.

Here’s the thing:

Lead generation is a key step in the growth process of any business.

When generating leads, what you really do is find ways to attract people to a business.

According to a report from Hubspot, 61% of businesses consider generating leads to be their biggest challenge.

This means that there are more than enough customers out there that you can sell leads to.

Pair this with getting paid for every lead you generate, and it makes lead generation business really attractive as an opportunity.

So how do you go about building a lead generation business?

Let’s explore that next.

The Process of Lead Generation

First, here’s how lead generation works:

  • First, a visitor discovers the business through one of their marketing channels, such as their website, social media profile, or an ad.
  • That visitor clicks on the call to action (or call to action, CTA): an image, button, or message that encourages visitors to take the desired action.
  • That CTA takes the visitor to a landing page, which is a web page designed to obtain lead information in exchange for an offer.

Note: An offer is content or something of value that’s offered on the landing page, such as an ebook, a course, or a template. It needs to have enough value for a visitor to provide personal information in exchange for it.

  • Once on the landing page, the visitor will fill out a form in exchange for the offer. Ready! There you have it: a new lead.

To sum it up: the visitor clicks on a CTA that takes them to a landing page where they fill out a form to get an offer, at which point they become a lead.

How To Start With Lead Generation From Scratch

Imagine your uncle has an installing air conditioning business in Florida.

You (with your excellent business vision) create a website offering the service and you manage to position it in first place for “air conditioning Florida” with 390 searches per month on average.

Surely many will arrive wanting to buy air conditioning to endure the summer in Florida.

You can do the following before that happens:

  • Give him the leads and have your uncle give you a PlayStation 4 for your birthday.
  • Rent the website at a fixed price in exchange for all the leads.
  • Charge your uncle for each lead that’s generated.

It’s a good start for anyone who wants to start positioning projects and generating income.

You will think that this is not new, and you are absolutely right.

It hasn’t been put this simple until now: attacking mini local niches in which it’s easier to stand out.

Lead generation is a universally beneficial skill.

There are tons of resources available to help you accomplish this.

There’s no ceiling to this skill, so don’t treat it as a prerequisite.

So, before anything:

Step 1. Learn the Basics of Local Lead Generation

Simply work your way through the basics and then keep moving forward down this list.

So, what are “the basics” and where can you find them?

  • Go through all the FREE and valuable info you can find on Google. You can start here.

There are loads of posts, articles, and reports out there you can check.

There are many strategies to get leads and different ways you can build your lead generation business.

So, read through everything you find useful, take notes and start implementing what you learn from day one.

  • Get a high-quality course on local lead generation and take advantage of all its resources: networking, mentoring, strategies, etc. Soak it all up.

There’s SO MUCH information out there on lead generation. And if you are looking for a real online training program, you can check our unbiased review on: “Modern Millionaires Review | Is It a Scam or legit?”)

Step 2. Build Your Website To Sell Leads

Sounds simple, right?

But what if you have no experience with this?

How can you do it?

First things first to start lead generation with no experience.

2.1 Select a niche

This is the most important part of your whole business:

The success or failure of your project will depend on it.

My strategy has been to focus on medium-sized cities such as Venice or Key West (Florida) and look for professions or services with little presence on the internet.

There are many opportunities that can become quite profitable, it’s just a matter of searching until you find a profitable micro-niche.

Focus on going inch by inch, looking for blue oceans with less competition.

2.2 Create a Clean and Smooth Landing Page

This is the least time it takes. I don’t waste more than 2-3 hours creating an informative and intuitive landing page with at least 1,500 words of quality text to lead generation with no experience.

If you’re worried about the content, you can use the “SEO white hat”.

It basically consists of writing about what the users you want to reach on Google write/ search.

This guarantees you to appear earlier in the results and to reach the right people.

The Keyword Planner tool (free and from Google itself) no longer shows us exact search results if we don’t have active Google Ads campaigns, but you can use low-cost, and even free, solutions to approximate what would be “an optimal result “.

If you are starting with your website and want to rank but you don’t have a single penny to invest in keyword research tools such as or SE Ranking, I’d recommend you to use others such as:

  • Übersuggest
  • Google Trends

With this, your page will already be superior in quality and content to most of the competition, now you will only have to position it with quality links.

2.3 Rank The Website To Start Lead Generation With No Experience

To rank the web, in addition to working a bit on SEO, I have followed a very specific method to get links without having to beg.

I learned it in the online program I told you about earlier.

So, normally, you would contact site owners to find out about guest posting opportunities.

But you can imagine how long that takes, right?

You can find a very simple way to rank 1 on Google in this masterclass.

(Less than $10, I’m keeping our budget low)

It’s a great way to start learning how to rank and kill all the sharks in the pool right from the start.

It works. 100%. But I’m not going to beat around the bush.

You are here to start generating leads right away even if you don’t have any experience.

So, let’s move to the next step.

Step 3. Find Who to Sell Leads To (How To Land a Client)

This part is the simplest, it’s also where most people fail and abandon.

There are certain sectors in which it can be easy to rank yourself… but not so much to sell it to the end customer.

My way of working so far has been to position a niche on the front page and leave my information so that they can contact me.

Once I have the first lead, I look for companies in the sector that may be interested in buying future leads and I explain everything.

If I see them undecided, I give them the first lead.

Sometimes, I even choose a company doing badly in sales and start generating leads for them without charging them a penny.

After a couple of days, they’d realize the increase of traffic (and hopefully conversions), and I’d emailed with something like:

“Hey, I’ve been the one sending you free high-quality leads. If I’ve done this in a week, imagine what I can do for you in the long run. Hire me.” Nah, jokes. But you get me, right? A good way to start lead generation with no experience.

It’s a practical way of showing what you’re worth to your clients even before they become one.

I got the idea from Abdul – my mentor and founder of the Modern Millionaires program. Another one (credits to Abdul too) is: offer to do a free marketing audit for them.

It’s also going to be free for you. You only need to use free software like Spyfu and Übersuggest to find out how much money they’re missing out on.

When doing it, take their website, phone number, email address and schedule a follow-up in 2-3 business days.

If you do your job, you’ll have a client!


Start Lead Generation With No Experience Conclusion:

Look, there’s no denying it: Old traditional marketing has died

Why? Personally, I feel like each day I care less and less about George Clooney recommending a coffee maker…and the worst thing is that I think you do too.

I think that anyone who’s considering buying a capsule coffee maker prefers to trust John Smith and his in-depth review on 52 coffee makers. Here’s the thing:

We live in a time when “anyone” can learn almost everything for free and share it with others.

Best part?

It can easily become a reference in a specific niche. You no longer need to be on television or write a million-selling bestseller.

You may be just one (or 3) steps away from being financially independent thanks to the internet.

If you start taking action now, it shouldn’t take long to see the results.

But always remember the essence of the first step:

Don’t stop learning.

That’s the fourth and final step.

Although getting started in lead generation is easier than it seems, it’s true that it is a very big world.

The more information you get, the more resources you’ll have to generate the high-quality leads your clients to need. (And in return, you’ll receive the money you deserve)