How To Use Messengers to Boost Your Business

Many business matters can be handled through a smartphone. In this article, we'll explore how to use messengers to boost your business.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
How To Use Messengers to Boost Your Business

Many business matters can be handled through a smartphone. And it’s not just reading emails, calling partners, and ordering cabs. Smartphones are a great way to communicate with your customers. Business owners understand that their cell phone is the glue of information, both personal and business. Therefore, it is critical to take care of data security. Different kinds of programs and both iPhone and Android guest mode apps are designed to protect your security. But back to messengers. In this article, we’ll explore how to use messengers to boost your business.

How To Use Messengers to Boost Your Business

Today messengers are a source of quality customers with a total audience of more than 35 million monthly active users. Those companies that will not wait out the crisis, and introduce new tools for messenger marketing will have a significant competitive advantage!

In every business, the customer goes a certain way before buying. Now there are gaps in this scheme. And to restore it, it is necessary to implement messengers at each or part of the stages of the client’s life cycle. This will allow you not only to continue earning, but also to do it more efficiently, and even reduce costs somewhere. 

How to use messengers for business?

1.Receiving Requests and Orders

Chances are you’re already using messengers to communicate with your client. But now you can automate the process and add the missing elements to make it fully functional. For example, you can use a chatbot for:

  • advise customers. Send a complete presentation of the product – with photos, video, text description, attach documents. It is not available during an ordinary call;
  • you will be able to correspond with several customers at a time. The chatbot will not mix up conversations or stages of negotiations. The human factor is excluded;
  • to work 24/7. The faster a person gets an answer to their question, the higher the probability of a purchase. The chatbot works around the clock and can consult and accept a request even at night.

By adding messengers to your business, you get a very cool tool that can completely close the issue of communication with the client.

2. Lead generation

If you have tried to attract customers from targeted advertising, contextual ad, then the introduction of messengers will allow you to get requests several times more. For the same budget. Because:

  1. there’s no switching to forms or third-party services. Everything happens in a convenient and familiar messenger. It increases the conversion rate from 2 to 20 times. More than half of all customers prefer to communicate with someone online in real-time rather than call for most questions;
  2. the launch process is very simple, with no website development. You can implement a new tool in just 1 day;
  3. an automatic script and warming up message chain will not allow you to miss a client who has already clicked on an ad and subscribed in the messenger.

Benefits of using messengers in business

Despite the apparent simplicity and accessibility of messengers, more and more examples from the business world confirm their effectiveness. Global brands prove that today it is possible to choose not only social networks for any business but also to find the most suitable messenger for your company. The strengths of popular messengers can be in 7 main theses.

  • Messengers reach a large percentage of the audience.
  • Messengers are becoming an effective sales tool. WeChat, for instance, is one of the leaders by this indicator, with more than 500 million people recording daily purchases.
  • Many messengers allow to send a variety of content: large text files, images, video files, geolocation, use emoji for business purposes. Some support the call function.
  • Messengers combine real-time and delayed response capabilities.
  • Many messengers are to a phone number, which is more reliable than email.
  • They imply the fastest possible reading of the answer and a high speed of reaction due to push notifications.
  • Finally, messengers provide a high level of privacy.

How to maximize

Here are some tips to help properly build communication with your audience:

  • Give people a way to connect with the company conveniently. Push marketing is a thing of the past. Today, people like to control the communication themselves and conduct it in convenient channels.
  • Chatbots are extremely effective for certain tasks. You can seriously reduce the workload of the helpdesk, solve a lot of users’ problems automatically.
  • Group chat can be an effective sales channel.
  • An important benefit of messengers is the possibility of automation. It is not necessary to send messages manually or constantly monitor the process. It is enough to set up a chatbot so that the marketing channel works around the clock. But, it is not yet possible to fully automate communication in messengers – people want to be able to talk to a live person. If the bot cannot solve the problem quickly, it is extremely important to switch the client over to an operator.

Summing Up

With the help of messengers, a business can conduct a simple dialogue with customers, as close as possible to ordinary communication. You can send users the type of content that they are used to receiving from colleagues and friends. Advertising messages practically do not differ from ordinary correspondence.

To eliminate critical errors and identify shortcomings, test the messenger on a small group of users and evaluate the results. Messenger marketing is still not sufficiently developed compared to email marketing. However, messengers are rapidly gaining popularity and it is not worth ignoring their capabilities.

Claudio Pires

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