How to use AI to Improve Your WordPress Site

In this article, we'll learn how to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in order to improve your WordPress site and every aspect, from development to usability

How to use AI to Improve Your WordPress Site

Flexibility and ease of use are two of the features that make WordPress one of the most popular Content Management Systems out there (WP powers 35.2% of all websites). The interface is user-friendly and you can always improve a site with the right plugin, theme, or module. Even more, WordPress is a forever changing platform and it can be used for eCommerce, blogging, online portfolios, company websites, landing pages, and more. In addition, the CMS is supported by a strong online community that is working hard to make the platform better for everyone. In this article, we’ll learn how to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in order to improve your WordPress site and every aspect, from development to usability.

How to use AI to Improve Your WordPress Site?

How to use AI to Improve Your WordPress Site

In the spirit of making WP better, today we’ll discuss how one can employ the help of modern technologies. Like artificial intelligence, to get better results from their WP website.


AI in digital marketing changed the way we approach our audiences and promote our products. It brought forth new channels and allowed content creators and online business owners to understand how people think.

This means marketers can apply data processing strategies on Big Data and receive recommendations for content personalization and campaign optimization. However, even in today’s day and age. Most marketing campaigns (especially the ones led by small companies) are still approaching a wide net strategy.

Now, due to the fact that WP is a free-to-use & easy to understand CMS, many small companies use it for their site. And, if you want to get ahead of your competition. There are several ways to use AI to personalize your content and make sure viewers see relevant and engaging content.

One such way is the Biblio plugin that uses AI algorithms to offer relevant post recommendations for each viewer. This way, everyone gets to experience your site more personally (recommendations are tailored to each person). As a result, this plugin use AI to improve WordPress sites.

Better SEO

When it comes to optimization, site owners can choose the free route (WP platforms with built-in SEO) or they can hire an SEO agency. Still, many small and medium-sized online companies don’t usually get the results they want.

In most cases, this happens because we see a shift in how Google (and other search engines) appreciate traditional SEO. This doesn’t mean old tactics don’t work anymore; it’s just that they need an upgrade.

For instance, when it comes to content SEO, many sites that want to become an authority in their nice could use an AI-based plugin like WordLift. Its job is to help create well-structured content that’s easy to read and browse for both humans and search engines.

Another AI-infused tool is Phrasee, an online platform that uses intelligent algorithms to create a language that will naturally increase conversions and engagement. It can even create copy for ads at an amazing degree of creativity.

A Better Way to Communicate

Believe it or not, AI can help content creators, site owners, and online business managers to improve their communication.

It does this by making sure written content is grammatically correct, easy to read, and fits our audience. A platform like Grammarly learns your patterns in expression and lets you know how your message will be good. It also offers improvement recommendations of style and approach.

The tool also searches to errors in expression, confusing sentences, and highlights hard to read phrases. So, whether you use it to test the content you send via email or to check your posts’ readability. You’re more fluid communication.

Wrap Up About AI to Improve WordPress Site

While it’s true that AI can’t do everything for us. Yet, anyway, there are accessible tools that can improve the performance of your site, marketing campaigns, and overall brand awareness. Still, it is important to be open about these tools and understand their limitations.