How To Use Ubersuggest Free Tool To Get More Traffic and Win The SEO Game?

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that helps digital marketers around the world. It's a great tool to find long-tail keyword ideas for your blog

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that helps digital marketers around the world. It’s a great tool to find long-tail keyword ideas for your blog or content.

How To Use Ubersuggest Free Tool To Get More Traffic and Win The SEO Game?

Ubersuggest SEO tool gained popularity after Neil Patel bought it and added new features, becoming a necessary SEO tool for your digital marketing strategy, helping to increase organic traffic and placing it at the top of search engines.

Finding the right keywords for your Inbound Marketing strategy is not an easy task, and having a tool like Ubersuggest will optimize your time.

If you haven’t used Ubersuggest yet, read our full article and understand how it works.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an excellent free keyword research tool that reports monthly search volume and content ideas for your marketing strategy and facilitates organic visits.

It shows audience interest, the strength of competing sites, and how difficult it is to outrun them on the SERP.

It is possible to extract from Ubersuggest a complete report with details about the desired keyword.

While other sites show keyword volume, such as Google Keyword Planner, this SEO tool by Neil Patel presents more data to evaluate your competitors.

You can try Ubersuggest for free; just use your Gmail account to use the tool.

Why you need a tool like Ubersuggest

SEO tools are designed to help users earn the top spots on Google by increasing their click-through rates by approximately 10% for every first-page position you climb.

Before we get into Ubersuggest tips, here are some reasons why people choose Ubersuggest over alternatives:

  • It’s 70 to 90 percent cheaper than competing SEO tools.
  • It has a free basic version for beginners and a paid version for marketers of all skill levels (and it’s super easy to use).
  • There are many features available, including keyword discovery, audits, backlink data, and more.
  • It is suitable for all website sizes and traffic levels.

Advantages of using Ubersuggest

Three powerful features that make Ubersuggest worth a try include:

  • domain overview
  • keyword suggestions
  • content ideas

Ubersuggest has become very popular because it has long been a free SEO tool that anyone can use. However, once they may have enough users and find a market for the right product, they will start charging for Ubersuggest.

Domain overview

The Domain Overview is the main dashboard that gives you a complete picture of how your site is performing in terms of SEO. So, you can enter a keyword or domain and get all metrics for the described search query.

The domain overview will provide information about:

  • organic keywords
  • monthly traffic
  • domain score
  • backlinks

You’ll see graphs for all the information, so you can also see metrics by date and time.

If you’re working on your SEO, it can be quite beneficial to see your rankings over time. The graphs are shown with a monthly view so you can see how many keywords per month your site is ranking.

You can then move on to the top SEO pages, which contain information about the top countries that visit your pages and the page title, shares, and backlinks. Estimated visitors to the main pages are also provided.

A general list of keywords your site ranks for is also provided. Displays keywords along with traffic, rankings, and estimated visitors to your website. So, you can also click on each keyword to see more general information about that keyword.

By going to the specific keyword page, you will be able to see more information about the keyword, such as:

  • Difficulty
  • cost per click
  • How many people click on these results
  • The average age of the researcher

The volume of traffic based on mobile and desktop

While the domain overview provides a lot of great information, knowing exactly which keywords you’re targeting can further improve your site’s ranking. This is where the Keyword Suggestion Tool comes in handy.

keyword suggestions

So, with Ubersuggest, you can get to know the keywords that searchers enter in search engines; this is a very powerful tool for generating organic traffic. The problem is, that finding the right keywords for your target audience isn’t always easy.

In the domain overview, you’ll find keyword suggestions for your website. These suggestions provide information about other keywords and their numbers that you can add to your site’s content timeframe.

Keyword ideas are also provided in the following categories:

  • Related
  • questions
  • prepositions
  • comparisons

So, when you view the keywords page, you’ll also see valuable information about the keywords you need to target. For example, if you look at the selected keywords, you can see the number of backlinks in the top 10 search results and the domain score for each keyword. In this way, you can find out which keywords are difficult to target and which are ideal.

There is a list of all pages ranked high on the keyword. You can click these links to view your content and see what you can add to it to improve it. 

You can also export or copy keywords, paste them into additional keyword tools, and add them to your content. From common terms to long-tail phrases, keywords are provided so you can start ranking. 

Then, based on what your users are searching for on Google, make sure you know exactly which keywords are valid for your competitors. If you want to start your keyword research, read this blog first.

Content ideas

Are you missing out on content ideas? Ubersuggest has a powerful content idea tool that lets you see what others are writing about in your niche. Enter a keyword to see the page title and URL.

You will be able to see each page’s estimated visitors, backlinks, and shares on Facebook and Pinterest.

You may see backlinks and keywords for some of the pages provided in the suggestions.

When you gather all the keywords and determine how often pages are shared, it helps create shareable content and gives you more valuable information.

How it works

Now that we’ve introduced you to all the benefits of Ubersuggest, it’s time to learn how to use it in practice.

Its dashboard is very intuitive; it only has the essential information to carry out keyword research and find new opportunities for your digital business.

The simplicity of the tool’s home screen resembles Google search, presenting only a search bar and the desired language.

By scrolling the page, you can find more information about how Ubersuggest works, where there are features such as “keyword ideas” and “top pages in organic search.”

You can enter a keyword or domain in the search field that you want to analyze.

Once you click “search,” Ubersuggest will return all results found in the search.

  • Difficulty level;
  • keyword search volume;
  • Cost per click (CPC);
  • Return difficulty level on sponsored links;(PD)

You will evaluate your competitors’ backlinks and identify new opportunities to get good links to your site.

Ubersuggest also shows a graph with the annual search volume for each keyword.

In addition to the main keyword, you can find long-tail words to improve your content.

This keyword research tool will save you many hours of research to create optimized content, allowing you to build more assertive content in terms of SEO.

Keyword ideas

So, this feature allows you to discover new content ideas related to your searched keyword.

If you search for “digital marketing,” Ubersuggest will suggest other keywords related to the main terminal.

With this keyword research tool, you will have to discover the best terms that fit your content, attracting more visitors to your site.

Analyze SERP

Analyzing the Google SERP helps understand what the search engine presents to the user when he searches for a specific term.

Google defines these results based on the user’s search intent, which it can measure through its algorithm, more than an artificial intelligence that learns through user behavior, which are the best answers to a given question.

This type of analysis prevents you from wasting time creating content that does not meet the user’s needs, so using a keyword research tool is essential.

Domain analysis

Another feature of Ubersuggest that is very useful for SEO Tool Analysts is the possibility to analyze any domain.

In this option, Ubersuggest features:

  • all organic keywords that drive traffic to the site;
  • which pages are positioned for these keywords;
  • estimated ad spend;
  • domain strength;
  • links pointing to the website;

This information is essential, especially when the analyst takes on a project that he did not initiate. With Ubersuggest, it is possible to evaluate the site’s entire history to outline a strategy for growing organic visits and increasing sales. Now that you know how Ubersuggest works, you can make your site appear in the first results in search of Google and attract more visitors to your site.

Start putting everything you’ve learned into practice and sign up for the Ubersuggest keyword research tool.

Working SEO with Ubersuggest

As you have noticed throughout this article, Ubersuggest is an important tool for developing SEO techniques and will give you a better experience for your digital marketing strategies. It doesn’t need to register, it doesn’t limit the number of searches you want to do, nor does it take time to show the results.

In addition, it is a great solution for analyzing and monitoring the competition, it easily identifies terms for a good ranking and helps you stay on top of market trends. There is no doubt that this is a tool you will always need.