How To Use Custom Icons In WordPress

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, simplifying how to use custom icons in WordPress website fonts building a recognizable brand

How To Use Custom Icons In WordPress

In the fast-paced digital universe we inhabit today, building a unique, instantly recognizable brand has become an imperative. Custom icons on your WordPress site can significantly contribute to creating this distinctive identity. But how exactly can you use custom icons on your site? This article serves as a comprehensive guide, simplifying how to use custom icons in WordPress website fonts.

Understanding the Importance of Custom Icons

Why Use Custom Icons?

The first question that probably comes to mind is – why do I need to use custom icons? The answer is pretty straightforward – they are highly effective. These small, yet significant design elements play a crucial role in improving your website’s visual appeal and user interaction.

They serve as potent tools for visual communication, simplifying complex information and guiding users through your website.

The Benefits of Custom Icons in WordPress

Custom icons are an invaluable asset to your WordPress site design and branding. They impart a unique aesthetic quality to your site, setting it apart from countless other websites vying for user attention.

By enhancing your site’s visual appeal, they increase user engagement, making it easier for visitors to navigate through your site and leading to improved conversion rates.

Furthermore, they reinforce your brand identity, rendering a more professional look to your site and increasing the likelihood of your brand being remembered.

Getting Started with Custom Icons

Before we delve into the specific steps of adding new icons to your website, it’s crucial to be prepared with the necessary tools and resources.

Choosing Your Icons

The initial step to using custom icons involves selecting icons that perfectly embody your brand and its values. Websites like Icons8 offer custom icon sets in various styles, making it easier to find ones that resonate with your brand.

Alternatively, you could consider having more personalized icons to match your own unique vision. Whatever your choice, the primary goal is to enhance your brand’s visibility and recall value.

Preparing Your Icons for Use

Once you have selected your icons, the next step involves preparing them for usage on your website. This usually involves converting the icon files into a web-friendly format like SVG, PNG, or ICO, ensuring their seamless display and compatibility across different browsers and devices.

How to Add Custom Icons to WordPress

Adding custom icons to your WordPress site can be achieved in two primary ways – using a plugin or manually adding them. Keep reading to this comprehensive guide, simplifying how to use custom icons in WordPress website fonts building a recognizable brand.

Using a Plugin to Add Icons Fonts in WordPress

Numerous plugins are available that allow for an easy and efficient way to add custom icons to your site.

How to Use Icon Plugin

  • From your WordPress dashboard, install and activate your chosen icon plugin.
  • Upload the file icon to the plugin.
  • Customize the appearance, size, color, and positioning of your icons using the plugin’s settings.
  • Apply your custom icons to your desired pages or elements.
  • Manual Addition
  • If you desire more control over the process and have some technical expertise, manually adding custom icons is a viable option.

How to Add Icons Manually

  • Upload your custom icon files to your WordPress media library.
  • Copy the URL of your uploaded icon.
  • Insert the icon URL into your desired location using the WordPress editor or directly in your theme’s HTML and CSS code.

Best Practices for Using Custom Icons

When incorporating custom icons into your site, it’s essential to adhere to certain best practices. These include maintaining consistency in your icon design across your site, ensuring they align with your overall design theme. While icons are visually appealing, remember not to go overboard. Too many icons can lead to a cluttered look and might overwhelm your visitors.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Ensure that you do not fall into the trap of using numerous different styles of icons. This might lead to visual confusion for your visitors and potentially detract from your branding. Also, your icons should be easily recognizable and serve a clear purpose. Unclear icons can confuse your users and lead to a poor user experience.


Custom icons offer an effective means to enhance your WordPress site’s visual appeal, usability, and overall brand image. Whether you opt to add them using a plugin or choose the manual route, the process is relatively simple and straightforward with the correct guidance.

This guide should arm you with the necessary knowledge to start leveraging the power of custom icons on your WordPress site, helping your brand stand out from the crowd.