How & Where to Find and Hire Developers for Your Startup?

Attempting to hire for your startup is one of the most challenging founders tasks, learn how & where to find best developers on this guide

By Claudio Pires
Updated on January 26, 2023
How & Where to Find and Hire Developers for Your Startup?

Attempting to hire developers for your startup is one of the most challenging tasks for startup founders. Learn how and where to find the best developers to hire for your startup on this guide with top tips and ideas.

The challenge is pit by the fact that only 3% of professional developers are unemployed and actively seeking employment and staff augmentation.

Before we discuss the list of the top 12 websites to hire developers for your startup. I want to discuss one crucial point. It would help if you had the appropriate equipment to screen potential developers for your startup.

Typically, a CTO or a custom software development company will assist you. If you’re in charge of the tech team yourself. I recommend hiring an unbiased tech advisor to help you with these decisions. It’s also vital to have a basic understanding of technology. 

I’m not suggesting you learn to code. However, it would help if you also understand your product’s viable technology stacks and architecture. 

Take The Advice

This will facilitate the easy tracking of the conversation with potential stakeholders in technology. Whether you hire freelance developers, a custom software development company, or a CTO/technical co-founder. 

Noah Kagan, the creator of AppSumo, is an excellent example of this. His capacity to assess competent developers led him to outsource his software development to a group of freelance developers in Pakistan. After spending $60 and one weekend later (yes, you read that correctly. He had the core product for AppSumo in his possession.

With these tools, you’ll have confidence in the developers you hire to make crucial tech decisions for your business. Whether building a prototype, MVP, a full-fledged product, or a website. 

Finally, any potential stakeholder in your company (whether it’s advisors, investors, or developers) should always be up with a warm introduction. This will increase your likelihood of interacting with them compared to the alternative. Of course, it’s also possible to communicate with cold emails and messages on this guide to hire developers and know where and how to find best ones.

Where to Find Developers To Hire for Your Startup?

GitHub To Hire Best Developers Guide

GitHub is the largest online community dedicated to developers. It’s where developers congregate to review code, manage projects and create software. With over 50M developers utilizing the platform, it can be a valuable place to hire developers for your startup. You can use GitHub to hire developers for your startup: 

Create a profile

This may seem obvious, but like many social/professional websites, you must create an account to access it. 

Run a New Search

This is where the technical aspects of the process become more complex, and basic technical knowledge is beneficial. There are three things to consider when searching on GitHub: 

  • Fans: The number of followers a developer has is a significant indication of their expertise, skill, and reputation within the open-source community. The number of followers that are between 2-20 is satisfactory. The followers of this account have a high engagement rate of 21-75%. The number of followers is impressive, but they will likely be challenging to attract. 
  • The language of the code is unknown. Does that language correspond to the intended purpose of your project? Hiring a Ruby on Rails expert is optional if your project requires using Node.js. 
  • Location: The developer’s location is paramount unless you’re hiring for a remote position. 

With this in mind, it’s time to begin your search. 

I want to locate Node.js developers in London with a following of 20-50 individuals. In the search bar of Github, I would type: 

The company is based in London and has 20-50 followers on Twitter. 

When the search returns the results, you should filter the search to users. is a platform that facilitates hiring developers both full-time and on a freelance basis.’s landing page is where you can hire developers for your project.

One of the advantages of utilizing is that they screen developers before allowing them on the platform – verifying their proficiency with code exercises and obtaining endorsements from previous employers. 

For you, this means a community of 25,000 developers that are viable from the start.  It’s free to advertise jobs on If you hire a freelance developer, you pay them hourly rates of a minimum of 12 hours per week. will charge you a one-time fee of 16% of the developer’s negotiated annual salary if you hire a full-time developer.’s resource pool is large, but the talent’s depth and variety are notable. Observing my budget for development increased by the versatile skills I have access to is beneficial to the services.

Upwork & Where + How to Find & Hire Developers Startup

Upwork is the largest online platform for freelancers. So it’s no surprise that it’s a popular platform for hiring developers. Once you’ve signed up, you can post your job on the forum. Freelance developers will then compete for the job by submitting bids.

You can then utilize the platform to screen candidates and decide whether or not to invite them for an interview. On Upwork, they took a lot of stress off of expanding with minimal resources following this guide to hire best developers and know where and how to find for your startup.

Guide on How To Hire Developers for Your Startup: Best Strategies

Define the object you’re constructing

The first step is to be specific about the project: what is it about? This comes before the how and where to find developers.

Defining the solution/product/service will facilitate the developers’ belief that your project is worthwhile. You must convey the passion and concept effectively if you keep a significant sum of money to support. Otherwise, why would someone devote time, energy, and knowledge to a project that is likely to fail?

These basic inquiries can serve as a guide:

What is my project about?
What are my primary users?Mobile?Web?
Why do I need a developer? 

Focus on Finding Talent 

Many startups, when they begin to hire and expand their staff, encounter the issue of having a limited budget. This is why they prefer to hire someone with a low salary instead of searching for the perfect candidate.

It’s common for startups to fail. However, it’s not just because of bad luck; some factors affect startups’ success or failure rate. For example, did you realize that one of the immediate causes of startups failure is a lack of qualified personnel?

According to CareerBuilder, 3 out of 4 employers (75%) reported that they’d hired the wrong candidate for a position. What does this mean in terms of monetary value? The moderate cost of a deficient hire is $16,000.

You are prioritizing the search for developers for your startup involves carefully examining the most effective approaches and strategies that can lead you to hire a developer who is enthusiastic about working on your startup and has the necessary skills.

It would help if you devoted a large portion of your time to searching for and recruiting candidates online or at coding events.

Know the type of developer you need

As a result, roles in startups typically require more leeway than the average, so make sure the job description considers both the skills and experience your ideal candidate will have.

Don’t attempt to write an unrealistic – exciting job description; be truthful. For example, if this position involves a lot of solo coding, developers will believe they’ve just been offered paradise. But on the other hand, if the role involves interacting with clients, performing a little tech support, and contributing to the design of products, this would be considered a perfect job.

Ultimately, it’s detrimental to no one without defined expectations. The worst thing to do is to hire someone only to discover they need to be the right fit. This causes delays and diminishes enthusiasm.

If you lack a technical background, this section is particularly crucial. Numerous different types of developers specialize in specific areas.

To explain it more clearly, imagine developers as your kitchen appliances. The knife is up for a different purpose than the pot or the coffee maker. The same applies to PHP, Clojure, or ReactJS developers; they all have similar foundations, but their focus differs.

You can only expect a Python developer to assist you in developing a mobile application when it’s practical (Python is not employed to create mobile applications; primarily, it is up for web development).

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