How To Write A Personal Statement For A Graphic Designer

In this article, you'll learn how can you write a powerful personal statement for a graphic designer to describe your experience.

How To Write A Personal Statement For A Graphic Designer

If you have decided to pursue a career as a graphic designer, you should know that a personal statement would help you describe your experience and personality easier and help the employer assess your suitability for the job too. However, writing a personal statement comes with challenges and requirements that need to be followed. It is an essential document that can help you pass to the next recruitment step and be invited to an interview. But how can you write a powerful personal statement for a graphic designer?

How To Write A Personal Statement For A Graphic Designer

Needs and Requirements To Write A Personal Statement For A Graphic Designer

Every company that is looking for graphic designers has some needs and requirements. If you feel you answer these needs, you should point this out in your personal statement. Even though graphic designers’ job is a more and more popular one, the requirements of every company are different. And sometimes, even the tasks are different. Therefore, it is important to read the description of the program or the job and identify the requirements you have the skills for. Point them out in your personal statement to help the company get an idea of meeting their needs.

Writing a personal statement for many people as something unnecessary or difficult. But it is exactly this set of skills and resources required to write the statement that companies are looking for. Graphic design students find themselves writing an application but not being sure about the format or information to include. There are professionally trained personal statement writers that have the knowledge and experience necessary to support every student in his pursuit. So, why not get their help?

Your Reasons To Write A Personal Statement For A Graphic Designer

One of the most popular interview questions is: why are you looking for this opportunity? Graphic design students want to pursue a professional career in this domain, so many are looking for jobs in the industry. But why do you like graphic design? Why is exactly this opportunity the one that caught your attention? Which are your reasons for applying to this opening?

The ones who will read your personal statement will want to get to know you better, and by stating your reasons for applying, you can help them do this. This personal statement is like a recommendation letter, where you emphasize your strengths and suitability for the job.

Relevant Experience

Many employers are looking for graphic designers that have work experience in this field. However, graphic designer students might find themselves defeated by the complex requirements many employers have. But it would help if you did not lose hope. If you have relevant experience in the field, you should emphasize it in your personal statement essay.

It is a nice way to tell a little bit about your experience as a graphic designer and the different roles you may have had. Many students think that they should hire. But freelancing or voluntary experience as a graphic designer counts too. If you also have a portfolio with your designs, it would be helpful to share it, along with your personal statement. Maybe some employers are already asking you to submit some samples of your work, so it is an opportunity to show your value. A personal statement is your opportunity to sell your abilities, and you need to do it well.

Proofreading and Editing

One of the details you should care about the most is the way your personal statement looks. The first impression is significant, and you should not exceed one page. Arrange the text so that it is read easily. More importantly, check for any typos, grammar, or spelling mistakes. Your personal statement for a graphic designer is your business card. Make sure you build it carefully. Take time to write your personal statement and work on it ahead of the deadline. Like this, you can edit and rephrase some sentences or introduce relevant information. Keep it short and simple.


Writing a personal statement for a graphic designer can be challenging and come with difficulties, especially for graphic designer students entering the work market. Make sure you build your personal statement essay to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Briefly state your reasons for applying, mention any relevant experience in the field, and present your personality and skills. Please read the requirements and make sure you meet them. Every graphic designer job might have different tasks, but also requirements. Meeting them as well as possible is essential.

Author Bio: Judy Nelson is an essay writer who has specialized in personal statement essays. Judy’s hobby is graphic design, and she knows how difficult it may be for fresh graduates or students to land themselves a job in this field. Her goal is to support students in pursuing a career in this field by writing their personal statements.