How To Use Linkedin To Your Advantage And Avoid Common Mistakes

LinkedIn is the world's biggest professional networking site. We'll share how to use Linkedin to your advantage and avoid common mistakes.

How To Use Linkedin To Your Advantage And Avoid Common Mistakes

Eighteen-year-old LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional networking site. The network boasts a plethora of top industry executives and numerous professional resources. As of 2021, the platform has a whopping 722 million individuals. In this article, we’ll share how to use Linkedin to your advantage and avoid common mistakes.

Linkedin is certainly the leading online tool for professional networking. Regardless of whether one is looking for another job, trying to capitalize on the current one, or expanding the professional network, there are several aspects one needs to optimize to ensure success on the platform.

While the internet is flooded with numerous pointers on how to polish your LinkedIn profile, very few people talk about how to utilize the finished gleaming profile. This unique article provides insights on how you can effectively use your LinkedIn profile and stand out. 

To get the most from LinkedIn, one has to strengthen their network. However, you should reach out the right way, otherwise, you risk several penalties.

First, it’s important that you create a unique profile. Busy individuals often employ the services of professional linkedin resume service to create an outstanding profile. This is an important investment in one’s career, considering potential employers and business partners today will always check one’s LinkedIn before commencing a collaboration.

How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

Customize invite messages

While sending more connections is encouraged, most users make the mistake of not creating personalized invite messages. However, LinkedIn is not Instagram or the regular social media platform.  People here want to know the reason why you want to connect. What value do you hope to get and what can you offer? 

Sure, the default invitation message can work, however, it limits one’s chances of successfully connecting with other users. And unfortunately, whenever someone refuses to accept your connection invitation, you risk being banned from spamming connection invitations. 

The invite message need not be long-winded. It must be short, courteous, and straight to the point. According to experts, an excellent invite text should answer the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. How did you identify me?
  3. What makes you want us to link?

For inspiration, here’s an example of a great invite text:

Hi David

I see that we went to the same Uni (NYU)! We graduated in 2019 and I have a strong passion for graphics design. So, I would like us to connect because my company outsources to you.

Thanks a lot,

Jay Peters

Get to the point to use Linkedin to your advantage

It’s common to engage in a random chat on Facebook and other social media. However, the same cannot be said for a professional platform such as LinkedIn, where the common belief is that anybody looking to make contact is preoccupied and does not want to waste time in idle chit-chat. Any career advice expert will tell you to keep it brief and professional on LinkedIn.

When reaching out to the top surface of professionals – executives and the like – one does not just send them an arbitrary offer to “add to their professional network.” These individuals have all of the connections they need. Thus, you need to provide them with a valid reason why your connection is worth it. 

For such top executives, you can first contact a shared connection. This shared connection will then introduce you to the said person. so, that way chances are they are more likely to respond to your connection.

Keep in touch to use Linkedin to your advantage

Simply getting a bunch of connections is not enough. In addition, Savvy LinkedIn users often stay in touch with their connections; interacting with their posts, scheduling real-life meetings, reaching out on big holidays, and more.

Do not short-circuit relationships

The worst thing that can happen to any individual is being asked for a tonne of favors after accepting an invitation, you may want to give the other person more time, in order to build trust. It might not be appropriate to immediately ask for a job or pitch sales.

If you can’t give it time and would like to get results much earlier, ask for an interview. Starting with smaller favors, the approach has to be a very polite one. One shouldn’t be pushy, provocative, or insensitively consistent. Ask kindly and respectfully. It’s important to remember that nobody owes you anything

You can be denied the chance to learn what you want simply because of a bad attitude.

For one to have a better relationship with their network, they shouldn’t be selfish. Not everything should be about you. Think in terms of what you can provide to the other person. This works regardless of a person’s position in their career.

Creating a custom headline

The headline is the most visible part of an invitation. That said, one should put significant effort into making it appealing. Normally, a good one describes what you do in a nutshell. Or, it can reveal what you aspire to do in the future.

In the heading, it’s important to add keywords to make it easy to be present. Hiring managers use specific keywords when scouting for employees. The same keywords that are present by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in your resume should make their way on your profile and sneak into your qualifications and accomplishments section. This improves your chances of beating the applicant tracking process and landing an interview when you apply for a job.

Making follow-ups to use Linkedin to your advantage

One should show appreciation whenever they are helps to land a job or introduce to other important networks. This is by simply sending messages, or posting an appreciation post. Most people want that feedback. It makes them feel great to know that they have been helpful.

By the way, connecting is not a matter of acquiring as many followers as possible. Establishing a form of communication adds value to your network. So, a good way to use Linkedin to your advantage

The Alumni Tool

Most users don’t make use of this tool. The Alumni tool can be present on the homepage. It can be in use to find people who went to the same school. To narrow down a search, a person can enter their location, date of graduation, major, work, etc.

That way, the user can filter the search to specific groups of people they would like to find.  It’s a great way to find lost high school or college friends. 

Final word

Connecting with people the right way on your LinkedIn profile helps to accomplish your career goals. Strive to minimize mistakes such as pestering people. Or forgetting to send follow-up messages whenever you are assisted. Also, try to build relationships that are mutually beneficial.