How to Visualize Your Website Data Into Presentation

This article will tell you why it’s important to visualize your core website data and include it in a deck of slides presentation.

Updated on July 3, 2023
How to Visualize Your Website Data Into Presentation

Presentations are widely used in the corporate business world to drive more sales, establish connections with potential partners, and so much more. Professional-looking modern slides can help you take a company to the next level. While creating your next presentation, you should pay extra attention to visualizing website data. Adding plain text won’t be enough for success. This article will tell you why it’s important to visualize your core website data and include it in a deck of slides.

Main Reason You Should Visualize Website Data

Any trusted presentation design service can help you create a presentation, insert visuals, and come up with a compelling keynote. But it’s crucial to understand the main reasons that demonstrate the necessity of visualizing website data and including it in slides. First of all, the audience loves visual elements and gets more engaged and interested in your presentation.

You have to understand that perceiving numbers, figures, and stats is pretty challenging for people, so you will make everything more simple by visualizing all core data. It will be easier to follow your main idea, and the audience will get clear and transparent examples that support your words. This is the best way to present and explain your topic.

Types of Visuals: Website Data Into Presentation

There are a few ways that enable you to visualize all your website data. Feel free to add these visual elements to your deck of slides.

Depending on the information you want to share with the public, it’s possible to create bar charts (perfect for comparing various number categories), line charts (widely used in business presentations to showcase revenue growth), circle graphs (to demonstrate percentages), Venn diagrams (used to highlight, compare, or contrast data on a certain topic).

You can include other visuals based on your business specialization: timelines (great choice to demonstrate chronological changes), flowcharts (to describe the flow of processes), maps, and many others.

How to Visualize Website Data Effectively and Include It in a Presentation

Once you understand why you should focus on visualizing your website data and know the main types of visuals, it’s time to properly incorporate them into your slides. Now, look at these data visualization tips that will help you include great visual elements into a presentation.

Use Visualization Tools and Services: Website Data Into Presentation

There are plenty of simple and effective visualization tools and services that will make everything easier for you. Don’t hesitate to use it as doing it on your own will take way too much time and effort.

Your main task is to decide what data you want to share with the audience during the presentation and collect it from a website. Modern visualization tools are pretty simple and convenient in use, so you will be able to get the desired charts and graphs in just a few seconds by filling in numbers or other data.

Use Different Colors While Visualizing

The functionality of visualization tools is pretty diverse. You can adjust all the details, and you should focus on colors. Don’t create visuals with one plain color. Diversify it with contrasting colors to create amazing visuals that will be easy to perceive.

The audience should easily find what’s most important on your charts and diagrams, so use colors to make it happen. Make sure people will be able to differentiate variables. Besides, vivid colors will draw extra attention to your slides and verbal speech as well to view website data in a presentation.

One Slide One Data Visualization

You should include only one visual per one slide to keep the audience focused and engaged in what you are saying; otherwise, you will overwhelm and distract people from the most important things.

It’s paramount to ensure the content you share through the visual is easy to understand. It’s a common rule to talk about only one point on a slide, and the same goes for slides with visuals. Also, give people some time to get familiar with the data presented on a slide, and don’t rush with your verbal speech.

Come Up With a Heading

Many people miss an important detail while creating a presentation, which is adding headings. Your job is to develop a clear yet grabbing and engaging in heading for each slide containing diagrams, charts, or timelines. It should reflect the main idea of what data visualization is all about.

This is an additional way to drive interest in a certain slide and explain it in a few words. Try to be concise and to the point to let the audience to concentrate on the charts.

Be Wise With Fonts: Website Data Into Presentation

As we have mentioned, you can adjust your data visualizations in any tool you use. Don’t overlook the importance of fonts. Your job is to choose two-three fonts that you will use throughout the whole presentation. You should use the same fonts for numbers and phrases on diagrams and graphs. Everything should look polished and consistent.

It’s better not to choose decorative fonts and opt for something more simple like classic sans-serif fonts. So, It will be the most appropriate choice for a professional-looking presentation.

Make Sure All Data Is Accurate

Before you run your presentation to your audience, it’s important to rehearse a few times and ensure that all data included in the content and visual elements is accurate and corresponds to the website data. Take your time and check every graph, chart, and diagram. It’s essential for your ultimate success. Once you check all the data, you will have a killer presentation that will impress everyone.

Website Data Into Presentation Summing It Up

In conclusion, visualizing website data and including it in your presentation is essential. You can present data and statistics in multiple forms to engage with the audience and draw their attention. Finally, keep in mind these visualization tips that will help make your slides polished and eye-catching.