How To Work The L Shaped Sofa? A Stylish Guide for Modern Living

In this stylish guide for modern living, we'll explain how to work with the L Shaped sectional sofa and get the best for your room

By Claudio Pires
Updated on October 7, 2023
How To Work The L Shaped Sofa? A Stylish Guide for Modern Living

Are you buying a new home or revamping your old one? Either way, you know that you need seating furniture in your home to sit. The best way of purchasing or let alone working the seating is to go for functional sectional sofas. They are space-efficient and excellent at home. In this stylish guide for modern living, we’ll explain how to work with the L Shaped sectional sofa and get the best for your room.

Why you should choose L Shaped Sectional Sofas for your living area?

As we mentioned, these sofas are space-saving sofas, and they can be found best on Urban Ladder. They can be in different ways, and you will be simply stunned at their expertise in giving the best mainstream appearance to your home interiors.

These L Shaped Sofas can be best used when you have a small living space and they come with a lot of configurations and varieties. They are made with materials that are from different parts of the world. They also come in with multiple configurations because any point is ready for customization.

You can have one arm shorter than the other one to make it personalized or you can also style them with different colors. They can also be sofas with bed attachments, and modular or detachable sectionals.

Divide Rooms

Another reason why these Sofas are a huge hit is that they can divide both rooms and create a lot of multi-living spaces in one living space itself. If you have a big group of people of various age groups, you can probably divide them off using furniture!

You can have a big fabric corner sofa that is so soft, that people would not like to get up from there. Or you can have the corner sofa which can be made with the help of some mix-and-match fabrics to the heart’s content to create a perfect L-shaped sofa! It is value for money and it can make a style statement so you needn’t worry about the L shaped sofas styling at all.

Giving some more evidence of how stylish it is, the sleek lines of the Corner sofa can be of help and this is a perfect contemporary take on modern furniture. Going for L shaped sofas can be a perfect mix of multifunctional and stylish. You can have a luxurious look at good value for money.

How to work the L shaped sofas?

In the Corner

You may put these sofas in a corner and it is the most popular method to accommodate your L shaped sofas in the home. The arms are against the walls and it is the most ideal for a small living room. This is because even the dead spaces are open up some more room for rugs and coffee tables.

You can also add in some ottomans and the armchairs on the other side if you like to keep in stylish. In this stylish guide for modern living, we’ll explain how to work with the L Shaped sectional sofa and get the best for your room.

Stack ‘em up against the wall!

Another way of placing them is by backing them up against the wall. The other arm can serve as a divider excellently. The small living room can be a sectional sofa with a place beside the side as a backrest. This can be near the front door, and that can give away a great entry passage.

The sofa arm comes without a backrest so you might as well put it to use as a chaise lounge. If the sofa is away at one end, you will still have enough place to accommodate the other people. If you have two separate sofas in the perpendicular arrangement.

Center of the space with a shaped sofa: L Shaped Sofa

When you have a huge living room. This kind of placement works best because you can explore the open space. The sofa can be at the focal point or rather a perfect place from where you can watch the television. Have a statement wall.

The empty section at the back of the sofa seating can be for something creative. By placing some pots or with books. The travel souvenirs can also do but make sure you have a great stand or a side console.

What are the different accessories you can use?

The L shaped sofa can be in various ways and you can section the areas without bringing in more furniture. You can have a free-standing place, or a high back can serve the purpose.

There are ways to restrict spaces like the living room from different areas. The cushions can be great accessories, and just because it is a new home, don’t go too overboard. Stick to a maximum of six or seven sections.

Play with Colors and Fabrics

An L-shaped sofa can be a statement piece. Opt for neutral colors like gray, beige, or white if you want your decor items to stand out. On the other hand, bold colors or plush fabrics can make the sofa itself the star of the show on how to work with L Shaped sofa.

Accentuate with Accessories: L Shaped Sofa

The right accessories can elevate the look of your L-shaped sofa. Think throw pillows in contrasting colors, plush blankets, or even a stylish ottoman to complement the sectional. Accessories are your chance to inject personality into your space.

Consider Multi-functionality

Many modern L-shaped sofas come with additional features: pull-out beds, storage spaces, or even built-in tables. If your living space is limited, a multi-functional L-shaped sofa can be both a stylish and practical choice.

Pair with the Right Coffee Table: L Shaped Sofa

Choosing a coffee table that complements your L-shaped sofa is essential. Round or oval tables work exceptionally well as they offset the sharp angles of the sofa. Ensure the table is easily accessible to everyone seated and doesn’t clutter the space on how to work with L Shaped sofa.

Flow with the Room’s Theme

The L-shaped sofa should seamlessly blend with your room’s theme. Whether you’re going for a minimalist, modern, vintage, or eclectic vibe, make sure the sofa’s design, color, and fabric resonate with the room’s aesthetics.

Maintenance Matters: L Shaped Sofa

Lastly, for the longevity of your sofa, routine maintenance is crucial. Vacuum regularly, clean spills immediately, and consider fabric protectors if you have kids or pets.


Thus, the L shaped sofas or the sectional sofas can be significant and they can be super comfortable. Moreover, it is practical for families who love hosting people to their place in this guide for modern living sofa.

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